Making a Video Tutorial with Camtasia by Abby Rupsa


									Making a Video Tutorial with Camtasia

Recording with Camtasia
  1. Select Start > Programs > Camtasia Studio 3 > Camtasia Studio.
  2. Select Make a Recording.

  3. Click Select area to record.

  4. Select window you want to record; then press Record.

  5. Record your screen capture.
  6. To pause screen capture, click the Pause button underneath the window you are recording.

  7. When you’re finished recording, click the Stop button.
  8. A preview window of your recording will appear; if you are satisfied with your recording select
     Save. If not; select delete and follow steps to record, again.

9. Select a location to save your file.
10. Give your file a title.
11. Select Save.

        a. If you wish to record another screen capture, select Create another recording and
           click OK.
12. To begin editing, select Edit my recording.
13. Click OK.

Editing in Camtasia
   1. Open your Camtasia Project.

 Task List                                  Clip Bin                               Viewer


   2. Import any additional media you wish to use.
           a. Select Import video, audio or images from the Track List.
           b. Locate the file you wish to import on your computer.
           c. Select Open.
   3. Click, Drag and Drop your video, image and audio clips from the Clip Bin on the timeline in
      the order you’d like them to appear.
           a. Note: You make drop multiple files at a time. They will appear in the same order as
              seen in the Clip Bin.
           b. To remove files, simple select the file in your timeline and press the delete button on
              your keyboard.

4. To split a clip into two parts, use your mouse to click in the blue timecode line (where the
   green arrow is) just above where you want to split your video.
5. Click the Split tool.           Split Tool

6. To select a portion of your video, click your mouse in the blue timecode line just above your
   video in the timeline.
7. Click and drag your mouse to the end of the portion you would like to select.
8.   Release the mouse. (Your time line should look similar to the picture below).

Recording Narration
  1. To add Narration, select Voice Narration under the heading Edit in the Task List.

  2. Select Record to Audio track 2. This allows your audio to remain a separate file from the
     video, making it easier to edit.
  3. Select the duration you would like to record audio for.
         a. Record Selection allows you to record audio for a portion of the video you selected.
         b. Record until end of clip will record until you reach the end of the current video clip
         c. Record until end of timeline will record until your entire video has reached its end.
  4. Click the Audio Setup Wizard button.
  5. Select your audio device from the drop down menu.
         a. NOTE: If you are in the DMR, it should be the Samson C01U.
  6. Under Recording source, select Microphone.
  7. Click Start Recording.
  8. Record Narration.
         a. Video will play in viewer for you to narrate as you go.
         b. Audio will continue to record until the end of the selected portion or until you click
            Stop Recording.
  9. Once you’ve stopped recording, a pop-up menu will ask you to save your audio.
  10. Select the location you’d like to save your audio.
  11. Give your audio a file name.
  12. Click Save.

           a. Your audio will should now appear on your timeline.

   13. Record any additional audio files.
   14. When you’re done recording narration, click Finished.

Adjusting Audio Levels
   Once you’ve recorded your narration, you may need to adjust the audio.
   1. Press the Volume Up 25% button or Volume Down 25% button.

   2. Repeat as necessary.

Publishing in Camtasia
   1. Open your Camtasia Project.
   2. Select File > Produce Video As (or Control + P).
   3. Follow Production Wizard.
           a. Choose FLV for file format. Click Next.

b. Adjust FLV options if necessary. Click Next.

c. Select Preset Video Sizes under Video Size; Select 800x600 from the drop down
   menu. Click Next.

d. Make sure Include watermark box is not checked. Click Next.

e. Under Index options, make sure Include table of contents with my produced
   video box is not selected. Click Next.

f.   Give production a title under Production name. Select a location to save
     production under Folder. Click Finish.

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