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					          Singapore General Elections

  Singapore’s form of government
  (Parlimentary System)

                                 Prime Minister

          Legislative              Executive          Judiciary

Parliament of Singapore,      It consist of sitting
consist of 84 minister,       members of parliament
representing either Single-   and is headed by a
member Constituencies or      prime minister, the
Group Representation          head of government

  Political parties taking part in it:
      -     People’s Action Party (PAP)
      -     Workers’ Party (WP)
      -     Singapore People’s Party (SPP)
      -     Singapore Democratic Alliance (SDA)
      -     Singapore Democratic Party (SDP)
      -     Reform Party (RP)
      -     National Solidarity Party (NSP)

  2 Parties to watch out for this time:

  - The party was formed in 1954 by English-educated middle-
    class professional men
  - Four major "ideologies" of the PAP: pragmatism, meritocracy,
    multiracialism, and Asian values or communitarianism
  - The party was led by former PAP secretary-general Lee Kuan
    Yew, who was Prime Minister of Singapore from 1959 to 1990.
  - Lee handed over the positions of secretary-general and prime
    minister to Goh Chok Tong in 1991.
  - The current secretary general of the PAP and Prime Minister of
    Singapore is Lee Hsien Loong, son of Lee Kuan Yew, who
    succeeded Goh Chok Tong on 12 August 2004

  - The Workers' Party was founded by Singapore's former Chief
    Minister, David Marshall, in 1957
  - Low Thia Khiang became the Worker's Party's Secretary-
    General in 2001 following the resignation of Jeyaretnam


Manifesto for the PAP
1) Create Opportunities for Higher Incomes for all
  - Ensure a diverse and innovative economy, that enables
    Singapore to overcome the competitive challenges ahead
  - Help companies expand and compete overseas, while
    attracting new investments that add value to Singapore
  - Deepen R&D and innovation in every industry, so that
    companies can come up with new products and services to
    grow their businesses
  - Work with unions and firms to raise productivity and upgrade
    jobs in every line of work, so that all workers can raise their
    skills and earn more
  - Invest $2.5 billion in Continuous Education and Training, so
    that everyone has the chance to develop their skills and
    expertise or enter new fields throughout their working lives
2) Improve the lives of lower-income Singaporeans
  - Reward work and the spirit of self-reliance, by enhancing
    incomes through Workfare
  - Help them own their homes through the Additional Housing
    Grants and the new Special Housing Grants, and provide them
    more housing options including two-room flats
  - Support their children with larger bursaries and grants from
    pre-school through to tertiary education, and ensure specialist
    support for schools to intervene early to help them achieve
    their full potential
  - Strengthen the safety net for the needy, ill or disabled through
    Medifund and Public Assistance, as well as ComCare and the
    many helping hands of the community
  - Foster the spirit of volunteerism and help community groups
    raise donations through government co-funding, so that
    everyone plays a role in building a compassionate society

3) Bring the best in every child
  - Engage and deploy more quality teachers and allied educators
    in every school to develop the character, values and all-round
    abilities of our children
  - Upgrade older school buildings through the PRIME programme
    and provide outstanding facilities for all schools, including
    indoor sports halls and performance arts and dance studios
  - Open more pathways for children with diverse interests and
    abilities to do well in academic or technical fields, or in the arts
    and sports
  - Offer more support for children with learning difficulties and
    special needs
  - Widen the range of university, polytechnic and ITE
    programmes to create many peaks of excellence, and enhance
    financial support for students from lower and middle-income
  - Build more childcare centres and kindergartens in every
    neighbourhood and raise their quality, to give every child a
    good start in life and to support couples who want more

4) Develop a vibrant city and an endearing home
  - Provide new, high-quality and affordable HDB homes
  - Upgrade and preserve the value of older homes and estates
  - Give entire towns a fresh makeover through the Remaking Our
    Heartlands programme, including new sports facilities and
    better parks
  - Invest $60 billion to double our MRT network, so as to shorten
    commuting times and reduce crowding while keeping fares
  - Enhance our green spaces and blue waters, and expand
    opportunities for recreation around the island, including
    building the new Sports Hub
  - Build a distinctive and exciting city. It will have a thriving arts
    and culture scene, a cosmopolitan city centre, and vibrant
    regional hubs like Jurong Lake District and Paya Lebar Central

