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					Leon County Principal’s and Assistant Principal’s Association
    LCPAPA & LEAPS-PAC Executive Board Meeting
                       June 20, 2007
                   La Fiesta – 6:30p.m.

Althoria Pickett

Members Present
Althoria Pickett, Brenda McGalliard, Ann Johnson, Christie Moss, Jennifer J. Jackson,
Sue Kraul, Jennifer Anderson, Jane Floyd Bullen

Members Absent
Kathleen Rodgers, Michelle Gayle, Callie Pickens, Pam Hightower

Goals/Focus for 2007-2008 (and beyond)

*Schools with 100%

*Including District Administrators participating in LCPAPA

       -Umbrella district administrators under Leon Educator Supervisor Association

       -Add this topic of discussion to the general meeting with the following options:
              *LCPAPA with district administrators (umbrella)
              *LCPAPA without district administrators
              *District administrator’s have their own organization/comments from
              Superintendent Jackie Pons

*Publicity and Visibility—Ideas for publicity discussed. Add to survey.

School Board Meeting Schedule

August-------Althoria Pickett
September---Sue Kraul
October------Brenda McGalliard
November---Jennifer J. Jackson
December----Christie Moss
January-------Jennifer Anderson
February------Jane Floyd Bullen
March---------Sue Kraul
April-----------Ann Johnson
May------------Kathleen Rodgers
June-----------Pam Hightower
July------------Althoria Pickett
LCPAPA General Meetings

   August---Back to School Social----Christie and Jane will give us a date, time and
   place at the July 12th meeting.

   October fest /Business Meeting—Emphasis placed on (Membership Drive).
        Implementation of third year salary structure. Jennifer Anderson and
        and Sue Kraul will organize.

   February Legislative Meeting- Althoria and board members will and organize.

   June--(End-of-the-Year Breakfast) All board members will plan and organize .
       Kathleen (scholarship )

Please note: All LCPAPA Board meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of the month,
               6:30pm at La Fiesta.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30pm

Next meeting to be held on July 12, 2007

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