Hall Rental Agreement 2012 by 4A2Q0A


									                                           GERMANIA CLUB PEMBROKE

                                             HALL RENTAL AGREEMENT


                                           The Germania Club Pembroke

                                          Referred to as the “Club” hereinafter


                                                 Renter’s Name (Print)

                                        Referred to as the “Renter” hereinafter

    Hall Rental Date: ________________________________ 2012

    Type of Function: _______________________________

    Address of Renter: _______________________________________________________________


    Renter’s Telephone/Cell #: _________________ Renter’s Email Address: _____________________

    Contact Person‘s Name: ________________________ Telephone/Cell #: _____________________

                                     2012 Hall Rental Agreement Fee Schedule
               Description                   Hall Cost     SOCAN Subtotal     HST               Total         Selection
                                             With Music and/or Dancing
           Friday and Saturday                550.00        123.39   673.39   87.54            760.92
           Sunday to Thursday                 450.00        123.39   573.39   74.54            647.92
           Upstairs – Any Day                 150.00        123.39   273.39   35.54            308.93
 Without Alcoholic Beverage Bar Service      2,305.00       123.39  2,428.39 315.69           2,744.07
                                            Without Music and/or Dancing
           Friday and Saturday                550.00                 550.00   71.50            621.50
           Sunday to Thursday                 450.00                 450.00   58.50            508.50
           Upstairs – Any Day                 150.00                 150.00   19.50            169.50
* Without Alcoholic Beverage Bar Service     2,305.00               2,305.00 299.65           2,604.65
                                                  Other Surcharges
              Projector Rental                 50.00                  50.00    6.50            56.50
          Cocktail Table Rental            $10.00 ea / 6 for $50.00          1.30 ea          11.30 ea
  Mid Day Bar Service (Before 4:00 pm)       75.00/hr               75.00/hr   9.75           84.75/hr
Other: Specify
Germania Hall Rental Deposit    $200.00 Deposit Paid – Amount $                   Date:
Upstairs Hall Rental Deposit     $100.00 Deposit Paid – Amount $                  Date:

    * Applies to Non-Alcoholic Wedding Receptions only.

    Note: “SOCAN” Fees and Taxes will be charged at the rates in effect at the time of event. Subject to
    change without notice.
    Germania Club Pembroke
    Hall Rental Agreement                                                                        Initial ______________
                                                          Page 1
1. Terms and Conditions

    a) Cancellation Policy
       If cancellation occurs more than nine (9) months prior to the function date, the Renter will be
       reimbursed for amount paid less a $50.00 Administration Fee.

        If cancellation occurs less than nine (9) months prior to the function date, the Renter will not be

    b) Hall Decorating and Deliveries
       Preamble: Decorating, table and chair set-up and the delivery of goods (eg. wedding cake,
       fresh flowers, etc.) connected to the renter’s event, including set-up time for bands, D.J.,
       caterers, etc. require hall entries before your rental function. These pre-function hall entries
       are facilitated by Club volunteers who will be dispatched at the arranged and recorded times.
       This volunteer service keeps our hall rental fees reasonable and affordable.
       - Pre-function hall entries are limited to 3 entries.
       - Pre-function and hall decorating must be completed within a maximum of 5 hours.

       Extra charges will be applicable if you surpass the allowed number of entries and / or the
       maximum number of allotted hours. Extra charge costs are as follows:

        -   More than 3 pre-event hall entries, $25.00 for each entry above 3.
        -   Hall decorating exceeds 5 hours, $25.00 / hour for each hour over 5 hours.

