Affirmative Sentences by Chumhienk


									1.    I(S) have read (P) a magazine(O) for an hour
2.    We(S) often go(P) to school(O) early
3.    We(S) will borrow(P) the book(O) on the library tomorrow
4.    A good student(S) should do(P) the homework(O)
5.    Mother(S) have cooked(P) pizza(O) yesterday
6.    We(S) met(P) a tourist(O) last week
7.    The cat(S) caught(P) the mouse(O) on the roof
8.    The girl(S) help(P) her mother(O) in the kitchen
9.    I(S) will buy(P) a book(O) tomorrow
10.   Doni(S) is waiting for(P) yuni(O)

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