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									                                OSMANIA UNIVERSITY
No.08 /BE/Exams/TT2012                                                 22-03-2012
                   B.E. I/IV (REGULAR)(Main.) EXAMINATIONS : MAY/JUNE, 2012
                                   Time : 10.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.
             16-05-2012     Mathematics – I

             19-05-2012     Mathematics – II

             24-05-2012     Engineering Physics

             29-05-2012     Engineering Chemistry

             02-06-2012     Programming in C & C++

             07-06-2012     Engineering Mechanics

             11-06-2012     Engineering Graphics

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                                                             OSMANIA UNIVERSITY
No. 08 / BE/Exams/TT/2012                                                                                                                          22-03-2012
                                   B.E. (REGULAR) II/IV I-SEMESTER (Suppl.) EXAMINATION: MAY/JUNE., 2012
                                                                       Time : 2.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m.
                                   Electrical &                             Electronics &              Mechanical/         Automobile        Computer          Information
     Date           Civil                           Instrumentation
                                   Electronics                             Communication               Production          Engineering        Science          Technology
  21-06-2012                      Environmental     Environmental                                Environmental Studies                                        Environmental
                    ===                                                           ===                                          ===              ===
                                  Studies           Studies                                                                                                   Studies
  25-06-2012   Mathematics– III   Mathematics–III   Mathematics –III      Mathematics –III       Mathematics –III         Mathematics III Mathematics-III     Discrete
               (O/N)              (O/N)             (O/N)                 (O/N)                  (O/N)                    (O/N)           (O/N)               Mathematics

  28-06-2012   Building                                                   Electromagnetic        Mechanics of Materials   Mechanics     of Data Structures    Micro
               Drawing                                                    Theory                                          Materials        (Old)              Electronics
                                       ===                ===
               (O/N)                                                                                                                       Data Structures
                                                                                                                                           Using        C++
  02-07-2012   Engineering      Electrical       Network Theory    Basic Circuits                Metallurgy and Material Metallurgy and Discrete              Digital Elect. &
               Material     and Circuits-I                         Analysis                      Science                 Material Science Structures          Logic Design
  05-07-2012   Engineering      Electrical Meas. Electrical        Electronic Devices Electrical Circuits and Automotive      Comp. Orgn. &                   Electrical
               Geology          & Instruments    Measurements and                      Machines (Old)         Electrical  and Archt. (Old)                    Circuits &
                                                 Instruments                                                  Electronics     Comp.      Archt.               Machines
  09-07-2012   Strength      of Elem. of Mech. Elements         of Elements         of Managerial Economics Managerial        Basic Electronics               Data Structures
               Materials-I      Engg. (Old)      Production        Mechanical          and Accountancy        Economics and
                                Prin. of Mech. Techniques          Engineering                                Accountancy
                                Engg. (New)
  11-07-2012   Surveying-I      Electronic       Electronic        Electrical Tech.    Machine Drawing        Machine         Logic         and               Electrical
                                Engineering-I    Engineering-I                                                Drawing         Switching                       Engineering
                                                                                                                              Theory                          (Old)

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                                                                              OSMANIA UNIVERSITY

No. 08 / BE/Exams/TT/2012                                                                  TIME-TABLE                                                                                        22-03-2012
                                             B.E. (Regular) II/IV II-SEMESTER (MAIN) EXAMINATION: MAY/JUNE, 2012
                                                                                         Time : 10.00 a.m. to1.00 p.m.

                                             Electrical &                                         Electronics &              Mechanical/              Automobile                                    Information
     Date               Civil                                          Instrumentation                                                                                    Computer Science
                                             Electronics                                         Communication               Production               Engineering                                    Technology
  23-05-2012   Environmental Studies                                                          Environmental Studies     Environmental Studies    Environmental Studies   Environmental Studies   ===
               (O/N)                    Power System I (New)                 ===              (O/N)                     (O/N)                    (O/N)                   (O/N)

  28-05-2012                            Electrical Circuits-II       Transducer               Mathematics-IV            Mathematics-IV           Mathematics IV (O/N)    Mathematics-IV          Probability      and
                                        (O/N)                        Engineering (O/N)        (O/N)                     (O/N)                                            (O/N)                   Random        Process
                     == == ==