       Hall entry for decorating, set-up on the day before the booked function can only be granted if it
       does not conflict with another booked function. To ascertain that entry before the booked date
       is possible, the Renter must contact the Club representative approximately 6 weeks in advance
       of the function.

        i)   Table and Chair Set-Up
        Renters must provide their own help for table and chair set-up. When chairs need to be
        removed from the hall they should be stacked neatly on the dollies and placed in the storage
        room. Tables should also be placed orderly in the storage room.

        ii)     Fasteners
        Nails, staples and very sticky tape is not allowed on walls, posts, tables and floors. The use of
        painter’s tape is strongly recommended. For damages caused by using any of the above
        fasteners, the renter will be invoiced for resulting repair costs.

        iii)   Suspension of Decorating Materials
        All decorating materials to be suspended from the centre ceiling must be installed by a
        professional decorator who carries adequate insurance. All other areas can be decorated by
        your family and friends.

        iv)       Absolutely No Living Beings
        It is strictly prohibited to bring into the Club building any living being as decor. This includes
        live fish in fish bowls, turtles, live butterflies, etc. These will be removed immediately. Note:
        Guide dogs for the blind are permitted at all times.

        v)      Banned Decorating Materials
        The following materials are not allowed inside Germania Hall and Upstairs Room: confetti, hay
        bales, real leaves, flower petals, glitter dust.
Germania Club Pembroke
Hall Rental Agreement                                                                     Initial ______________
                                                    Page 2
        vi)    Decorative Candles
        The flame of all candles must be protected. No devices using liquid fuel are permitted.
        (Ontario Fire Marshall’s Regulations)

        vii) Table Coverings and Glassware
        Germania Club Pembroke does not provide table coverings or real-glass wine glasses.

        viii)   Exit Signs
        All entrances/exits marked with an illuminated “EXIT” sign must remain unobstructed at all

        ix)    Young Children While Decorating
        Unsupervised small children are not allowed in the building while parents/guardians are

        x)     Consuming Alcoholic Beverages During Decorating
        During and after decorating, the presence and consumption of alcoholic beverages on
        Germania Club property is unlawful and will not be tolerated.

        xi)     Removal of Germania Club Pictures
        Picture, Flags and other material on the inside building walls belong to and are part of the
        Germania Club Pembroke building. Under no circumstances are you, or your
        decorator/volunteer help allowed to remove any pictures, flags and other material from walls in
        our forehall entry, main hall, upstairs room or hallway. Please advise your decorator and / or
        volunteer help as appropriate.

2. Hall Access Arrangements / Duration of Hall Rentals

    The renter will bring the completed “Final Meeting Checklist” (Appendix “A” - attached to this
    agreement) with all required pre-function hall entry dates and times. Failure to provide all this
    information results that hall entry may be delayed or not possible.

   a) Duration of Hall Rentals
      This Hall Rental Agreement is valid for the date of the booked function beginning at 8:30 am
      and ending at 1:30 am. The Germania Hall and the Upstairs Room will not be rented by the
      hour. For all hall rentals the stated Hall Rental Fees apply.

    b) In the event that equipment, decorations, chairs, or any other items remain in the hall past the
       agreed upon removal time, the Renter agrees to reimburse the Club forthwith for any and all
       expenses incurred in the handling of said items including but not limited to clean up, removal
       and storage.

3. Alcoholic Beverages Management

    a) Bar Hours
       The bar at either hall in the Germania Club Pembroke building operates beginning at the stated
       time of the function until 1:00 am. Renters and their guests must vacate the Germania Club
       Pembroke building by 1:30 am.

Germania Club Pembroke
Hall Rental Agreement                                                                   Initial ______________
                                                  Page 3
    b) Where Alcoholic Beverages Are Allowed
       In accordance with the Germania Club Pembroke Liquor License alcoholic beverages may be
       possessed in the following areas:
       - Germania Hall
       - Upstairs Room (if rented)
       - Inner Foyer
       - Hallway
       - Washrooms

         Outside of these licensed areas “NO DRINKS OF ANY KIND” may be possessed or
         consumed. “Drinks of any kind” are defined as and include beer, pure or mixed spirits, soft
         drinks (bottled, cans, in cups), coffee, tea, water or any other liquid.

