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					                                      September 3, 2008

                                      Maryland Insurance Administration
                                      Rates & Forms Department
                                      525 St. Paul Pl.
                                      Baltimore, MD 21202

                                      Attention: David Diehl

   Torchy Chandler, President         Re: Personal Auto Insurance Policy
   Chandler’s Collision Center
      Columbia, Maryland

    Barry Dorn, Vice President
                                      Dear Mr. Diehl,
       Dorn’s Body & Paint
     Mechanicsville, Virginia
                                      It has come to the attention of the Washington Metropolitan Auto Body
      Kris Burton, Secretary          Association (WMABA) that some insurers have been successful in other
       Precision Auto Body
     Manassas Park, Virginia          states to enact a new and/or separate auto insurance policy which
  Aaron Schulenburg, Treasurer
                                      includes language which requires consumers to use a contracted or
    Bill Denny’s Body Repair          “Direct Repair Program” collision facility as a term of the contract; Or in
   Havre De Grace, Maryland
                                      some cases provides a discounted deductible if the consumer is willing
    Board of Directors                to follow the insured’s suggestion and use a contracted repairer.
       Mike Anderson
  Wagonwork Collision Centers         For Marylanders, not only does this strip the consumer of their right to
     Alexandria, Virginia             choose by seemingly going against 10.503, but additionally in some
          Don Beaver                  cases it also restricts the free market for collision repairers.
        Toyota of Waldorf
        Waldorf, Maryland
                                      We have several questions we would like to pose to the administration
        Mark Boudreau
Spectrum Auto Painting & Collision    on the following matters:
       Arlington, Virginia

            Jon Davis                     1. It would be appreciated by WMABA and the Maryland collision
     King George Auto Parts
     Fredericksburg, Virginia
                                             repair businesses if such a policy were to be proposed and
                                             considered to the Maryland Insurance Administration, that we be
          Laura Gay
   Fort Washington Auto Body                 notified immediately so that we may give the repairer’s side of the
       Oxon Hill, Maryland                   argument.
           John Krauss
      Craftsman Auto Body
      Falls Church, Virginia
                                          2. Regarding this type of policy proposal prior to such request:

          Kris Shannon                            a. Does your department handle these requests explicitly?
      Shannon Auto Body
     Gaithersburg, Maryland
                                                  b. When you receive a request for this kind of policy
        Brad Whiteford
       Whiteford Collision
                                                     language, what is your protocol?
        Suffolk, Virginia
                                                  c. When a proposal has been agreed to by the Maryland
    Executive Director                               Insurance Administration, what policies are in place to
        Jordan Hendler
                                                     protect and/or inform the consumer of any changes?
     Mechanicsville, Virginia
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                 P.O. Box 3157, Mechanicsville, VA 23116            Phone: 804-798-9649 / Fax: 804-335-1296
                                     Web: http://www.wmaba.com / Email: info@wmaba.com
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             d. To ensure that the consumers’ right to choose their repair facility remains
                protected, what policies are in place currently which would prevent the
                insurance company from either requiring or coercing consumers to their
                contracted facilities? Additionally, how do you enforce the current policies
                which govern and regulate these unfair practices?

The association would appreciate the opportunity to build a relationship with the
Maryland Insurance Administration, so that we may provide insight and input on
consumer and collision-repair feedback on policy practices

I look forward to your guidance and insight as to how our association and the Maryland
Insurance Administration can work together for the betterment of the consumer and the
collision repairers of Maryland.

Please feel free to contact my office if you have any questions regarding our inquiry.


Jordan Hendler
Executive Director

Cc:    Ralph S. Tyler, Insurance Commissioner
       Douglas F. Gansler, Attorney General

      P.O. Box 3157, Mechanicsville, VA 23116            Phone: 804-798-9649 / Fax: 804-335-1296
                          Web: http://www.wmaba.com / Email: info@wmaba.com

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