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Finding the Highest Paying Keywords


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									Finding the Highest Paying Keywords for Your page

First you need to figure out what keywords Google has targeted for your current website.
Then you can use this information to tweak your current content to display higher-
paying keyword ads.

   1.  Browse to Google's Keyword Tool
   2.  Select Website Content
   3.  Enter your website URL (you can also enter a specific web page)
   4.  Click Get keyword ideas
   5.  Select Show All from the dropdown box
   6.  Make sure Group keywords by common terms is checked
   7.  Under Calculate Estimates using Max CPC: select $USD (or whatever currency
       you use)
   8. Enter 100 in the empty box (or the equivelent of $100USD in your currency)
   9. Click Recalculate
   10. Now the columns below will display the estimated cost per click (CPC) for each
   11. Click the column title Estimated Avg. CPC to sort by price. Click it one more
       time to sort from highest to lowest.
   12. You can now browse down the page to get an idea for which keyword phrases pay
       the most amount of money
   13. Now you can go back to your current articles and rewrite bits of the content,
       organizing phrases and keywords so they match up with the highest paying
       AdSense keywords. This will make a big difference, helping AdSense to place
       similar ads that pay much more instead of low cost per click ads.
   14. If you really want to get serious, the ideal solution would be to enter the URL of
       each article on your website and repeat this process, then rewrite your content to
       match the highest paying adsense keywords for each page.

Note: You need to log into your adwords account for more options including finding
keywords based on a website page

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