5) Help our senior citizens stay active, healthy and engaged
  - Partner employers to help older Singaporeans to stay
    employed and independent
  - Develop Wellness Programmes in every neighbourhood to help
    senior citizens stay healthy and engaged with a network of
  - Build new General Hospitals in Jurong and Sengkang, and keep
    health services affordable to all Singaporeans through the ‘3
    Ms’ of Medisave, MediShield and Medifund
  - Transform long-term care and bring it closer to the home with
    enhanced support from the new $1 billion Community Silver
    Trust, as well as ElderShield and ElderFund
  - Expand and upgrade polyclinics, community hospitals, nursing
    homes, day rehabilitation and home nursing services
  - Make every town and estate barrier-free, so that the elderly
    and disabled can move around easily and participate in the
    larger community

6) Involve all Singaporeans in shaping our future
  - Enhance channels for public participation and feedback to
    encourage fresh and diverse ideas, and to build a broad
    consensus on key national issues
  - Keep evolving and improving our democracy. The new election
    rules encourage greater competition and give alternative
    voices a larger representation in the next Parliament
  - Encourage our youth to pursue causes they believe in and take
    the initiative to build a green and sustainable society
  - Keep in close touch with citizens working and studying
    overseas, who are also part of our Singapore family
  - Help new Singaporeans integrate into our society and
    contribute actively
  - Deepen the trust among different races and religions and
    strengthen our common identity with each new generation of
  - Sustain our collective will to safeguard the nation’s security
    and preserve what we have built up together

Manifesto for the WP
Improvements in:

1) Governance and Civil Liberties
  -   Constitution
  -   Elections and Parliament
  -   Cabinet
  -   Civil Service
  -   Civil Liberties

2) Justice, Law and Order
  -   The Courts
  -   Legal Aid
  -   Protection of Victims
  -   Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure
  -   Resource Allocation

3) Economic Policy
  - Economic Growth
  - Equal opportunities for the citizens

4) Society
  -   People with Disabilities
  -   Elderly and Family
  -   Children
  -   Community
  -   Social Cohesion

5) Population and Immigration
  - Immigration
  - Procreation
  - Overseas Singaporean

6) Education
  - Reducing Stress
  - Tertiary Education
  - Special Needs Education

7) Healthcare
  - Acute and Primary Care
  - Containing healthcare Costs
  - Step Down/ Long Term Care

8) Public Housing

9) Transport
  - Buses and Trains
  - Taxis
  - Private Vehicles

10) Labour Policy
  -   Income
  -   Foreign Workforce
  -   Training
  -   Trade Union
  -   Employment
  -   Equal opportunities Legislation

11) Central Provident Fund (CPF)

12) Defence and Foreign Affairs

13) Sustainable Development

14) Arts, Media, Information and New Tachnology
  -   Arts
  -   Media
  -   Information
  -   New Tachnology

15) Sports and Recreation
Manifesto for the NSP
1) Economy:
  -   Priority for Singaporeans in employment
  -   Higher wages       with stricter supply of foreign workers
  -   Financial supports for Local SMEs
  -   Focus on industries with jobs suited for Singaporeans
  -   Pursue economic growth with due regards on social impact
  -   Control employment of foreigners
  -   Focus Wage growth rather than GDP growth

2) Housing:
  - Lower prices for first time buyers of new HDB flats
  - More compassionate rules and regulation to avoid
  - Upgrading of you no matter which way you vote

3) Government Expenditures
  -   More Hospital beds
  -   More subsidies for healthcare
  -   Less crowded public transport
  -   Transport subsidies for the elderly, disabled and full-time

4) GST:
  - Lower GST to 5%
  - Basic necessities exempted from GST

5) Defence:
  - Increased commitment against terrorism
  - Reduce national services to 15 months
  - Reduce mission demands of National Servicemen

