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                                  The Newsletter of Sacred Heart RC Secondary School
                              A Specialist Mathematics, Computing & Language College

Week No: 9 Spring Term                                                                                  Date: 12th March 2010

Dear Parents                                                            may seem. Just when our dreams and aspirations seem
                                                                        furthest away, when it’s easier to make excuses about
L   ast night I accompanied a group of year 10 pupils
    to see the play ‘Off the Endz’ by Nigerian
playwright Bola Agbaje and starring Ashley Walters. It
                                                                        why we shouldn’t even bother having aspirations, that
                                                                        is when God is closest to us. The play ends with the
                                                                        couple committed to fulfilling their dreams, still
was a play exploring the significance of, among other                   offering their friend true friendship, but committed to
things, how aspiration can overcome circumstances.                      making a better future for their child.

S   ometimes the cards that life deals us do not seem
    fair; we feel that for every step forward we are
forced to take two backwards. God has a plan for us
                                                                        Father, Your Love never fails.
                                                                        Keep me from danger
but he has also given us free will, so that we make                     and provide for all my needs.
choices about what to do with the cards we are given.                   Teach me to be thankful for Your Gifts.
In the play the main couple are facing a hopeful if                     Confident in Your Love,
rather daunting future (new baby, debt, house                           may I be holy by sharing Your Life,
hunting), and that is nearly destroyed by an old                        May Your unfailing Love turn me from hopelessness
‘friend’ who does not share or support their                            and keep me on the way that leads to you.
aspirations. We learnt that keeping your dreams and
aspirations alive is not always easy, there are                         Ms Garcia
temptations, it is sometimes even dangerous and it is a                 Deputy Headteacher
long journey. But we must remember that God
accompanies us on our journey, however difficult it

Assemblies                 Monday 15th March                                       Year 7 Assembly Mr Lansiquot
                           Tuesday 16th March                                      Year 8 Assembly Mr Lansiquot
                           Wednesday 17thh March                                   Year 9 Assembly Mr Lansiquot
                           Thursday 18th March                                     Assembly cancelled
                           Friday 19th March                                       Year 11 Assembly Mr Lansiquot
Mass                       Friday 19th March                                       Year 10 Mass Mr Foley
Events                     Monday 15th March                                       Year 10 Duke of Edinburgh
                           Tuesday 16th March                                      Year 10 Duke of Edinburgh
                           Wednesday 17th March                                    Year 10 Duke of Edinburgh
                           Thursday 18th March                                     9/11 Day Assembly cancelled
                           Saturday 10th March                                     Little Shop of Horrors Rehearsal

                                                                        16) you can log on freely and go through the fun,
  Important Careers Information for                                     interactive activities with your child.
      all Sacred Heart Parents!                                         Simply go to fasttomato.com and go to ‘get your
The school has invested in the interactive careers                      login’ or just go to ‘log in’ if your child has used fast
website FastTomato.com which is open to all pupils at                   tomato before. Sitting down with your child and
the school. If your child is not sure what career would                 talking about what they’re good at and what they
be suited to them, or what qualifications they                          need to succeed will help them to focus on their
                                                                        dreams for the future!
might need to reach their goals or if they would like
more information about their options (post 14 or post                   The ‘fast track code’ that you’ll need to log on for the
                                                                        first time is ‘SACL’. Good luck!
                                       FORTHCOMING EXAMS
                               YEAR 11                                                YEAR 9
            There are now only 4 SCHOOL                                 There are now only 5
            WEEKS left until the final                                  SCHOOL WEEKS left until
            GCSE exams begin, with the                                  your final exams this year, starting on
MFL speaking tests starting on Monday                                   Tuesday 4th May. From your results in
26th April and the GCSE exams continuing                                these exams, your teachers will decide
right through until Friday 25th June. You                               which form groups you will be in, and
will be issued with a full GCSE timetable                               which GCSEs or BTECs you are best
next week.                                                              suited to take in Years 10 & 11. You will be
                                                                        issued with your exam timetable and
                       YEAR 10                                          preparation booklet in the last week of
There are now only 3 SCHOOL WEEKS left                                  term, but you should already be making
until your mock GCSE exams take place,                                  sure that you have caught up any work
starting on Monday 19th April. You will be                              missed through absence, and that your
issued with your mock exam timetable next                               exercise books and folders are well-
week. If you wish to see it beforehand, you                             organised for revision purposes.
can access it via the school website –                                  Mr N Williams
www.sacredheart.southwark.sch.uk – go to
‘News & Dates’, then ‘Forthcoming Exams’.

