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of the Presbytery of Western Kentucky

Volume 32 No. 2                           Wayne Goolsby, Editor                         May, 2010

                                                               Rev. Gordon Foltz of Round Pond Presbyterian Church
                                                               welcomed members and guests to the beautiful country
                 PRESBYTERY                                    church and commented on how the members had
                                                               anticipated eagerly the meeting.
The Presbytery of Western Kentucky met for its regularly
scheduled, quarterly meeting on Tuesday, May 11,
                                                                              Stated Clerk's Report
2010, at the Round Pond Presbyterian Church. A warm
welcome and breakfast buffet of breads and fruit               Rev. Dr. Charlie Evans, Stated Clerk of Presbytery,
(including fresh strawberries!) awaited members and            presented the report of the stated clerk. A quorum was
guests of Presbytery as they gathered and enjoyed              declared present and the docket for the day was
fellowship.                                                    approved. Rev. Dr. Evans reported that the annual
                                                               review of church minutes would be held at First
                                                               Presbyterian of Madisonville on July 18th and First
The meeting began with the Call to Order and the               Presbyterian of Hopkinsville on July 19th. There will be
constituting prayer offered by Rev. James Stahr,               additional training for Clerks of the Session at the July
Moderator of Presbytery.                                       19th meeting.

                        Worship                                Motion was made, seconded, and carried to accept the
                                                               invitation of the First Korean Presbyterian Church to
Rev. Rich Cooper, Executive Presbyter, welcomed                meet there for the February, 2011, meeting of
members and guests to Presbytery and opened the                Presbytery.
service with prayer. Musical accompaniment was
provided by Mrs. Virginia Johnson, Round Pond pianist.         Rev. Dr. Evans also presented the Conditions and
                                                               Progress of the Presbytery of Western Kentucky for
The worship service's sermon was presented by Evan             2009 Report.
Walker, pastor elect of First Presbyterian Church of
Sturgis, Kentucky. Mr. Walker presented a sermon               Visitors and first time Commissioners were recognized.
entitled "I Don't Understand" based on John 13:1-8 in
which Jesus washed the feet of His disciples. He
reminded us of our responsibilities to others, particularly
those who are so often overlooked or neglected.
                                                                               Finance Committee
                                                               Rev. Dr. John Guthrie reported that finances continued
Following the morning sermon, Rev. Cooper and Rev.             to remain constant and steady.
Stahr led in the commissioning of those who would
represent the Presbytery of Western Kentucky at
General Assembly this summer at Minneapolis,                                  Personnel Committee
Minnesota. They included Rev. Lon Lorton, Elder Donna
Houston, Brianna Sutton (YAAD) and alternates Rev. Dr.         Elder Jane Berdine noted that evaluation materials had
John Guthrie and Elder Willee Cooper.                          been distributed to selected members.

Highlights of May 11th Presbytery Meeting
    Leadership Development Committee                           plans for Mr. Walker's ordination to be held in his home
                                                               church, the First Presbyterian Church of Johnson City,
Rev. Dr. Curry Davis presented Becky Durham and                Tennessee, on May 23, 2010.
Adam Quine. Mrs. Durham reported on the Senior High
Mission trip to North Carolina in June and the City
Lights/City Sights program scheduled for July in Murray.                  Commissioned Lay Pastors
Mr. Quine reported on the Western Kentucky Youth               Rev. Dr. Anne Marie Montgomery reported on the
Council scheduled to meet in Owensboro.                        continuing progress of the CLP program and noted that
                                                               a number of Commissioned Lay Pastors was available to
Rev. Dr. Davis noted continuing plans for Harvest Fest         fill pulpits this summer.
next fall and commented that the focus would be on the
training of Elders.

                                                                              Mission Development
            Nominations Committee                              Rev. Dr. Jon Faraone reported that at the August, 2010,
                                                               meeting of Presbytery, a presentation on the
No report                                                      Demographics Program would be made.

                Presbyterian Voice                                          Preparation for Ministry
Rev. Janet Tuck reported that the Voice was undergoing         Rev. Dr. Cheryl Duke noted that Mrs. Christine Coy-Fohr
changes with issues now available on-line. She noted           had met with the committee and that she was now ready
that there would only be two paper editions published in       to send out her PIF information.
the future, one in March; one in September. Rev. Tuck
thanked Elder Willee Cooper for her support of the Voice       It was noted that an error on the part of the committee
in Western Kentucky.                                           had been corrected with regards to the status of
                                                               Candidate Clemette Haskins. An apology was extended
                                                               to Ms. Haskins.
              Presbyterian Women
                                                               Rev. Foltz offered a prayer of thanksgiving grace prior to
Elder Rose J. Morgan, Moderator of Presbyterian                the serving of a delicious lunch by the members of
Women, reported on the April 15th annual PW Spring             Round Pond Church in the Fellowship Hall.
Gathering held at Westminster Presbyterian Church in           Following lunch, Presbytery reconvened.
Paducah, Kentucky, with sixty-two women and the
Executive Presbyter Rev. Rich Cooper in attendance.
New officers were installed. The offering collected
                                                                    Ecumenical & Institutional Relations
totaled $775.22 which was shared with Bellewood and
Buckhorn Homes for Children. Fifty hygiene kits were                           Committee
donated to PDA with more expected. Quilts are still
being made for young residents of Bellewood. The Bible         Rev. Dr. Lynn Shurley, Jr., presented Mr. Jerry Cantrell
Study Preview will be held in August under the                 who reported on the continuing work at Bellewood Home
leadership of Rev. Karen Russell.                              for Children. He thanked the Presbyterian Women for
                                                               their continued support and Rev. Dr. Lynn Shurley and
                                                               the Westminster Church in Paducah for providing office
             Committee on Ministry
Rev. Dr. Matthew Covington commented on the
                                                                         Executive Presbyter's Report
tremendous leadership of the pastors and elders of the
Presbytery of Western Kentucky.
                                                               Rev. Rich Cooper, Executive Presbyter of the Presbytery
                                                               of Western Kentucky, commented on the fact that "It's
He presented Evan Walker for examination in the areas
                                                               not about me. It's about Jesus" and our continuing
of Church Polity, Theology, and the Sacraments. Mr.
                                                               opportunities for ministry. He noted that the Rev.
Walker answered the questions clearly with dignity and
                                                               Pamela Gordon would be installed at the Westminster
humor. It was moved, seconded, and approved to
                                                               Presbyterian Church on June 6, 2010 at 4:00 p.m.
sustain the examination for ordination and continue