6) Political Leadership:
  -   Lower ministerial states
  -   Political services motivated by public services
  -   More diverse group of politicians
  -   More opponent for non-“elite” Singaporeans to contribute
Manifesto for the SDA
1) Cost of living
  - Tie-ups with neighborhood merchants for cost savings through
    collective bulk purchases of daily necessities Political services
    motivated by public services
  - Financial literacy programmes and consumer advisory services
    to educate, advise and assist with specific financial issues and
  - Limit inflationary price increases in public services and taxes,
    GST in particular
  - Reinstate back the rental control act

2) HDB Prices
  - Transparency on various aspects of HDB housing such as
    demand/supply data, land/construction costs, pricing
    decisions, etc
  - ‘Rental leading to ownership’ schemes for young couples and
    other Singaporeans not able to put down the deposit for
  - Increase housing subsidies by HDB to citizens and limit
    availability to non-citizens

3) Income Gap
  - Target to reduce Singapore’s Gini Coefficient of 0.45 to 0.35
    within 10 years, the latter figure being representative of most
    of the developed countries
  - Public sector and government-linked organizations (GLCs) to
    lead the way by substantially raising salary-scales for lower &
    middle income salaries
  - Substantially raise pay of ‘unattractive’ jobs so that Singapore
    can reduce its dependence on foreign labour for these jobs
4) Job Security
  - A Fair Employment Act to allow legal recourse against unfair
    employment practices such as age/sex/race discriminations
    and unfair dismissals
  - Avoid long-term contract employment for Singaporeans,
    convert to permanent employment with all its attendant
  - Identify long-term unemployed Singaporeans and provide
    counseling, training and priority job placement
5) Medical Expenses
   - Extend Medisave beyond the five critical illnesses and remove
     its other limitations
   - Provide special assistance to the elderly who face difficulties in
     obtaining insurance coverage and/or prohibitive premiums
   - All employers to provide free group medical insurance
     coverage to all employees on terms no less favorable to the
     compulsory free insurance provided for foreign workers

Manifesto for the SPP

1. To represent the true voice of common Singaporeans in

2. To design and push for “heartland-friendly policies” which are in
touch with the bread-and-butter needs of Singaporeans.

3. To promote “One Man One Vote” to build a multi-party system.

4. To ensure fair, stable and economically viable policies for

5. To address income disparity, call for real-term life solutions, and
promote a
productive, inclusive and encouraging environment to strengthen
real pillars for long term economic growth for all.

6. To promote an economic and social environment which allow for
more equitable distribution of wealth, to reduce income disparity.

7. To provide adequate retirement funds and healthcare for the
average senior citizen.

8. To champion for adequate and affordable housing for all
Manifesto for the SDP
1) Cost of living
  - Lower prices of our daily use of various items and services by:
     ▪       reducing the GST from 7% to 3% and abolishing the GST
     for essential items such as rice, oil, medicines, etc,
     ▪     lowering your PUB bills by at least 50%,
     ▪       making sure that our public hospitals reduce charges and
     stop making a profit from Singaporeans,
     ▪     bringing down bus and MRT fares by at least 20%, and
     ▪     ensuring that the government increases public
           expenditure for the poor.
  - Increase the wages of workers and employees through schemes
  like Minimum Wage.
  - Implement the Singaporeans First Policy.

2) Foreign Workers
  -   Introduce Singapore First Policy
  -   Legislate minimum wage
  -   Democratise the political system
  -   Rely less on MNCs and GLCs

3) Rising HDB prices
  - Make transparent HDB’s building accounts
  - Zero-profit ventures
  - Extend 99-years lease

4) CPF
  - Reduce cost of HDB flats
  - Reduce CPF contribution rates
  - Ensure government undertakes share of responsibility

5) Income Inequality
  - Re-calibrate our tax structure
  - Introduce Minimum Wage
   - Extend the Public Assistance Scheme
   - Pay retrenchment entitlements
   - Adjust CPF system

