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									                      ADP Employee Self-Service Portal
                                              First-time Registration

Now you have one central location to update payroll and personal information, enroll in benefit programs, access tax and
retirement information, print benefit materials and much more with the option to view most information in English or Spanish.

Managing your Employee Data and Account Information
    Personal Information
      • View and change personal information, including addresses, phone numbers and emergency contact information.
      • View basic information currently stored in your personnel record
    Pay & Taxes
      • View and change direct deposit information
      • View tax withholding (federal, state, and local)
      • View voluntary deductions
      • View and print PDF files of annual statements (W2 and/or 1099), and your pay statements
      • Enroll in benefit programs
      • Manage beneficiary and dependent data
      • Access benefit plan documents and forms
      • View your accrued vacation, sick, and personal time
    Time & Attendance
      • View your accrued vacation and sick time

Registering for the first time?
ADP is committed to protecting your privacy and ensuring that only you can access your personal information. To
assist us in meeting that commitment, you must register before using the Self-Service Portal. During registration,
you will be assigned a user ID and you will create a unique password. Then you’ll be ready to log on and start
using ADP services.

In order to complete the registration process, you must have a valid email address. Several free email services are
available to you. If you do not have an email address, please access one of the following websites to register for a free

To begin using ADP Self Service, you must first register through Self Service Portal. One time registration will allow you
access to both Self Service and iPay Services. There is no need to register for each of these services separately.

1. On the Internet, insert the following URL --
2. On the FIRST TIME USERS REGISTER HERE link on the ADP Self Service login page.

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                     ADP Employee Self-Service Portal
                                            First-time Registration

3. Users will enter the registration wizard. Click on the REGISTER NOW button.

4. Enter the following ADP SELF-SERVICE REGISTRATION PASS CODE:                QM9-PAY

5. VERIFY YOUR IDENTITY, including your first name, last name, social security number, and birth month
   and day. If any part of this information does not match records in the PayForce HR database, you may
   get an error upon clicking the Next button. (I.E. If your legal name is “Thomas” don’t enter “Tom”). You
   might also be asked to enter a PIN number. No PIN numbers are used for registration – this might
   occur if the name you entered is not matching the HR database name. Please contact your HR
   representative for assistance if you continue to get this message.

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                    ADP Employee Self-Service Portal
                                           First-time Registration

         contact your HR team for assistance with your identity verification information.

6. ENTER YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION. The first and last names will display and they will be read-
   only. The email address you enter in your user profile will be used for other notifications as well,
   so please verify that you have entered the correct email address before completing your
   registration. Your phone number is optional.

7. ENTER YOUR SECURITY INFORMATION. Your security information is case sensitive; please use the
   case that you will most commonly recall. IMPORTANT: This information will be used in the event that
   you have forgotten your user ID or password, so please save it for future reference.

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                      ADP Employee Self-Service Portal
                                              First-time Registration

8. THE SYSTEM WILL NOW PROMPT YOU TO ENTER A PASSWORD. Your password must be at least
   eight characters long and have at least one letter and one number. Your password is case sensitive;
   please use the case that you will most commonly recall. IMPORTANT: Please make a note of your
   User ID & Password and keep them in a safe place. You will need them to log in to ADP Services.

9. A confirmation screen will display indicating that the user has successfully registered for Self Service.
   Registration for Self Service automatically registers you for iPay Statements.

10. A confirmation email will also be generated and sent to your email address, including your user login ID.

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                      ADP Employee Self-Service Portal
                                             First-time Registration

11. Click LOGON to proceed to login for the first time or CLOSE to exit the application.

12. If you choose to login now, enter your ADP User ID and password and click OK. There may be a short delay before you
    can access Self Service. If you receive an error, wait a few minutes and then try again.

Now that you are registered, visit anytime.
1. On the Internet, insert the following URL --
2. Click on the USER LOGIN button on the ADP Self Service login page.

3. You will be prompted to enter your existing User Name and Password.
   (Example: jsmith@qm9) and Click OK.

    Please contact your local HR Office or General Manager if you experience any issues.

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