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					         Automated Content Best Practices
                     Craig Romero                  Content Revenge © 2011
My Philosophy:
So, best practices for using automated content huh? I know, I’m probably going to get a lot of negative
response from internet purists and those who spend time crafting their content by hand & I want to
make it clear, I totally commend those who do create content by hand.

However, as you already know this about me…I’ve been using automated content to drive revenue in
my niche marketing business since 2004 and it’s always worked phenomenally well.

Internet marketers have a choice when it comes to their content and I think the fear of getting banned
or penalized by search engines keep many away from using automated content. However, I’d like to
share with you some statistics which show sites that were penalized after Google’s Panda update:

Most Recent Losers:                                                      Content Revenge © 2011
Additional Losers:   Content Revenge © 2011
So based on the above stats you can see many sites which were penalized are considered to be
extremely authoritative and provide a lot of value. But you have to remember the terms
“authoritative” and “value” are relative to one’s personal interpretation. In this case, it’s Google’s
interpretation making the final judgment.

With that said, the issue I have with spending valuable time creating wonderful handcrafted content or
years building authority in a certain niche is that it still isn’t safe from being penalized by Google. Now,
again….I’m all for handcrafted content…it’s obviously more valuable and meaningful. However, my
business model isn’t about that. It’s simply about driving traffic and revenue and automated content
allows me to do just that…and most importantly it allows me to have more time and freedom.

Creating great content is expensive and it’s time consuming. If I can save time & money using
automated content, then that certainly makes more sense for my particular business model.                                                          Content Revenge © 2011
In conclusion, just know niche marketing with automated content isn’t for everyone. There are
inherent risks involved with being penalized most likely at a higher possibility than with hand crafted

Because of this risk, I recommend not using automated content on sites where you’ve spent a lot of
time and money developing. If you have an authority site or create beautiful handcrafted content you
should keep those sites free of automated content when possible.

If you choose to build sites with automated content you need to treat them as an entirely different
business model. This is a model which focuses on production, traffic and revenue.

In addition you need to view niche marketing with automated content as a numbers game. You’re
going to lose some sites, but if you can scale production and remain innovative you’ll always win the
game. My Content Revenge method has remained very safe in terms of Google’s penalties. My sites
are receiving more traffic after Panda than they were last year. Why, because I’ve continued to build
and to innovate. I’ve only lost 2 big sites in the last 10 months but have produced far more. In
addition, the sites which were deindexed from Google continue to make thousands per month from
Bing traffic. Overall the sites are considered to be extremely profitable when you consider the amount
of time and effort that went into them.

So always remember, there are two other search engines out there with way fewer rules than Google
and those engines have the ability to generate some extremely good traffic.

When properly applied and viewed from a different perspective, automated content can and always
will drive substantial traffic and revenue. Just don’t expect any clicks on your ads from internet purists

Craig Romero                                                         Content Revenge © 2011

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