         Law Enforcement Officers will be summoned to deal with those who fail to comply.

    c) House Policy Posted at the Bar within the Germania Club Pembroke
       The House Policy posted at the Bar is to be followed at all times. Except as noted below, all
       wine and other beverages must be purchased from or through the Germania Club Pembroke.
       No home-made or self purchased alcoholic and other beverages may be brought into the club

         Wedding Dinner Exception – To accommodate underage or abstaining dinner guests, during
         the dinner only of the wedding reception, Germania Club Pembroke permits renters to offer
         their own non-alcoholic punch. All soft drinks must be purchased from the club bar at all times.

    d) Soft Drinks for Mixing
       All soft drinks placed at the bar counter are exclusively for mixing with alcoholic beverages. All
       soft drinks consumed without alcohol must be purchased.

    e) Serving of Dinner Wine
       There is no table service at either hall in the Club building. The “Smart Serve” authorized bar
       personnel will open bottles ordered and place them on each dinner table as directed by the
       Renter. Guests will serve themselves.

    f)   Special Drink Orders
         Germania Club Pembroke will not accept or place orders for beers, coolers, or soft drinks not
         stocked by the club bar. Details listed in hand-out.

    g) Special Dinner Wine Orders
       Arrangements for wine which the Renter offers free to their guests, at wedding dinners and
       banquets must be made with the Bar Manager not later than two (2) weeks before the function.
       The club representative will provide the Renter with contact information of the Bar Manager
       with whom special wine orders and payment can be arranged.

    h) House Wine
       House wine is available at the regular Club bar price; you only pay for what you actually use.
       However, when the Renter chooses another wine rather than the House wine brand,
       arrangements are to be made with the Bar Manager (not later than two (2) weeks before the
       function date) who purchases the requested wine according to the Renter’s instruction. Every
       ordered “special” wine bottle carries a $6.00 mark-up per 750 ml bottle. No left over bottles of
       wine can be taken off the Club property (Liquor License Act). No refund will be paid for any
       unused specially purchased wine. Calculate your required dinner wine bottles carefully.

Germania Club Pembroke
Hall Rental Agreement                                                                  Initial ______________
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4. Dinner and Kitchen Facilities

    a) The Germania Club Kitchen is licensed as “Warm up and Serving Kitchen” only. All food
       brought into the Club building must be prepared prior to the function and ready for

    b) The Renter can choose any licensed catering service he/she prefers.

    c) When family and friends supply food, eg. late lunch, it must all be prepared prior to the function
       and can be stored in the kitchen refrigerator.

    d) It is the Renter’s responsibility to arrange that at the end of function all leftover food is removed
       from the building.

    e) It is the Renter’s responsibility to instruct all food helpers to leave the kitchen and refrigerator
       in clean condition. Failure to comply results in the Renter being invoiced $200.00 plus HST for
       clean-up. Availability of Kitchen Equipment:
       - Kitchen refrigerator must be left clean;
       - Six (6) burner natural gas stove (for warm up only, not cooking);
       - Germania Club Pembroke does not supply dishes and eating utensils;
       - Germania Club Pembroke does not supply coffee makers;
       - The commercial dishwasher is not available to caterers and other food providers.

5. The Function

   a) Illegal and Controlled Substances
      Germania Club Pembroke maintains a zero tolerance for the possession and use of illegal and
      controlled substances throughout the Club property. Anyone found in violation will be ordered
      to leave the Club property immediately. Failure to comply will result in the person(s) removal by
      police. Family members and/or friends left behind by a removed violator must arrange their
      transportation home at their own expense.

    b) In the event of a Disturbance:
       - The Renter’s designated person will be summoned to initiate every reasonable effort to
           intervene and restore order immediately.
       - While a disturbance is in progress the Bar will be closed and remain closed until order is
       - In the event order cannot be restored quickly, police will be called to assist.

   c) Damages
      The Renter is responsible for all damages caused by the Renter, the Renter’s service providers
      and the Renter’s guests during the Renter’s occupancy of the building. In the event of damages
      caused by any of the above, the Renter will be invoiced for the cost of the repair.

   d) Lost and Stolen Goods
      Germania Club Pembroke is not liable for any lost or stolen goods belonging to the Renter,
      Service Provider(s) or guests inside or outside the Club building.