  01-06-2012   Strength of Materials-   Solid Mechanics              Solid Mechanics          Analog      Electronics   Fluid Dynamics           Fluid Mechanics &       Operating System        OOP Using Java (O/N)
               II (O/N)                 (O/N)                        (O/N)                    Circuits (O/N)            (O/N)                    Machinery               (Old)
                                                                                                                                                                         Micro process
                                                                                                                                                                         Interfacing (New)
  06-06-2012   Surveying-II (O/N)       Electromagnetic              Electromagnetic          Network & Trans-          Basic Electronics                                OOP Using Java (O/N)    Electronics
                                        Theory (O/N)                 Theory (O/N)             mission Lines (O/N)       (O/N)                                                                    Communication
                                                                                                                                                         ===                                     Techniques (Old)
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Web Technologies
  14-06-2012   Fluid Mechanics-I        Electrical Machinery-I       Electrical Machines      Signal Analysis &         Kinematics of            Kinematics of           Data Communication      Signals & Systems
               (O/N)                    (O/N)                        (O/N)                    Trans. Techniques         Machines (O/N)           Machines (O/N)          (O/N)                   (O/N)

  16-06-2012   Electrical Techno-logy   Electronic                   Electronic               Pulse, Digital and           Electrical Circuits   Automotive Petrol       Electrical Circuits &   Comp Organization &
               Part-A Time: 90          Engineering–II               Engineering-II           Switching Circuits        & Machines (New)         Engines                 Machines                Microprocessors (O/N)
               minutes (O/N)            (O/N)                        (O/N)                                                                                               (O/N)

  18-06-2012   Mech. Tech. Part-B       Prime   Movers           &   Thermodynamics &                 ===               Thermodynamics           Thermal Engineering        == == ==             Software Engineering
               Time: 90 minutes         Pumps (Old)                  Fluid Mechanics                                    (O/N)                                                                    (Old) /Data
               (O/N)                                                 (O/N)                                                                                                                       Communications

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                                                                        OSMANIA UNIVERSITY
No.    08 /BE/Exams/TT/2012                                                                                                                              22-03-2012
                                        B.E. (Regular) III/IV I-SEMESTER (Suppl.) EXAMINATION : MAY/JUNE 2012
                                                                          Time: 2.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m.
                                  Electrical &     Instrumentati        Electronics &                                              Automobile           Computer          Information
      Date           Civil                                                                    Mechanical        Production
                                  Electronics            on            Communication                                               Engineering           Science          Technology
  20-06-2012   Reinforced         Power System I   Instrumentations    Integrated Circuits & Applied          Applied             Automotive Diesel   Database Systems   Data
               Cement Concrete                     Systems-I           Applications          Thermodynamics   Thermodynamics &    Engines                                Communications
                                                                                                              Heat Transfer
  23-06-2012   Fluid              Electrical       Signals &           Microprocessors &    Dynamics of       Dynamics of         Dynamics of         Computer           Database Systems
               Mechanics-II       Machinery-II     Systems             Interfacing          Machines          Machines            Machines            Networks

  27-06-2012   Theory of          Power            Power Electronics Computer               Design of         Design of Machine   Design of           Microprocessor     Digital Signal
               Structures-I       Electronics                        Organization &         Machine           Elements            Machine Elements    Systems &          Processing
                                                                     Architecture           Elements                                                  Interfacing

  30-06-2012   Building Tech. &   Digital          Digital             Analog Communi-      Hydraulic         Machine Tool        Automotive          Software           Operating Sys.
               Drawing            Electronics &    Electronics and     cation               Machinery and     Engineering         Chassis             Engineering
                                  Logic Design     Logic Design                             Systems                               Components
  04-07-2012   Transportation     Linear           Linear Integrated   Automatic Control    Manufacturing     Metal Forming       Production                             Theory of
               Engineering        Integrated       Circuits            Systems              Process           Technology          Technology                             Automata

