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Term 2_ Week 7



                              TERM 2 – WEEK 6

Dear Parents and Carers,
Life Education
Life Education sessions began at our school on Monday 31st May and continue until
Thursday 3 June. Life Education is an integral part of our learning PD & Health
program. All classes, K-6 will be involved.
Upcoming excursions
Early Stage 1 (KZ) and Stage 3 (5-6R and 5-6T) are participating in out-of-school
excursions this term. Permission notes have been distributed with students and also
in last week’s newsletter. Please note the closing date for return of permission notes
and payment.
District Cross Country
Congratulations to all competitors in the district cross county carnival held at Cattai
National Park last Friday. Competitors were blessed with perfect cross country
weather and a nice soft running track. Well done Sage, who placed 5th in her age
event and will now compete in the zone cross country carnival at Castle Hill on 16
June as a member of the Hawkesbury PSSA team.

Stewart House Clothing Appeal
Stewart House bags were distributed to classes with the newsletter today. Any
donations of used clothing or rags would be appreciated. Extra bags are available
from the office. All bags, either full or empty, are to be returned to the Community
Room by 8.30 a.m. Thursday, 10th June, 2010. Please do not send any bags to
school after 8.30 a.m. Thursday, 10th June, as we have nowhere to store them
until the next pick up which will be sometime next year.

Kind regards,
 31 May – 3 June   Life Education Van visiting
     1 June        Canteen Pizza Day
     4 June        Sport in School Program K-6
     5 June        Trivia Night Fundraiser – postponed to Term 3
     8 June        Cottees Soccer Gala Day
     10 June       Choir Rehearsal – Hawkesbury High School
     14 June       Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday
     15 June       P&C Meeting
     16 June       Sydney West Cross Country carnival
     22 June       KZ excursion to Belgenny Farm
      1 July       Stage 3 excursion to FOX at Riverside Theatre, Parramatta

Congratulations to these students who have received awards for their progress in
the Premier’s Reading Challenge:

½ way: Mackenzi Carter, Mary-Ann Goodwin, Abbey White, Leane Kruger,
Sophia Machin, Amali Ramadan, Joshua Agius, Jason Collison, Jayden Craker,
Joshua Cross, Cooper Lewis and Tamara Beck

¾ way: Alarna Bulmer, Amber Jones, Matilda Jones, Madalyn Scott,
Leroy Beange, Brandon Ford, Jake McGowan and Khai Poulsen

Finished: Caitlyn Bremner
Congratulations to the following students who have been presented with Merit Awards
                                 at Monday assembly.

                                 Phillip Stieger                3-4M
                                 Annike Stieger                 3-4S
                                 Thomas Kukula                  5-6R
                                 Jake McGowan                   KZ
                                 Madalyn Scott                  KZ
                                 Kieran Woods                   KZ
                                 Elizabeth Carpenter            1-2S
                                 Byron Devereaux                1-2S
                                 Daniel Rainbow                 1-2S
                                 Haley Wells                    5-6R
                                 Katie Collison                 5-6T
                                 Taylah Dorman                  5-6T
                                 Jason Collison                 KZ

                      CANTEEN ROSTER
  Wednesday            02/06/2010                      Anne and Toni
    Thursday           03/06/2010                      Jodie and Holly
     Friday            04/06/2010               Julie M, Michelle and Linda
    Monday             07/06/2010                      Nova and Holly
    Tuesday            08/06/2010                      Sonya and Tina
  Wednesday            09/06/2010                      Anne and Toni

                     new FROM THE CANTEEN

                        Vegetarian Pizza
               is now available to order from the canteen
                     ASSEMBLY AWARDS
Congratulations to the following students who received awards at the K-6 Assembly on
Thursday 27 May 2010
                              Teachers’ Awards
KZ                           Conlan Heslop                Alarna Bulmer
                             Zach Chapman
1-2H                                                      Nicholas Woods
                             Kiara Van Der Walt
1-2S                         Mackenzee Cutner             Caitlin Mills
                             Jackson Cunningham
3-4M                                                      Nic Clark
                             Rohini Ickrath
3-4S                         Daniel Lindsay               Sarah Freeman
5-6R                         Thomas Kukula                Thomas Richards
5-6T                         Corey Kite                   Cara Stieger
Mrs Donaldson                Haley Wells                  Caitlin Dorman

                               Principal Awards
KZ                           Kieran Woods                 Sophia Machin
1-2H                         Yasmine El Hassan            Jack Mace
1-2S                         Lisa Natale                  Jake Zemcevicius
3-4M                         Rhiannon Scott               Kay-Ellen King
3-4S                         Dillan Walburn               Luke Horan
5-6R                         Bradman Jones                Jordan Lindo
5-6T                         Keisha Newton                Nathan Card

                 HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO:
                     (from 14/05/10 to 27/05/10 inclusive)
     Conlan Heslop, Jayden Craker, Grace Richards, Cooper Else, Jacob Walburn,
                         Natasha Singleton and Jarod Allen

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