Highlights of May 11th Presbytery Meeting
                                                               Communications Director; Evan Walker's excellent
Rev. Cooper reported on the plans for the Living Waters        message and the "spirit-filled" ministers new to our
of the World Mission to Mexico.                                Presbytery; Rev. Dr. Ann Marie Montgomery and the
                                                               CLP program as well as its graduates; Presbyterian
Rev. Cooper expressed thanks to the members of                 Women and Elder Rose Morgan; the wonderful work at
Round Pond Presbyterian Church for their gracious              Bellewood and its leadership.

                                                               The meeting was adjourned with prayer by Rev. James
                Joys and Concerns                              Stahr, Moderator.

Joys and Concerns were shared as a part of the worship
service as well as in the designated time on the agenda.                      UPCOMING EVENTS
They included:
                                                               Mission Coordinating Council Meeting – Tuesday, July 13,
Bobby Russell's brother-in-law and sisters                     2010 at 1:30 p.m. at the Presbytery Office

Terry Holmes of Russellville                                   Next Presbytery Meeting – Saturday, August 14, 2010 at the
                                                               First Presbyterian Church in Mayfield, Kentucky
Victims of the recent flooding in Tennessee and

Randy and Debbie McCracken of Henderson                                              Highlights
Evan Walker's association with Rev. Dr. Angela
                                                                                     May 2010
Hancock, a former interim pastor at Hopkinsville first
now an instructor at Princeton Theological Seminary                     What a great time in Round Pond. Several
                                                               people had some trouble getting there, but once they
The recent general election in the United Kingdom              did they were treated to some great fellowship,
Medical procedures involving a number of our clergy
                                                               amazing food, and a meeting that was short and
including Rev. Dr. Jon Faraone and Rev. Don Troutman           sweet. The two things that Presbyterians like best
                                                               are short meetings and good food! Thanks to all
Pete Phelan and Tim Majors - their ministry at the             who made the day very enjoyable.
Hopkins County Jail and the fact that three men                         In case you weren’t there, we welcomed
incarcerated in the facility had accepted Jesus just the
night before
                                                               Evan Walker to the Presbytery. His call to ministry
                                                               and Sturgis was “sustained” (that means we
Elder Thelma Baker who plans to attend the August              examined him). We’re as pleased to have him in
meeting of Presbytery                                          the Presbytery as Sturgis is to have a new pastor.
                                                               His ordination will be next week in Johnson City,
Bellewood and its leadership                                   Tennessee. He will be installed in Sturgis at a later
                                                                        Don’t forget that Pamela Gordon will be
              Committee on Thanks                              installed as Pastor at Paducah, Westminster on the
                                                               6th of June at 4 PM. Everyone is welcome to come
Elder Willee Cooper, Convener, led Presbytery in a
responsive prayer of thanks with those in attendance
                                                               and celebrate with Westminster Church.
responding by saying "As an act of hospitality, let us find             As a final note I reflected on what happened
a way to wash one another's feet". Her litany included:        a year ago. A year ago I wrote this in Highlights:
                                                                        “As I write this I’m still trying to insure that
the hospitality, fellowship, and feast shared at Round         the last minute projects get done before I leave for
Pond; every person present; all committee members
including the Executive Presbyter, Stated Clerk,
                                                               Germany, France and Spain. On Monday, 18 May
Permanent, and Administrative assistant; the 30                (next Monday as I write), my friend John Klein and
students going to North Carolina; their adult sponsors;        I will meet in Baltimore to begin the great journey
and all the youth activities; the Voice and Synod's

Highlights of May 11th Presbytery Meeting
of “my Camino.” …..I intend to take much of the
time to be in prayer. My promise is that each
church will get a day of prayer. We’ll be “on
Camino” about 35 – 36 days so it will work out just
right! Please know that most of my waking hours
will be lifting you in prayer”.
        It was a wonderful journey (except for the
broken bones in my feet!). It was a wonderful time
of prayer. I was “on Camino” exactly 36 days. One
day for every church in the Presbytery. As I reach
the 1 year anniversary of that, I’m still inspired to
pray (constantly) for the churches of the Presbytery.
I have continued that practice and hope that those of
you reading the Highlights will do the same.
        Finally, please remember to keep the many
folks in prayer that have been noted. Meanwhile,
have a blessed summer. I will!


Highlights of May 11th Presbytery Meeting

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