ConsultantBox Launches QR Codes For SAP Consultants

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					ConsultantBox Launches QR Codes For SAP Consultants

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 To see this consultant's full SAP profile, including reputation, availability, CV and more...Use
 a free QR code reader such as i-nigma

 How the QR code is driving the quality of SAP consulting up and unprofessional SAP consultants
 out of the market

Online PR News – 11-April-2012 Some time ago it was thought that the internet was a fad and a few
people are taking the same opinion regarding QR (Quick Response) codes. These people will find no use
what so ever in a QR code, however for the rest of the world who realise that technology moves forward in
the same way every other technology moves forward, the QR code is fast proving itself to be the quickest
way to deliver maximum information.

When SAP consultant s started adding their CV to the mystical creature that was the 'internet' all those
years ago, the CV's were randomly placed anywhere. That experience has been repeated many times over
the years, with no site hosting a single, standardised format of SAP consultants, even the so called 'super
sites' of today host SAP consultants alongside playwrights, actors and funeral directors.
The QR revolution has followed a more dignified approach with providing each of the
global SAP consultant members with their own, personal QR code. Every SAP Consultants' QR Code
provides a direct link to their CV, availability, role preferences and most importantly, how the members of
the SAP community rate their work and professionalism - all in one small image.

The QR code from standardises how hiring managers see and instantly recognise the
skill and ability of any SAP consultant.
This revolution in QR code is taking the challenge of technology vs. improving quality of consulting
standards, one step further with implementation partner consultants now being included in the scope of
personal responsibility for their reputation and skills. Previously, employed SAP consultants have been
almost mystical to their customers as when a consultant appears at a desk on site, a customer is currently
unable to assess if they are in the presence of a genius or an over priced buffoon. This is now changing
because every SAP consultant and not just freelance consultants are being challenged to prove their worth
in SAP.

The unique QR code each consultant receives from is more than an information sharing
tool (can be added to anything from an email signature to an old fashioned business card) as its core job is
to raise the standards of SAP consulting. Though the QR code is available to any SAP consultant at any
level of experience, the consultants who will benefit, are those who have earned and continue to earn a
good reputation from their customers and colleagues.
These consultants will be clearly identifiable from the consultants who 'surf' their way through contracts
leaving the hard working consultants to clear up after them.
The obvious benefit is that professional consultants with a good, proven and verified reputation, will be able
to leverage their hard earned reputation for the first time. Not only will this put them firmly in line for the roles
they deserve, this is clearly a big win for them on a personal and financial level. However, the underlying
benefit though more subtle, will probably be almost as great, if all consultants are hired on their merit and
professionalism, the end result will be entirely professional SAP implementation teams . Imagine that!?

The information highway opened many years ago, the QR code is among the newest routes of the road, so
does an SAP consultant need to have a QR code? Only if they want to be part of the present and future in

Join free of charge today and take control of your future. Every consultant is issued
a QR code once they have confirmed their account - please note all references provided may be checked
for accuracy by trained personnel and any consultant found to be asking for or providing
false reference will be removed from the site and will be unable to rejoin at the owners

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