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					Getting adsense approved without a website
After reading the title of the post you must be thinking if I am kidding. Getting adsense approval is not
considered an easy process these days even you own a website. Google has imposed a number of
restrictions in some countries including India regarding adsense approval. Such restrictions include the
criteria of owned website to be at least six months old.
However in this resource I will tell you how to get adsense account even without a website. You can even
earn fair from the adsense program through these adsense revenue sharing websites.

How to get adsense approved without a website
I will give tell you about some of the websites from where you can apply for adsense directly without any
Adsense approval through India Study Channel: Indiastudychannel is an adsense revenue sharing
website owned by Tony John and you can apply for adsense with your profile page on this website. I got
adsense approval only through this website. You can join the website through this link Join
Indiastudychannel.(Yes this is my refferal link). One more think you can also win many other prizes at

Adsense approval through Indyarocks: Another website which you can use to get adsense approved is
Indyarocks.This is also a very reputed website that can be used to get adsense approved. You can find
the details of the adsense program on Indyarocks here. Here also there are other ways to earn as well.
Adsense approval through flixya: Flixya is also a very reputed website and holds the merit of being one
of the websites listed in Google adsense case study. You can add photos,videos and blogs on the
website and then apply through flixya using your profile page to get adsense approved.

Adsense through hubpages: Hubpages is also quite popular among bloggers. You can apply for
adsense through hubpages and you get 60% of adsense revenue generated through your posts. The
website gets a lot of traffic from U.S thus your posts will also make more as the value of adsense click
also depends on location of the person who clicked the ad.

If you have any experience or query related to above websites post it as a response.
In my coming posts I will tell you in detail about the merits and demerits of adsense revenue sharing

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