Making a Candy Dichotomous Key by HA0R02w


									                     Making a Candy Dichotomous Key


1. Collect 6 different pieces of candy.

2. Identify the characteristics of similar items.

3. Divide the items into 2 groups according to a common characteristic.

4. Continue to identify unique characteristics and divide groups until you have the
   candies separated completely.

5. Once you have the candies separated it is time to make your Dichotomous Key!

6. Create a set of 2 statements using the characteristic you used to separate the candies
   the very first time. The statements should be able to be answered using yes or no. At
   the end of the statement have it direct you to the next statement in line. If it is the
   final statement give the name of the candy.

EXAMPLE:        1.     A. Candy is round …. Go to 2
                       B. Candy is not round …. Go to 5

7. Create statements for each division of candy you performed to get all your candy
   divided up.

8. When you think you have your key totally finished practice with it once, and then let
   another group try to use your key and see if they come up with the result you had

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