  07-07-2012   Managerial         Linear Control   Linear Control                                                                 Automotive          Managerial         Managerial
               Economics &        Systems          Systems                    ===                 ===               ===           Transmission        Economics &        Economics and
               Accountancy                                                                                                                            Accountancy        Accountancy

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                                                                       OSMANIA UNIVERSITY
No.     08 /BE/Exams/TT/2012                                           TIME-TABLE                                                                     22-03-2012
                                            B.E.(Regular) III/IV II-SEMESTER (Main.) EXAMINATION : MAY/JUNE, 2012
                                                                            Time: 10.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.
                                   Electrical &                            Electronics &                                               Automobile          Computer        Information
   Date              Civil                           Instrumentation                             Mechanical          Production
                                   Electronics                            Communication                                                Engineering          Science        Technology
22-05-2012    Soil Mechanics       Digital Signal    Digital Signal       Digital              Machine Design     Machine Design      Design of          Auto. Lang. and   Design & Analysis
                                   Processing        Processing           Communication                                               Automotive         Computation       of Algorithms
                                                                          Systems                                                     Components
26-05-2012    Steel Structure      Electrical        Instrumentation      Digital Signal       Metal Cutting &    Metal Casting and   Performance &      Principles of     Computer
                                   Machinery-III     Systems-II           Processing           Machine Tool       Welding             Testing of         Programming       Networks
                                                                                               Engineering                            Automotive         Languages

31-05-2012    Theory of            Power Sys-II      Power Engineering    Antennas and         CAD/CAM            CAD/CAM             CAD/CAM            Mobile            Real Time Systems
              Structures-II                                               Propagation                                                                    Computing

05-06-2012    Strl. Engg. Design   Microprocessors   Microprocessors &    Microcontrollers &   Heat Transfer      Turbo machinery     Heat Transfer      Design and        Object Oriented
              & Detailing-I        & Micro           Microcontrollers     Applications                                                                   Analysis of       Systems
              (RCC)                Controllers                                                                                                           Algorithms        Development

13-06-2012    Water Resources      Managerial        Managerial           Managerial           Control Systems                        Finite Elements    Object Oriented   Artificial
              Engg. & Mangt.I      Economics and     Economics and        Economics and        Theory                                 Analysis           Systems           Intelligence
                                   Accountancy       Accountancy          Accountancy                                    ===                             Development

15-06-2012    Water & Waste                                                                    Refrigeration and Refrigeration    and Automotive air-    Web
              Water Engineering         ===                  ===                ===            Air-conditioning  Air-conditioning     conditioning       Programming &         Elective-I*
Elective-I*    1)   Compiler Construction            (2) Computer Graphics (3) Advanced Computer Architecture

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                                                                                OSMANIA UNIVERSITY
No. 08 /BE/Exams/TT/2012                                                                                                                                                                    22-03-2012
                                          B.E. (Regular) IV/IV I-SEMESTER (Suppl.) EXAMINATION : MAY/JUNE, 2012.
                                                                    Time: 02:00 p.m. to5:00 p.m.
                                     Electrical &                                    Electronics &
      Date            Civil                               Instrumentation                                     Mechanical              Production         Computer Science          Information Technology
                                      Electronics                                  Communication
  19-06-2012   Environmental       Environmental       Environmental Studies     Microwave                Production.Drawing       Production            Environmental        Middleware Technologies
               Studies (Backlog)   Studies (Backlog)   (Backlog)                 Engineering                                       Drawing               Studies (Backlog)
  22-06-2012   Structural Engg.    Power System        Process Control           Elec. Instrumentation    Thermal          Turbo   Control Systems       - Distributed        VLSI Design
               Design          &   Operation & Ctrl.                                                      Machines                 Theory                  Systems
  26-06-2012   Matrix Methods &    Switchgear and      Opto-Electronics          Verilog HDL              Metrology       and      Metrology       and   - Artificial         Wireless & Mobile Communications
               Numerical Tech.     Protection.         Instrumentation                                    Instrumentation          Instrumentation       Intelligence

