PREREQUISITE REQUIREMENT
QUESTION: I have taken a computer course but my admission letter says I must meet the
requirement for OMGT 4853. What’s going on?

ANSWER: Course titles on transcripts are very short and often don’t give us enough information
to make an informed decision. To meet the prerequisite requirement, we want our students to
have experience in word processing, spreadsheet, and database. Send us a course description for
the computer course you took and we’ll be happy to consider it for OMGT 4853.

Programming courses will not meet the requirement for OMGT 4853. Also, due to the rapid pace
of change in the computer applications field, courses that are more than 6 years old will not meet
this requirement.

QUESTION: The courses I took in Word Processing and Spreadsheets are on my transcript. Will
they meet the requirement?

ANSWER: Those courses will partially fulfill the requirement for OMGT 4853. You will also
need to take a course in a database application, such as Access, Oracle, DBase. Here are some
ways to meet the last portion of the requirement:

      Take our free ElementK tutorial in MS Access
      Take a course for credit from a college/university
      Take a short course offered through adult education, community, etc.
      Take a training course offered by your employer

When you finish the course, send us a copy of the transcript or certificate for the course.

QUESTION: I use all those computer skills every day at work, but I don’t have any formal
training in computer applications. I’m not going to have to take a course for this requirement,
am I?

ANSWER: You probably won’t have to take a course. You can take our online tutorial for
OMGT 4853. It is free and can be arranged through your site coordinator. Or you can ask your
employer to send us a letter verifying your on-the-job computer tasks and skills.

QUESTION: At another school, I took a computer course that is listed on UA’s approved list of
courses for OMGT 4853. But my admission letter says I need to meet the requirement for OMGT
4853. What’s the problem?

ANSWER: It’s possible that your admission packet from the Graduate School had a missing or
incomplete transcript. Tell us the name of the school and the course, and we’ll check into the

If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact your site representative.

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