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A. Research

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A. Research Publications:
    i. Socioeconomic Programme

So far as, the unit has published more than fifty research and development reports. The major
study areas were pertaining to Farming System Research (FSR), diagnostic studies, economics of
alternative    technologies,     commodity     studies,     technology      verification/adoption,
baseline/benchmark studies and role of gender in agriculture. The brief of major study areas is as

Diagnostic Studies

The main purpose of diagnostic studies is to provide information about problems and constraints
to production of crops, livestock and horticultural enterprises through farm level surveys by a
multidisciplinary team. These studies are helpful in delineating recommendation domains and
prioritizing research activities. In this category more than 10 studies have been conducted so for.

Benchmark Studies/Surveys

Benchmark surveys are carried out to provide basic information in the areas on all necessary
aspects prior to launching a new project in the area; also termed as pre-ant analysis. These studies
help planning, designing and implementation of projects. It also helps to estimate the
benefits/achievements of a project by comparing before and after situation of a project. About 5
studies were conducted in this area.

Production Constraints

These studies are conducted to identify constraints and problems to specific crops and livestock
activities to help in designing on-station and on-farm experiments. Keeping in view the problems
and constraints hindering towards production of specific crops, livestock and horticultural
enterprises. In this area about 10 studies were carried out.

Economics of Alternative Technologies

If more than one technologies are available for a specific agricultural operation then the best one
is chosen on the basis of benefit to cost ratio, keeping in view all the aspects of the technologies.
In this area, about 6 studies were conducted.

Cost of Production of Food and Cash Crops

These studies are initiated when more than one crops are raised on a farm under specific farming
system. For this purpose, all costs incurred for raising alternative crops and benefits accrued to
crop and livestock production were assessed to arrive at comparative analysis. An agricultural
enterprise is recommended on the basis of higher benefits/gains achieved. Under this scenario
about 6 studies were conducted.

Adoption and Diffusion of Technologies

Various technologies have been developed in a research system to improve productivity and the
quality. To assess the performance and level of technology adoption at farms, technology
diffusion studies were conducted. Factors affecting the adoption of specific technologies
identified and reasons for no-adoption of technologies studied. The information is generated for
researchers, extensionists, planners and policy makers to refine the technologies, if necessary for
their rapid adoption. For this purpose, about 9 studies were conducted.

Impact studies

Impact studies were conducted to estimate the economic, social and technological impact of
various agricultural technologies on the farming community as well as to the farming system of
that specific region. Up to now SSI has conduct about 4 impact studies.

  Sr.                     Title of the study                                 Authors            Year
1.    Wheat in the rice-based farming system of the Punjab:        Derek Byerlee, A.D. Shaikh, 1984
      Implications for research and extension                      M.Aslam & Peter Hobbs
2.    Barani farming system of the Punjab: constraints and         K.R. Supple, Ikram Saeed, 1985
       opportunities to increased production                       A.D.Shaikh & A.Razzaq

3.     An experience of farming system research methodology Dr. Ikram Saeed         1987
       in Pothwar Plateau.
4.     Maize production and technological issues         in A.D. Shaikh & Haq Nawaz 1987
       Islamabad Capital Territory.                         Malik

5.     Productivity constraints of major crops in Islamabad Ch. Manzoor Ali, Dr. Ikram 1987
       Capital Territory.                                   Saeed and Maqbool H. Sial

6.     Weed problems and weedicide use for maize production   A.D. Shaikh, Ikram Saeed, 1987
       in the Pothwar Plateau: Farmers Perceptions.           M..Azeem & Rashid A Shad
7.                                                            Paula Heisey, Munir Ahmad, E 1987
       Diagnosing research priorities for higher altitude maize
       based farming systems in Swat                          John Stevens, Kirmat Khan,
                                                              Jahan Zeb and Habib Iqbal
8.     Wheat production practices and Technological issues in Peter Hobbs & Dr. Ikram Saeed 1988
       Fatehjang area.