  29-06-2012   Foundation          Electric Drives &   Electric Drives &         Mobile        Cellular   Tool         Design      Tool Design           - Compiler Constn.
               Engineering         Static Control      Static Ctrl. (Elect-I)    Commn.                   (Elective-I)                                                                    ===
  03-07-2012   Water Resources     Electric Machine    Elect. Instn. Sys.        Industrial               Operations Research      Operation Research    Principles     and   Elective-II
               Engineering    &    Design                                        Administration &                                                        Applications    of   - Digital Instrumentation & ctrl.
               Management– II                                                    Financial                                                               Embedded             - Grid Computing
                                                                                 Management                                                              Systems              - Dataware Housing & Data Mining
                                                                                                                                                                              - Intellectual Property Rights

  06-07-2012   Elective – I        Elective – I        Elective – I except       Elective-I               Elective-I except        Elective-I except     Elective-I           Elective-III
                                                       Electric Drives &                                  Tool Design              Finite    Element                          -Entrepreneurship
                                                       Static Control                                                              Analysis                                   - Digital Image Processing
                                                                                                                                                                              - CPLD & FPDA Archtrs.
                                                                                                                                                                              - Information Security
                                                                                                                                                                              -Software Reuse Techniques
  10-07-2012   Concrete                                Analytical Inst.                  ===              Finite Element           Elective-I Finite            ===
                                         ===                                                                                                                                         ===
               Technology                                                                                 Analysis                 Element Analysis
 Electives Overleaf

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                       Electrical &                               Electronics &                                                 Computer
       Civil                              Instrumentation                                 Mechanical          Production
                       Electronics                               Communication                                                   Science
 Elements of Earth   VLSI Design          1. VLSI Design        1. VLSI Design         - Neural Networks   - Total Quality    Advanced
 Quake Engg.                                                                                               Management         Computer

 Surface & Ground    High Voltage DC      1. Principles &       1. Optical Fibre       - Automobile        - Automobile       -Image Processing
 Water               Transmission            Applications of    Commn.                 Engineering         Engineering
 Management          Power Quality           Embedded           2. Data Commn. &       - - Design for      - Neural Network
                                             Systems            Comp. Networks         Manufacture
                     Nuclear Energy
 Prestressed                                                    1. Digital Image       Non-Conventional    - Design for       -Information
 Concrete                                        ===            Processing             Energy Sources      Manufacture        Security

 Operation           Transducers          1. Operating System   1. Multi Rate Signal   - Computational     - Computational    -Middleware
 Research in Civil                                Concepts      Processing             Fluid Flows         Fluid Flows        Technologies

 Geographical                             Advanced              Embedded Systems       - Composite         - Composite        -Simulation     &
 Information         Prinicples & Appl.   Microprocessors &                            Materials           Materials          Modeling
 System              Of Embedded Sys.     Microcontrollers

 Entrepreneurship    Entrepreneurship     Entrepreneurship      Entrepreneurship       Entrepreneurship    Entrepreneurship
                                                                                                                              Adhoc & Sensor
                                                                   OSMANIA UNIVERSITY
No.08      /BE/Exams/TT/2012                                                                                                    Dated: 22-03-2012

                                B.E.(Regular) (All Branches) IV/IV II-SEMESTER (MAIN) EXAMINATION: MAY/JUNE 2012
                                                                        Time: 10:00 am to 01:00 pm

                                 Electrical &                           Electronics &                                         Computer          Information
    Date            Civil                        Instrumentation                           Mechanical       Production
                                 Electronics                           Communication                                           Science          Technology
  21.05.2012 Estimating &       Indl. Admn. &    Indl. Admn. & Fin.   Radar & Satellite   Management       Management       Mobile            Embedded
             Specification      Fin. Mangt.      Mangt.               Communication       Information      Information      Computing (Old)   Systems
                                                                      Systems             Systems          Systems

  25.05.2012 Constn. Mangt. &   Utilization      Bio-medical                              Prodn. &         Prodn. &         Data Mining       Elective – IV
             Admn.                               Instrumentation                          Operation        Operation        (New)
                                                                                          Management       Management

  30.05.2012 Elective – II      Elective – II    Elective – II        Elective – II       Elective - II    Elective - II    Elective – II     Elective – V

  04.06.2012 Elective – III     Elective – III   Elective – III       Elective – III      Elective – III   Elective – III   Elective – III

  12.06.2012                                                          Environmental       Environmental    Environmental                      Environmental
                    ===               ===               ===                                                                       ===
                                                                      Studies             Studies          Studies                            Studies
 Elective-II, III IV and V Overleaf.

