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									                     Tony Robbins
                Unleash the Power Within
           Excel (London International Exhibition Centre)

                            June 22nd – 25th 2007

Unleash the Power Within (UPW) is an intensive one-weekend course in taking
dynamic action to change the quality of life forever and launching the life of your
dreams with Anthony Robbins in person. In three and a half of the most
empowering, educational and entertaining days, you won't just deal with, you will
vanquish, anything that may be holding you back from utilising the force that can
instantly change your life.

                             Amazing Offer:
                   UPW Tickets At Less Than Half Price!!!
When you go to a Tony Robbins event you want to be as close to the action as
possible. The atmosphere is electric!

EMERALD SEATS: These are the best seats in the house, located behind the first 12
rows which are now sold out. Officially priced at £895, Lucy is offering Emerald
tickets for the amazing price of just £395, that’s a saving of £500 per ticket!

PLUS Lucy will also include absolutely free, Tony Robbins sales mastery program
‘Power to Influence®’. A series of 6 CDs that will condition you for success!

PLUS Lucy will also give you a copy of Tony Robbins ‘Notes From A Friend: A Quick
and Simple Guide to Taking Control of Your Life’ worth £6.99.

              Don’t Miss This Incredible Life Changing Event

                             Book Your Ticket, Now!
                            call Lucy on 01525 373 170
                    or email

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