9.     Analytic of barani farming system of Northern Punjab.       A.D. Shaikh, Derek Byerlee & 1988
       Cropping intensity, crop-livestock interaction and food     M. Azeem Khan
10.    Socio-economic and agricultural profile of FSR Target       Ikram Saeed, M. Azeem &Asif 1989
       area of rainfed Northern Punjab: Implication for            Farukh
       research extension and rural development.
11.    Wheat varieties, yields and technologies in the Rainfed     Ikram saeed & Asif Farukh    1989
       Pothwar Plateau.
12     Economic analysis of wheat response to fertilizer rainfed   A. Farukh, Jim Longmire & 1989
       areas of Northern Punjab.                                   Ikram Saed
13.    Farmer's drought management strategies: A case of           A. Farukh, Ikram Saeed & 1990
       rainfed agriculture in Northern Punjab.                     Nizami
14.    Farming Systems of Rainfed, Shakargarh,Punjab:              Munir Ahmad and Chand Asgar 1990
       Results from Diagnostic Survey
15.    Dynamics of technological change in rainfed systems:        Petter Hobbs, Dr. Ikram Saeed 1991
       wheat areas of Northern Punjab                              & Umar Farooq
16.    Factors affecting adoption of semi-dwarf wheats in          Zulfiqar Ahmad, Munir Ahmad, 1991
       marginal areas: Evidence from the rainfed Northern          Derek Byerlee& M.Azeem
17.    Bench mark study for rice maximization project in           Munir Ahmad & M.Saleem       1991
       district Larkana, Sindh.

18.   Livestock management and productivity issues in three        M. Azeem, Munir Ahmad, M. 1991
      main rainfed ecologies of Pakistan: results of               Inayat Khan& Zulfiqar Ahmad
      exploratory surveys 1985-90.
19.   Wheat technologies and impact of AKRSP wheat                 Zulfiqar Ahmad & Khalil Tatly   1992
      development in the double cropping zone of Gilgit.
20.   Diagnosing agricultural        research and extension        Zulfiqar  A.,   Munir  A., 1992
      priorities for Islamabad CapitalTerritory: A micro level     N.A.Khan, M.Saeed Anwar &
      analysis.                                                    M. Asif Mahmood
21.   Profitability of mixing vegetable crops in the diversified   M. Azeem, Munir Ahmad & 1992
      farming system of irrigated Punjab: A case study of          Munir Nayyar
      small farmers in Shahkot area
22.   Participation of rural women in agricultural and          Munir Ahmad, Chand Asghar&         1992
      household activities: A micro level analysis.             N.A.Khan
23.   Zero tillage wheat cultivation technology in the Rice-    A.D. Shaikh & Azeem Khan           1993
      Wheat areas of the Punjab.                                and Aslam Gill
24.   Production, processing and marketing.of canola oilseed    M. Azeem Khan, A.D.Shaikh &        1993
      in the barani Pothwar, Punjab.                            Ch. Manzoor Ali
25.   Sunflower production practices and marketing issues:      Munir     Ahmad,   M.Azeem,        1993
                                                                Zulfiqar Ahmad & M. Zubair
26.   Future strategies of farming systems research/extension M. Azeem M. Azeem & Aman             1993
      in Pakistan                                               Ullah Cheema
27.   Sunflower production in the cotton based farming Munir Ahmad, M Asif Masood                  1993
      system of the southern Punjab                             and Ghanzfar Abbas
28.   Rice Productivity issues in the rice maximization project M.Azeem,A.D.Shiekh                 1994
      areas of Punjab                                           M.Ashraf, M.Zubair
29.   Conservation tillage wheat cultivation technology         A.D Shiekh,S.Zia,&M.Aslam          1994

30.   Wheat outlook in Punjab and farmers perception about         M. R. Akhtar, Shahid Zia& 1994
      recent increase in wheat prices                              &Muzfar Iqbal
31.   Production and marketing constraints of soyabean in          Shahid Zia & Aurang Zeb   1994
      NWFP:An informal survey
32.   Fertilizer financing survey in barani Punjab.                M.R. Akhtar & Aurang Zeb        1995
33.   Growth and instabiliaty of major pulses crops in Punjab      M.R. Akhtar and Aurang Zeb      1995
34.   Cost of production of canola in rainfed area of Pothwar      Aurang Zeb & M.R. Akhtar        1995
35.   Expected wheat production and related input situation        M. R. Akhtar & Aurang Zeb       1996
      in different agro- ecological zones of Punjab
36.   Economic analysis of Mungbean and Mashbean                   Aurang Zeb & M.R. Akhtar        1996
      production in the Punjab
37.   Issues of gram production in district Bakhar: an informal    M.R. Akhtar & Mumtaz A. 1996
      survey                                                       Joyo
38.   Implication of Mattri(Lathyrus Sativus) cultivation in       Mumtaz A. Joyo& M.R. Akhtar 1996
      the rice-wheat areas of the Sind
39.   Sunflower seed demand in various agro-ecological             M.Ramzan Akhtar                 1997
      zones of the Punjab
40.   Marketing prospects of upland crops in Pakistan              M.Ramzan Akhtar                 1997

