RELEASE OF LIEN

KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: THAT the undersigned, for and in
consideration of the payment of $                  on behalf of South Florida Construction
Services (Contractor), receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, hereby
releases, premises and quitclaims unto said CONTRACTOR, its employees, officers,
agents, sureties, successors and assigns, and unto the Owner of the premises being
improved, his, its or their successors and assigns, all lien, lien rights, claims and demands
of every kind whatsoever, including any claims for extended or additional job costs and
overhead and lost profits, due to any cause, including claims and demands arising form
any claimed delays, disruptions or changes to the work, which the undersigned now has
or might have against the property, contractor, and/or arising out of job identified and/or
described as follows:
                                        (job name)
and including any claim or lien for any and all work, labor, materials, supplies, services,
equipment and/or rental of equipment furnished and/or used for construction of said
improvements upon said property and/or job, referenced herein above, and represents that
all of the foregoing so furnished or used have been paid in full, and that all taxes imposed
by applicable law, including, but not limited to sale and use taxes, have been paid and
discharged. If the undersigned holds a Claim of Lien or record, in which event it is duly
recorded, then the Clerk of the Circuit Court is hereby authorized and directed to cancel
said Claim of Lien of record. If no Claim of Lien is of record, then whether this
constitutes a _____Release of Lien it covers all of the foregoing items furnished or used
by, though or under the undersigned, its subcontractors and material suppliers through the
date hereof.
This is a     Partial   _____ Final Release of Lien

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Undersigned has signed this RELEASE OF LIEN
At S.F.C.S.,Inc the ____Day _______, 200__

STATE OF : Florida             :SS                     (TITLE)
COUNTY OF : Broward            :SS              ________________________
The Undersigned Sole Proprietor, Partner or Authorized Officer of Agent of the
Undersigned designated above acknowledges that the facts and matters set forth in the
foregoing RELEASE OF LIEN are true and correct.

SWORN TO and Subscribed before me this _______day of ______________ ,200__
                                        ____________________________ (SEAL)
                                        NOTARY PUBLIC, STATE OF FLORIDA

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