Germania Club Pembroke
Hall Rental Agreement                                                                    Initial ______________
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6. Final Payment

Hall Entry Arrangements and Final Payment

The Renter will contact the Club representative four (4) weeks before the actual date of function to
arrange a meeting which will be held at the Club building not later than three (3) weeks before the date
of the function.

The Renter must bring the following to this meeting:

    a) The balance due on hall rental fee plus options (if applicable), payable by cheque or cash. If
       paying by cash the Renter must have exact monies owing.
    b) The completed “Final Meeting Checklist” (Appendix “A” attached) providing all applicable
       information below:
       - Dinner start time and number of guests;
       - Reception start time and expected number of guests;
       - Name and phone number of caterer, date and time caterer requires hall access;
       - Name and phone number of decorator, date and time decorator requires hall access, if
           family and friends are decorating they must also have a prearranged access time;
       - Band or D.J. specified set-up time;
       - Removal of decorating materials, date and time for removal of all materials;
       - Name of designated person to be called upon in case of a disturbance;
       - Begin and ending of Renter paid Cocktail Hour(s).

To avoid disappointments and confusion, the Renter and your service providers must adhere to the
dates and times recorded on the “Final Meeting Checklist”.

The Germania Club Pembroke doors are locked but access will be provided to the Renter as specified
on the “Final Meeting Checklist”.

You the Renter are responsible for all of the Terms and Conditions of this Hall Rental Agreement.
Your responsibility also extends to all guests attending your function. You as the Renter should
familiarize your invited guests and service providers with all Terms and Conditions of this Agreement
to guarantee a flawless and memorable rental event.

As part of the consideration for the Germania Club Pembroke renting the above-noted facilities to the
Renter, the renting organization and its members agree to release and discharge, and to indemnify
and save harmless the Club from and against all claims and proceedings, by whomsoever made or
brought, in respect of any cost, losses, damages or injury arising by reason of my/our use of the rental

The Renter acknowledges and agrees that in the event that the Club is required to commence and/or
maintain any legal action to enforce any of the terms of the rental agreement the renter will fully
indemnify the Club for all legal costs including the solicitor and their own client costs.

This rental agreement is completed on: ___________________________________________

____________________________________                      ___________________________________

Germania Club Representative Signature                    Renter “Name” Signature

Germania Club Pembroke
Hall Rental Agreement                                                                 Initial ______________
                                                 Page 6
Appendix “A”                         Germania Hall Rental – Final Meeting Checklist
      This checklist must be completed in detail and provided to the Club Representative at your final meeting
         prior to the Function to ensure entry at the required times for yourself and your service providers.

Contact the Germania Club at 613-732-8883 by __________________________________ to arrange to meet with our Rental Coordinator.

                                        Refer to # 6 of Contract “Final Payment” for details.
                                                           TELEPHONE # OF
    PURPOSE OF HALL              NAME OF PERSON                                                                  TIME
                                                          PERSON REQUIRING                         DATE
        ENTRY                    REQUIRING ENTRY                                                              BE SPECIFIC
Decorating Decorator
set-up       Family/Friends
DJ / Band set-up
Caterer set-up
Cake Delivery (If applicable)
Other specify
Dinner Start Time                                              Dinner End Time
Renter Paid Cocktail Hour Start Time                           Renter Paid Cocktail Hour End Time
Reception Start Time                                           Reception End Time
Approximate number of Guests                          Dinner                     Reception           Other
Use of Kitchen Required – Refer to # 4 of Contract “Dinner and Kitchen Facilities”       Yes      No
Projector Required        Yes        No
Decorations - Removal
Caters/Food – Removal
Other - Removal
Person designated to summon in the event Name
of a disturbance during the Function        Telephone / Cell #

Contact Person following Function: Name:                                              Telephone:

Germania Club Pembroke
Hall Rental Agreement                                                             Initial ______________
                                                                 Page 7

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