41.   Potential and constraints of broiler farming in the M. Zubair Anwar N.A. Khan& 1998

       pothwar region                                              Aftab Alam
42.    Farmer’s perception and the economic rational for           M. Azeem Khan                   1999
       replacing electric tubewells: Results from preliminary
 43.   Apple pollination problems in Balochistan, Pakistan.        Ch. Muhammad Sharief            2000
 44.   Socio-Economic profile of camel herders in irrigated        Ch. Muhammad Sharief            2000
       plains of Pakistan.
 45.   Impact of Electricity tariff on agriculture consumers       Dr. Azeem, Dr Ikram Saeed &     2001
       behavior in barani Pothwar in Punjab                        Ch. Muhammad Sharief
 46.   Socio-Economic constraints to Rice and Wheat                Dr. A.D Sheikh, Muhammad        2001
       productivity in the Rice-Wheat Systems of Punjab.           Zubair Anwar and Asif
 47.   Feasibility/ Evaluation study for Idera Kissan project      Dr. Muhammad Azeem and Dr       2001
       area-1                                                      Inayat Khan
 48.   Baseline Survey of Livestock Management in the              Dr. Azeem and Dr. Inayat Kahn   2001
       Rainfed Farming Systems of Pothwar and Shakargarh,
 49.   Base line survey of agricultural component of food          Naseer Alam Khan                2001
       security program.
 50.   Determination of higher Wheat Productivity in Irrigated     Dr. Azeem Kahn and Dr. Iqbal    2001
 51.   Contribution of Onion Seed Production to Poverty            Dr.   Ikram   Saeed   and 2001
       Reduction; A Case Study of Malakand Division.               Muhammad Zubair Anwar
 52    Economic Evaluation of pesticide use externalities in the   Dr. Muhammad Azeem        2002
       cotton zones of Punjab, Pakistan.
 53    Impact Assessment of Zero-Tillage Technology in the    Dr. M. Azeem, M. Zubair              2002
       Rice-Wheat Area of the Punjab.                         Anwar, Aslam Gill, N.I.
                                                              Hashmi and Peter Hobbs
 54    Resource Use Profitability at Irriagted and Rainfed    Najama Kausar        and Dr.         2002
       farms. A Case Study of Jabbi Dam Command Area in       Muhammad Azeem Khan Dr.
       the Pothwar Tract                                      Abdul Majid and Hassnain
 55    Farm Household Profile of Integrated Research Sites of Hassnain Shah        and Dr.         2002
       Barani Village Development Prject.                     Muhammad Azeem Khan and
                                                              Asif Masood and Asif Masood
 56    Economic Evaluation of Crop and Livestock Prod. Tech. Hassnain Shah         and Dr.         2002
       at IRSs of BVDP                                        Muhammad Azeem Khan

 57    Socioeconomic Assessment of Wheat Technologies              Muhammad Zubair Anwar, Dr. 2002
       Tested in Rice Wheat Project Area.                          Muhammad Azeem Khan and
                                                                   Asif Masood
 58    Characterization of rural livelihoods and livelihood        Hassnain Shah    and Dr. 2003
       strategies in the Barani area                               Muhammad Azeem Khan

