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					                                                Office of Insurance and Risk Management

                                             Vehicle Accident Reporting Procedures

The State of California administers a vehicle self-insurance program against loss for personal injury and
property damage to others. This program protects any officer or employee of the CSU and the State while
operating a state-owned vehicle while on official business. Timely reporting of employee injuries and
accidents is vital to protecting our employees. As such, we would like to remind everyone that
injuries/accidents must be reported immediately.

A vehicle accident is defined as one that involves a state-owned vehicle (or a non-state owned vehicle
operated by a state employee on state business) where there is damage caused to the state driver and state
vehicle and/or to another person or property.

A vehicle accident involving only a state owned vehicle where the damage, regardless of the amount, is
limited just to the state vehicle that was stationary at the time the damage occurred does not have to be
reported to the State Office of Insurance and Risk Management (ORIM). The University is self-insured for
vehicle property damage and ORIM provides third party liability insurance.

An Accident Identification STD 269 card, should be carried in the glove compartment of all state vehicles. The
card should be completed and the tear-off portion given to the other party. The card provides a convenient
place to write down pertinent information while still at the accident scene. This information should be then
transferred to the required STD 270 Vehicle Accident Report.

State employees should not discuss the accident with anyone other than the police, their supervisors, CSUN
Risk Management, CSU Claims officials, or the independent claims adjusting company under contract with
CSUN. If contacted by the other party, their attorney, or insurance company, the state employee should refer
the party or correspondence to the Office of Insurance and Risk Management (ORIM). Under no circumstances
should the state employee driver give either a written or recorded statement to the other party or their

When in doubt as whether or not to report an accident, call ORIM at (800) 900-3634 for direction.

The supervisor of an employee involved in an accident must investigate that accident. This investigation will
enable the supervisor to co-sign STD 270 vehicle accident report. The supervisor is also responsible to ensure
that STD 270 is completed and promptly forwarded to the Office of Insurance & Risk Management. We highly
recommend that the supervisor also forward a copy of the STD 270 to the University Risk Manager.

The supervisor is also responsible for preparing the Supervisor’s Review of State Driver form, STD 274, take any
appropriate corrective action, and forward STD 274 to both the Office of Insurance & Risk Management, and
the University Risk Management Office (MD 8284).
If a California Highway Patrol (CHP) or other police authority accident report is needed to allow the supervisor
to do the above, he or she may obtain these reports as an “interested party” and at no cost.

When in doubt as to whether or not to report an auto accident, call ORIM at (916) 376-5302 for direction.

CSUN drivers must report all motor vehicle accidents involving University vehicles as well as personal or rental
vehicles operating on official CSUN business by following the procedures outlined below:

   1. Determine whether immediate medical attention is needed for anyone involved in the accident.
      Obtain necessary medical assistance.

   2. Record all pertinent information on the Accident Identification Card, Std. Form 269 located in the glove
      compartment of the State vehicle, before leaving the scene of the accident. If another vehicle is
      involved, detach the appropriate potion of the form and give it to the driver of the other vehicle. Do
      not admit any fault or make promises.

   3. If any police authority or California Highway Patrol (CHP) is present, obtain a police report number if
      one is to be completed.

   4. Immediately report any bodily injury or significant property damage to the State Office of Risk
      Management and Insurance (ORIM) by telephone at (916) 376-5302 or by FAX (916) 376-5277. Weekend
      voicemail messages may be left at their toll free phone number (800) 900-3634. Be sure to leave your
      telephone number since all calls will be returned next business day.

   5. If you are injured, report immediately to the Human Resources Department Workers’ Compensation
      Coordinator at (818) 677-3351 for additional instructions.

   6. Report any property-only accident to the Office of Risk and Insurance Management (ORIM) that
      involves any State-owned vehicle or any vehicle used for state business within 48 hours. Complete and
      submit the form STD 270 (Vehicle Accident Report) to your supervisor and the campus Risk Management
      office or fax to 818-677-5853. If a police report was completed, provide the report number with the
      STD 270. Your supervisor must complete and submit form STD 274 (State Driver Accident Review).

   7. Make no subsequent comment or statement regarding the accident to anyone except the investigating
      police authority, your supervisor, CSUN Risk Management or an identified representative of the State’s
      insurance adjuster.

   8. Immediately telephone (818) 677-2079 and give a verbal report of the accident. If there is no answer,
      leave a message giving your name, department, telephone numbers where you can be reached and a
      brief description of the accident.

