Freelancing: Stop Bidding and Start Earning

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					      Freelancing: Stop Bidding and Start Earning
Suppose yourself, you are an online freelancer, then if you spend all
the day for bidding one after another projects, but, not getting any
job, then, how you feel? How can you earn enough? As a freelancer,
you may keep 4 hours a day for working and you will estimate
arround $40/day. But, if you spend around 2 hours for getting a job,
then how can you earn your estimated amount?

So, I’ll advice you to stop bidding. No, friend, don’t be afraid. There is
a way, where you can earn a big amount by doing online freelancing
jobs without bidding. Yes, go to this website: http://tariqul.killer- , then signup, you will get those
jobs what you like. When you make your account, that time you will
get options of which kinds of jobs you will like to do. Do you know,
which options I selected? Only, Article writing and Internet surfing.
But, everday I’m earning $30 to $45 within working 3 to 4 hours.

Here I want to give you some tips to complete article writing jobs.

Some time you will be given any software to download, then run that
and then you have to submit any article about the performance of that
software. May be you will think difficulties for doing this kinds of job.
Don’t worry, download that software and run that. Then go to and search any article, which search keyword will be
the name of that software. If you don’t get any article with the same
name, then try to understand, which kinds of software it is, then
change your search keyword. Now it will be the type of software.
When you will get your preffered article. Then, study this article
carefully, and change the sentences of this article without changing
the meaning. Then test this article with dupfreepro software. It must
not be the duplicate of your imported article. Maximum 20%
duplimacy will be allowed. Then send the ariticle. May be you will be
paid minimum $1 per article. So, what you think, can’t you write 30 to
40 articles per day? Ofcourse you can do. So, don’t late. Go to this
site: and start

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Description: Freelancers spend many times for bidding, so, they can't increase their earning. But, by some few sites, freelancers don't need to bid. They can get jobs what they like best and they can earn good amount from them.