 59    Economics of Land Leveling Vs. Integrated Soil and          Nisar Ali Shah   and Dr. 2003
       Water Cons. Tech.                                           Muhammad Azeem Khan
 60    A Comparative Study of Water distribution Systems and       Hassnain Shah   and Dr. 2003
       prod. Issues on Private and Public dams                     Muhammad Azeem Khan
61   Baseline Survey Of BVDP Integrated Research Sites           Hassnain Shah        and Dr.     2003
                                                                 Muhammad Azeem Khan
62   Baseline Study of the FFS based IPM project on cotton       Dr. Muhammad Azeem Khan,         2003
     crop in Hyderabad Sindh                                     Dr. Muhammad Sharief and Dr.
                                                                 Ali Muhammad Khusk
63   Socio-Economic Assessment of Rice Technologies              Muhammad Zubair Anwar and        2003
     Tested In the rice-wheat project Areas                      Dr. Muhammad Azeem
64   Nutritional status of Children in the Integrated Research   Dr. Muhammad Azeem, M. Zia       2003
     Sites of the BVDP project.                                  Satti, Sara Amir and Dr. Abdul
65   Assessment of cotton-IPM training through farmers’          Dr. M. Azeem, Dr. M. Sharief,    2003
     field school approach: a baseline study in the Khairpur     and Dr. Ali Muhammad Khusk
66                                                               Dr. Muhammad Azeem, Ch. 2003
     Factors affecting low wheat yield in central Punjab,
                                                                 Muhammad Sharief
67   Assessment of crop and livestock production Hassnain Shah                    and Dr.         2003
                                                             Muhammad Azeem Khan and
     technologies at integrated research sites of bvdp
                                                             Abdul Majid and Nadeem
68   Water distribution systems and productivity issues on   Hassnain Shah. Dr. Muhammad          2003
     private and public dams                                 Azeem Khan, Ch. Muhammad
                                                             Sharief, and Dr. Waqar Malik
69   Household livelihood and poverty profile in the rainfed Muhammad Azeem Khan, M.              2003
     Pothwar                                                 Zia Satti, Hassnain Shah and
                                                             Abdul Majid.
70   Economics of land leveling under rainfed conditions of  Nisar Ali Shah, Muhammad             2003
     Pothwar                                                 Azeem Khan, and, Hassnain
71   Impact of globalization on rice-wheat farming system of Ch. Muhammad Sharief, Waqar          2003
     Pakistan                                                Akhtar
72   Action plan for livestock marketing systems in Pakistan Ch. Muhammad Sharief Dr              2004
                                                             Umar Farooq
73   Characterization of rural livelihoods and livelihood    Hassnain Shah and Ahmed              2004
     strategies in the Barani area                           Mazid, Ch. Muhammad Sharief
                                                             and Abdul Majid.
74   On-going Assessment of crop and livestock production    Hassnain Shah Umar Farooq            2004
     technologies at irrigated sites of BVDP                 Abdul Majid. and Nisar Ali
75   Diffusion of no-till dril in Pakistan’s Punjab              Muhammad Zubair Anwar, Dr 2004
                                                                 Umar    Farooq     and     Ch.
                                                                 Muhammad Sharief
76   Adoption and impact of RCT’s in Pakistan                    Dr.   Umar     Farooq,     Ch. 2004
                                                                 Muhammad       Sharief     and
                                                                 Muhammad Zubair Anwa
77   An exploratory survey regarding the pulses cultivation      Muhammad Zubair Anwa, M. 2004
     in                                                          Asif Msood, Nisar Ali Shah
     the rice-wheat cropping system of Punjab
78   Impact of globalization of agriculture on the              Ch. Muhammad Sharief and 2004
     productivity                                               Waqar Akhtar
     of cotton - wheat system of Pakistan
79   Economics of off- season vegetables in Faisalabad          Nadeem Akmal and Nisar Ali       2004
     region.                                                    Shah
80   Estimation of demand for milk in Pakistan                  M. Azam Niazi and Dr Umar        2004
81   Export of citrus: constraints and potential                Ch. Muhammad Sharief             2004
82   Rapid assessment of institutional frameworks for           M. Azam Niazi, Akhtar Ali,       2005
     acquiring knowledge and disseminating new practices        Sajda Taj.   And Nadeem
     within communities                                         Akmal,

83   Local capacity for supporting innovation and change in     M. Nadem Akmal, Hasssnain        2005
     the rice-wheat system of the Punjab; Pakistan              Shah, M. Azam Niazi and Sajda
84   Public and civil society innovation learning system        Sajda Taj, Hasssnain Shah, M.    2005
                                                                Nadem Akmal, M. Azam Niazi
85   Determination of social and economic benefits of           Akhtar Ali, Hasssnain Shah Ch.   2005
     changed practices in rice-wheat area of Punjab, Pakistan   Muhammad Sharief, Hasssnain
                                                                Shah, and M. Azam Niazi
86   Economic analysis of experimental data tested at IRS of    Hassnain Shah Dr. Umar           2005
     BVDP.                                                      Farooq, Waqar Akhtar

87   On-going assessment of crop and livestock production       Nisar Ali Shah and Dr. Umar 2005
     technologies in BVDP area                                  Farooq

88   Technology transfer through informal seed production in Nisar Ali Shah                      2005
     BVDP area
89   Assessment of post- harvest losses in rice crop         Nadeem Akmal, Nisar Ali Shah,       2005
                                                             M. Zubair Anwar and Akhtar
90   Fruit exports prospects in Pakistan                     Ch. Muhammad Sharief and            2005
                                                             Waqar Akhtar
91   Socioeconomic impact of special day fruit and vegetable Akhtar Ali, Dr. Usman Mustaf        2005
     markets in twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad      and Dr. Khalid Aujla
92   Gender dimensions in rice based livelihood systems of   Muhammad Zuabir Anwar, Dr.          2005
     Pakistan                                                Umar Farooq and Nadeem
93   Assessment of Gypsum moisture content demonstration Hassnain Shah and Waqar                 2005
     plots in rainfed Pothwar                                Akhtar

