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									5th Grade Pioneer Camp Field Trip
Dear Parents:

It looks as though our 5th grade classes will be able to go to Pioneer Camp for our field trip this
year. It is an overnight event at Old Sierra Town, which is located in Spenceville, about an hour
away near Camp Far West Lake. All four classes will be departing Wednesday, April 27, and
returning Thursday, April 28. District buses will take our students at approximately 9:00 a.m.
on the first day, then return to Quail Glen by about noon on the second day.

The total cost for each student will be $80 (which includes all meals, activities, materials,
transportation, etc.). We’re asking families to cover this in two installments. The first payment,
in the amount of $40, is due by Friday, February 4th. There will be some fundraising
opportunities to help defray some of the overall cost. After fundraising is complete, there will
be a second payment that will be less than $40, depending on how much is raised.

Parents are encouraged to participate in the overnight event as well. Any parent wishing to join
us would pay the $80 per person cost, and would also be required to do a background check at a
cost of approximately $62 (which involves fingerprinting, etc., as mandated by state law).

Students will be participating in several activities related to the pioneer experience, such as rope
making and candle making. Students will need a sleeping bag, and will sleep in groups of 8 to 12
in “tent cabins”, which are canvas tents framed over plank floors. If there are any issues related
to an overnight event, please contact your child’s teacher. More details about the field trip, what
to pack, etc., will come later.

If you are interested in being a chaperone for this overnight field trip, please return the lower
portion of this letter by the end of January. If cost is an issue, please contact your child’s
teacher. It is our goal that every student participates in this experience.

Thank you,

5th Grade Teachers

I am interested in being a chaperone for Pioneer Camp April 27-28, and would like more

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