                                                                                                                       Sd/- CONTROLLER OF EXAMINATIONS
                            Electrical &                                Electronics &                                                                          Information
         Civil                                  Instrumentation                                 Mechanical & Production             Computer Science
                            Electronics                                Communication                                                                           Technology
                          Elective-II          Elective-II           Elective-II               Elective-II                          Elective-II             Elective-IV
Elective-II               - Electrical Power   - Advanced            - Neural Network and      - Artificial Intelligence & Expert   - High Performance      - Information Storage
- Health Monitoring &       Distribution         Control Systems       Fuzzy Logic               Systems                              Computing               & Mangt.
  Retrofitting of           Engineering                              - Electromagnetic         - Machine Tool Design                - Soft Computing        - Information
  Structures              - High Voltage       - Optimization          Interference &          - Manufacturing Systems and          - Software Quality &      Retrieval Systems
- Ground                    Engineering          Methods               Electromagnetic           Simulation                           Testing               - Pattern Recognition
  Improvement             - Adv. Control       - Renewable Energy      Compatibility           - Mechatronics                       - Information Storage   - Advanced
  Techniques                System               Sources             - Design of Fault         - Intellectual Property Rights         & Management            Microprocessors
- Advanced                - Optimization       - Industrial            Tolerant Systems        - Microprocessors & Applns.          - Human Computer          &
  Environmental             Methods              Instrumentation     - Global Positioning      - Nano Materials & Technology          Interaction             Microcontrollers
  Engg.                   - Renewable          - Intellectual          System                  - Power Plant Engineering            - Entrepreneurship
- Advanced Reinforced       Energy Sources       Property Rights     - Micro Electro
  Concrete Design         - Intellectual       - Real Time Systems     Mechanical Systems
                            Property Rights                          - Entrepreneurship

Elective-III              Elective-III         Elective-III          Elective-III              Elective-III                         Elective-III            Elective-V
- Ground Water            - Reliability        - Reliability         - Speech Processing       - Robotics                           - Natural Language      - Soft Computing
  Hydrology                 Engineering          Engineering         - Advanced Topics in      - Product Design and Processes         Processing            - Human Computer
- Finite Element          - Electronic Inst.   - Automation in         Microwave Engg.           Planning                           - Multimedia              Interaction
  Methods                   System               Processes Control   - Robotics                - Modern Machining and                 Systems               - Software Project
- Disaster Mitigation &   - Image Processing   - Neural Networks     - System Automation         Farming Methods                    - Information             Management
  Mangt.                  - Neural Network     - Internet Progg.       & Control               - Plastic Engineering and              Retrieval Systems     - Entrepreneurship
- Advanced                - Internet Progg.    - Robotics            - Televison Engg.           Technology                         - Real Time Systems
  Transportation          - Tech. Writing &    - Virtual             - Intellectual Property   - Computer Graphics                  - Adv. Data Bases
  Engineering               Presentation         Instrumentation       Rights                  - Internet Programming
- Intellectual Property     Skills             - Soft Computing                                - Fuels & Combustion
  Rights                  - Power Systems                                                      - Rapid Prototyping
                            Reliability                                                          Technologies
                          - Soft Computing                                                     - Material Handling
                                                 OSMANIA UNIVERSITY

No.   08   /BE/Exams/TT/2012                                                                         Dated: 22-03-2012

                                                       TIME TABLE


                                                 TIME :02-00 PM TO 5.00 PM

                                 DATE         I SEMESTER            DATE         II SEMESTER
                                            Engineering Physics                Mathematics (New)
                               07-06-2012                         24-05-2012
                                                                               Mathematics II(Old)

                               11-06-2012   Programming in C      29-05-2012 Engineering
                               13-06-2012   Mathematics I (Old)   02-06-2012 English

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