94.    Structure, Conduct, Performance, Marketing Margins    2006
       and Seasonal Price Variation of Selected Fruits in
95.    Pakistan’s Agricultural Terms of Trade                2006
96.    Pakistan’s Edible Oil Consumption and Trade           2006
97.    Competitiveness and Economic Efficiency of Major      2006
       Crops in Pakistan
98.    Sunflower Area and Production Variability in          2006
       Pakistan: Opportunities and Constraints
99.    Baseline Survey for the Project, “Saving freshwater   2006
       resources with salt-tolerant forage production in
       marginal areas of the West Asia and North Africa
       region – an opportunity to raise the income of the
       rural poor” at P.D. Khan Site, Pakistan
100    Economic Analysis of On-Farm Experiments and          2006
       Feed Enterprise

101.   Measuring Livelihood Changes and Impacts at IRS       2006
       Sites of BVDP


Sr. No.                   Title of the Study                          Authors                  Year
  1.      Statistical bulletin on rice in Pakistan          Qasim Rind                         1983
                                                            Naseer Alam Khan
                                                            M. Inayat Khan
  2.      Statistical bulletin on wheat in Pakistan         Naseer Alam Khan                   1984
                                                            M. Inayat Khan
                                                            Sultan Ali Tariq
                                                            Anver Javed
  3.      Factors affecting farmers’ adoption of            Naseer Alam Khan                   1985
          improved wheat production technologies in the     M. Inayat Khan
          rainfed region of northern Punjab                 Manzoor Ali
  4.      Factors responsible for sugarcane acreage and     Naseer Alam Khan                   1987
          yield fluctuation in Pakistan                     M. Inayat Khan
                                                            Qazi Tauqeer Azam
  5.      Response surface approach to derive               M. Inayat Khan                     1987
          economically optimal fertilizer doses for wheat   M.M.I. Nizami
          production on two soil families                   Naseer Alam Khan
  6.      Rice production forecast model for Pakistan       M. Inayat Khan, Naseer Alam Khan   1988

