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									Looking for buying R4 cards in Ireland?

R4i card is an adopter that slots into Nintendo portable console facilitating connecting the gaming
machine to SD memory card. You can use your R4i card and expand the memory of Nintendo so that
you store games, images and mp3s to your memory card.

There are other memory cards such as SD cards, SD Micro cards, R4 cards Ireland, SDHC cards and
R4i cards offering more features. The R4 original card cannot read SDHC owing to hardware limitation.
Yet, some clones include this functionality.


R4i and R4i Gold has been reported and tested to work with Nintendo DSi console. R4i gold card 3DS
is an upgrade version and is officially supported by Wood R4i Gold.

The Nintendo now available is fit to play all multimedia files. You can drag, drop and play games,
watch movies, listen to music and even read e-books using the R4 card. This implies that you can get
the most of your console by combining the gaming console that is a handy device saving space and

R4i Gold card 3DS features include its compatibility with all DS editions of diverse language. It is also
the first host system supporting the DSI upgrade V1.41 and it supports SDHC such as Micro SD 4G,
8G, 16 G and 32G.

R4i golf card is an astonishing technology offering gaming experience a perfect support. It can be used
in all versions and games.

Success of R4i Gold

The success of R4i Gold is apparent with its demand increasing among users. Using the R4i every
gamer is happy and those experienced in gaming enjoy more as they are aware of the maximum
benefit using this technology.

Nowadays, everyone is well versed within seconds to understand the Nintendo gaming console
functions. However, different data storage revolutions and cards like 4r, r4sdhc, r4i and r4ds enable
gamers to play Nintendo at various levels.

The R4i gold revolution brings such a difference that you will not shift to anything else. This
technology allows gamers to get geared. This is suitable to a new gamer as well as he can learn by
browsing the internet.

R4i and R4DS are best media flash cards to use on Nintendo console. R4DS is the first original card
having wonderful features supporting applications, games, videos, movies and music files.
R4i a new media flash card that is compatible and supports all modern versions. It offers a perfect
gaming experience and supports all gaming systems.
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