6) GIC/Temasek
   - Let SMEs develop
   - Empower workers
   - Scale-back GLCs

7) Education
   -   Rethink our education philosophy
   -   Reduce class size
   -   Reduce content and rote-learning
   -   Introduce single session schools

8) National Service
   -   Reduce the 2-year full-time service
   -   Reservist Training
   -   Increase volunteer professional army
   -   Conscientious objectors
   -   Transparency and openness

9) Political Rights
   - Reform the election system
   - Respect freedom of speech, assembly and association
   - Abolish the Internal Security Act

10) Transportation
   - Introduce separate categories for COE bidding
   - Reduce the road tax and abolish the ARF
   - Set up an independent PTC to monitor the ERP system

11) Environment
The SDP would work to create new green jobs in a high-tech, low-
carbon economy by investing in green technologies, energy efficiency
and public transport. Our green stimulus package will include:
▪ Fair utilities bills and energy-efficient homes.
▪ Efficient public transport at reasonable fares
▪ Switching to clean renewable energy.
▪ Incorporating ecological and environmental principles in primary
 and secondary school curricula to encourage the community to
 protect the environment and to lead a green lifestyle.
▪ Provide incentives to individuals and businesses to promote
▪ Protect natural environment and promote biodiversity by
  preserving our rivers, wetlands, nature reserves, marine
  ecosystems and their wildlife.

12) Special Needs
  - Provide equal access to services
  - Allow disabled people to lead organizations
  - Provide proper infrastructure

13) Media
  - Free the media
  - Introduce the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

14) Healthcare
  - Increase cost subsidies and not market subsidies
  - Stop commercialization for healthcare

Manifesto for the RP
1) Providing Cheaper and Better Lower-Income Housing

2) Universal Health Insurance to be funded through current CPF

3) Basic Old Age Pension payable to all provided they have worked
and paid into CPF for a sufficient number of years

4) Reform of CPF to make contributions above those necessary to
fund health and unemployment insurance and basic pension

5) Universal child benefit scheme (as part of Guaranteed Minimum
Income) to replace current tax breaks that heavily favour women on
higher incomes
6)Guaranteed Minimum Income for those in work to replace current
Workfare system and to be integrated with child benefit and tax

7) A Minimum Wage to encourage businesses to raise productivity

8) Reforms to Foreign Worker Policy to ensure that business gets the
skilled labour it needs but that our own citizens come first

9) Reductions in or exemptions from GST for certain categories of
goods like food that form a higher proportion of total expenditure for
those on median incomes and below

10) Universal free and compulsory education from pre-school
through to secondary level

11) Expanded university enrolment and increased investment in
improving quality of education for everyone

12) Increased assistance for older workers and women re-entering
the labour market to retrain and acquire new educational

13) Reduction in NS to 18 months initially with aim to reduce it to
one year as soon as feasible

14) Requirement for new citizens and PRs to do NS or to pay lump
sum tax instead

15) Privatization of Temasek and GIC and distribution of equity to
Singaporean citizens of more than five years standing

16) Continuing Business and Foreign Investment Friendly
Environment coupled with low tax rates

17) Greater help and support for local SMEs to grow world-class

18) Abolish restrictions on freedom of expression to encourage
creativity and innovation necessary for a 21st century knowledge-
based economy
19) Reduce waste and inefficiency in government starting with
slashing ministerial salaries and replacing it with performance-
linked earnings tied to indicators directly related to your welfare

20) Listen to your feedback and work to solve your problems
unencumbered by the necessity to follow the ruling party’s line

21) Improve the efficiency of council services and reduce waste while
raising quality

22) Work to reduce conservancy charges through productivity and
efficiency gains as well as improved forecasting of expenditure needs
Not invest the monies we collect from you in unsuitable and high-risk

The views from the public

“The government promising to make Singapore a first-world country actually do
not entice the citizens anymore”

“GST is going up all the time hope that the opposition would do something about

“Actually it is the same voting for any of the parties because people will still

“We both just got married but still cannot afford HDB flats because they are too
expensive, prices are going up everyday. Hope that the government can do
something  ”

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