All drivers involved in an accident while driving on official CSUN business must complete the Report of
Vehicle Accident, Std. Form 270, and submit a copy to the CSUN Office of EHS within 48 hours. (Mail drop
8284; fax number: (818) 677-5853)
Calls from the Other Party:

If you get a call from the other party, attorney, insurance company, or other representatives, refers them to
the Risk Management office (818) 677-2079. DO NOT agree to provide any written or recorded statements.

Property Damage Claims:

If the automobile accident is limited to property damage only and the other party's vehicle is operable, you
may suggest to the other driver to give you two repair estimates so you may submit the STD 270 as a package
to ORIM. Only one estimate is needed for repairs of $500 or less. The repair of the other driver's vehicle may
be expedited by referring the person to the Risk Management Office (818) 677-2079.

Remember that the University is self-insured for loss or damage to vehicles owned by the University but ORIM
may pursue the party responsible to recover the costs of repair.

You are served a Small Claims Court Summons or Complaint:

Notify the CSUN Risk Management office immediately! Mail or fax copies of the documents received to the
CSUN Office of Risk Management (Mail Code: 8284; fax number: (818) 677-5853).

You may have to appear as ordered. This will be coordinated through the University Risk Management office
in consultation with the Department of General Services, Office of Risk and Insurance Management (ORIM)
and CSU General Counsel.

You are served a Municipal or Superior Court Summons or Complaint:

Call the CSUN Risk Management office IMMEDIATELY! An answer must be filed within 30 days of service to
avoid a default judgment. You will be given instructions regarding defense counsel, etc.


Medical treatment to individuals in a motor vehicle accident involving a State, personal, leased or rental
vehicle driven by an authorized State driver on State business will depend on the following circumstances.
University Employees:

Employees involved in vehicle accidents on State business who sustain bodily injuries may receive medical
attention from the California State University's designated Workers' Compensation provider or their pre-
designated physician or health care provider. Please contact the campus Office of Insurance and Risk
Management at (818) 677-2079 for assistance.

If you are an employee with California State University (i.e. staff, faculty, student assistant, college work study
student, volunteer, etc.) you may be eligible for Workers' Compensation benefits that will help pay for medical
expenses related to your vehicle accident. Call the campus Workers' Compensation Coordinator at (818) 677-
3351 to report and obtain a claim form.
All Other Third-Parties:

All other parties involved in a State vehicle accident may receive treatment or medical attention at the nearest
or preferred hospital or clinic. All third parties may file a liability claim to ORIM and the State Board of Control
for reasonable and documented medical expenses related to the accident. The Motor Vehicle Liability Self-
Insurance Program (VELSIP) does not provide medical coverage for uninsured motorists. A third party's vehicle
insurance or personal medical insurance is primary coverage for any immediate medical expense related to
the accident.

State or Personal Vehicle Repair for Physical Damage:

Commonly referred to as collision and comprehensive coverage, physical damage coverage is not provided by
the State Motor Vehicle Insurance Account (SMVIA) for State vehicles, privately owned vehicles, or rental cars
used on State business. However, the employing State agency or department may reimburse damage for
losses to privately owned vehicles.

University Owned Vehicles:

The cost of repair to a damaged State owned University vehicle is paid by the budget of the owning
department. The SMVIA provides only for third party liability coverage.

Leased State (University) Vehicles:

Vehicle damage repair expenses for leased State vehicles are included with the rental rate charged by the
State Garage, Office of Fleet Administration. The cost of repair or replacement of all Department of General
Services (DGS) pool cars is included in the daily, weekly, and monthly rental rate charged by the DGS Fleet

DGS may request reimbursement from the department (or campus) that employed the driver of the vehicle
per the Office of Fleet Administration. Each accident is reviewed on a case-by-case basis to determine if the
circumstances warrant reimbursement request from DGS.

Rented Vehicles:

In most cases the cost of repairs to vehicles rented for State business from approved rental agencies (i.e.,
Enterprise) is covered by the rental agency. Please contact the rental agency to file a report.

University Vehicle Damage Recovery:

When the driver of the other vehicle is at fault for damages to the State Vehicle, the Office of Risk and
Insurance Management (ORIM) Vehicle Claims Unit, recovers the vehicle damage repair costs from the other
party's insurance carrier or other responsible party. Estimates for repair to the State vehicle must be
submitted to ORIM for use in the recovery (subrogation) activity.
The full manual of the “Use of University and Private Vehicles Policy Guidelines” is available from the CSU Office of
Risk Management/Human Resources/General Counsel website.

In case of an auto accident, additional information is available from ORIM at

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