                                      english department

  OUTSTANDING RESULTS ON                                                  OUTSTANDING
  THE HIGHER PAPER FROM….. %                                              RESULTS ON THE
 SIDE James                                                 99            FOUNDATION PAPER
 ADESINA Emmanuel
 LAWAL Mary Kanyinsola                                      94
                                                                          OSEI Natasha                                        80
 SHETEOLU Olurotimi                                         92
 BAILY Adrian                                               92
 GNAKALE Davide                                             91            IFALUYI Kelly                                       80
 OKAGBUE Chiemelum                                          90
 SEMRA Mirwet                                               89
                                                                          HILL David                                          78
 LUONG Isabelle                                             84
 ORUWARIYE Emmanuela                                        84
 GARDNER Chantelle                                          83            DUARTE Liliana                                      76
 ISOLA Rachael                                              81
 LEES Teresa                                                80
 OPOKU-ACHEAMPONG Goldie                                    78
                                                                          ADETUNJI Elizabeth                                  76
 SENESIE Andrew                                             75
 BENALCAZAR Catherin                                        75            TETSILL Harry                                       75
 ASANTE Emmanuel                                            72
 SOWANDE Deborah                                            72
 YESEAB Senait                                              70            BLANGO Yaenie                                       75
 FAMUTIMI Hannah                                            70
 RODRIGUEZ Adrian                                           70

                          NEWS FROm around the houses

                         Magdalene swag two GOLDS at
                             the House Olympics!

 It’s    been another phenomenal
 week of success for Team Magdalene.                                         Make sure you collect your winner’s
 Our Year 7 and Year 8 house teams won                                     chocolate Easter egg prize from me this
 GOLD positions on Tuesday and Wednesday                                                    week.
 lunchtime. HUGE congratulations and thank
 you to the following students:                                          Another reminder for you all – the student
                                                                         to convert the most individual merits into
   YEAR 7 team                YEAR 8 team                                house points this year wins a £15 voucher
Matthew Osewa             Vivi Lam                                       to a shop of their choice. So, make sure you
Yonas Tesfay              Hanna Espino                                   collect as many merits as possible
Molly Moore               Tyrell Ince                                    everyone in Magdalene, we want to hang
Andrew Mansaray           Melvin Karunakaran                             on to our 24 week lead!
Riana Bryan               Joseph Lecointe
Emefa Gajesu              Tobi Oludipe
                                                                         Have another fabulous week Team
Sam Sikiru                Nathaniel Oseni
Mede Itaifo               Denzil Otoo Appiah
                          Dominic Otoo Appiah                            Ms Currey

                                            CHAPLAINCY NEWS
 We are very pleased to announce the first Executive Committee:
 President:                          Agatha Christie Onwuzuruike                             9M
 Vice-President:                     Teniola Osholoye                                        10M
 Treasurers:                         Karen Gyebi-Ababio                                      10M
                                     Kaiya Smith                                             10M
 Secretaries:                        Fitroy Ugorji                                           10M
                                     Ifeoma Ogadi                                            10M
 There will be other committee members announced in due course.
 We wish them well in their endeavours to put the extra into ordinary and of reaching out to our local
 Last Thursday years 7 & 8 had the opportunity of going to confession in the Church. We are grateful to the
 local priests who came to help us to celebrate God’s immense love for us by reminding us that there is
 always the possibility of letting go of the past and starting over again.

                              Careers News
                 Careers Interviews Tuesday 16th March
        Name of pupil                               Time of interview

        Laranda Adusei                              9:00am
        Adenike Awolesi                             9:30am
        Benjamin Cassell                            10:00am
        Emmanuel Fareo                              10:30am
        Natisha Husbands                            11:00am

        Lious Norbal                                11:30am
        Emmanuel Okuchukwu                          12:50pm
        Genevieve Owusu                             1:20pm
        Cassandra Owusuaa                           1:50pm
        Daniel Seriki                               2:20pm

                          Work Experience!
Most year 10s have now sorted out their work experience. If you have still not done this time
is running out! You must get yourself organised and speak to Ms Yamada who is in the
careers office every Friday lunchtime from 12:00-12:40. She’s there to help you! Don’t miss
your chance!
If you have found a placement email Ms Yamada with the details: company name, your
contact’s name, address, telephone number and email address if possible.
Ms Yamada

                            HONESTY AWARDS
                             Joba Adigun 8C – Found Mobile Phone
                               Romoan Oriogun 10T – Found USB
                                Lucy McCaffrey 8B – Found USB
                                 Tyrell Jackson 9P – Found USB
                                Patience Asiloku 9B – Found USB
                                 Nicole Martins 11M – Found USB


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