  7.      Estimation of trend rates of growth for the       Naseer Alam Khan                   1988
          output of major crops in Pakistan                 Saeed Anwar
                                                            M. Inayat Khan
  8.      Farmers supply response to millet acreage: an     Naseer Alam Khan                   1988
          economic analysis                                 M. Inayat Khan
                                                            Munir Ahmed
  9.      Inter-regional analysis of farmers’ supply        Naseer Alam Khan                   1988
          response of gram and lentil acreage               M. Inayat Khan
                                                            Qazi Tauqeer Khan
  10.     Evaluation of different sorghum genotypes for     M. Inayat Khan                     1989
          stability in yield performance                    NA. Khan
                                                            Abdul Shakoor Khan
  11.     Estimation of trend rates of growth and           Naseer Alam Khan                   1989
          fluctuations in the output of major crops in      Saeed Anwar
          Pakistan                                          M. Inayat Khan
  12.     Stability analysis of soybean cultivars under     M. Aslam                           1989
          diverse environments                              Naseer Alam Khan
                                                            M. Inayat Khan
                                                            Mirza Siddique
  13.     Diagnosing Agricultural Research and              Zulfiqar Ahmed                     1990
          Extension priorities for Islamabad Capital        Munir Ahmed
          Territory: A micro level analysis                 Naseer Alam Khan
                                                            Saeed Anwar
                                                            Asif Masood
  14.     Estimating sugarcane yield through stalk          M. Sarwar                          1990
          characters                                        M. Inayat Khan
                                                            K.B. Malik
15.   Standardizing weed sampling procedures in         M. Inayat Khan       1991
      transplanted rice                                 Naseer Alam Khan
                                                        Abdul Ghafoor
                                                        R.A. Shad
16.   Wheat production practices and yields in          Naseer Alam Khan     1992
      Islamabad capital territory                       Asif Masood
                                                        Azam Khan Tareen
                                                        M. Inayat Khan
17.   Farming system of Thar Desert: crop-livestock     M. Azeem Khan        1992
      management under dry condition                    M. Inayat Khan
                                                        Ali Muhammad Khusk
18.   Cost of production of different crops in the      Naseer Alam Khan     1993
      rainfed area of northern Punjab                   Asif Masood
19.   Sunflower production and marketing in the         Naseer Alam Khan     1994
      Punjab                                            Sultan A. Tariq
                                                        Masood Amjad Rana
                                                        Ghazanfer Ali
20.   Sunflower production and marketing in Sindh       Naseer Alam Khan     1994
                                                        Ali M. Khushk
                                                        Sultan Ali Tariq
                                                        Masood Amjad Rana
21.   Statistical profile on CGPRT crops in Pakistan    Naseer Alam Khan     1995
      Part-1                                            Anver Javed
                                                        Sultan Ali Tariq
22.   Statistical profile on CGPRT crops in Pakistan    Naseer Alam Khan     1995
      Part-1                                            Anver Javed
                                                        Sultan Ali Tariq
23.   Statistical aspects of crop insurance scheme in   Naseer Alam Khan     1995
      Pakistan                                          M.Inayat Khan
                                                        Asif Masood
24.   Monitoring adoption of livestock production       Asif Masood          1995
      interventions in Pothwar area                     Naseer Alam Khan
                                                        Sultan Ali Tariq
25.   Improving precision of agricultural field         M. Inayat Khan       1996
      experiments in Pakistan                           Roger Mead
26.   Improvement of precision of agricultural field    M. Inayat Khan       1997
      experiments in Pakistan: unpublished Ph.D.
27.   Market prospects for pulses in South Asia;        Hla Khi              1997
      International and domestic trade                  Mruthyunjaya
                                                        Naseer Alam Khan
28.   Variability in field experiments in maize crop    M.Asif Masood        1998
      in Pakistan                                       Naseer Alam Khan
                                                        A. Tariq
                                                        Malik Anver Javed
29    Comparison of different Methods of                M. Asif Masood       2003
      Evaluating Genotypes in NUWYT in Pakistan         M.I. Khan
                                                        Syed Zahid Mustafa
30   Stability analysis of National Uniformity of
     Wheat Yield Trials Using Different Methods         M. Asif Masood, Syed Zahid
                                                        Mustafa and M. Inayat Khan

31   Determining experimental plot size and             Naseer Alam Khan               2002
     replicate number of replications based on data     M. Inayat Khan
     from randomized complete block experiments.        M. Asif Masood

34   Long Term Trends of Fruits & Vegetable             Anver Javeed                   2003
     Crops in Pakistan                                  M. Asif Masood
35                                                      M. Asif Masood                 2004
     Wheat production forecast model
36                                                      M. Asif Masood                 2004
     Forecasting models for sugarcane in Pakistan
                                                        Malik Anver Javed
37   Growth, price instability and flexibility of       Malik Anver Javed              2004
     major crops in Pakistan                            M. Asif Masood
38   Changes in prices and growth rate trends of        Malik Anver Javed              2005
     area, production and yield of pulses in Pakistan   M. Asif Masood

39   Evaluation of different rice genotypes for         M. Asif Masood                 2005
     stability in yield performance                     Muhammad Akram
40   Stability analysis of national uniformity maize    M. Asif Masood                 2005
     yield trials in Pakistan                           Habib Iqbal Javed

41   Fluctuations in principal crops’ production and    Malik Anver Javed              2005
     trend rates of growth in Pakistan                  M. Asif Masood

42   Factors Determining value of live animals in       Malik Anver Javed              2005
     the livestock markets of twin city                 M. Asif Javed
43   Improving precision of agriculture field           Muhammad Asif Masood and       2006
     experiments problems and prospects of pulses       Dr. Muhammad Yaqub Mujahid
     in Pakistan
44   Problems and prospects of pulses in Pakistan       Malik Anver Javed and Saleem   2006

45   Trend analysis of the livestock population vis-    Saleem Abid                    2006
     a-vis human population in Pakistan


 Sr. No.                 Title of the Study                             Authors                 Year
1.         Gender Dimension in Agriculture: A case       Zia Batool                             2002
           study of Pakistan.                            Ch. M. Sharif
                                                         M. Riaz Malik
2.         Gender Role in Livestock Rearing in Sindh.    Dr. Tariq Hassan                       2003
                                                         Miss Sajida Taj
                                                         Nadeem Akmal
3.         Genedr Role in Biodiversity Conservation in   Dr. Tariq Hassan                       2003
           AJK.                                          Nadeem Akmal
                                                         Miss Sajida Taj
4.         Perception of Gender Dynamism in Rainfed      Nadeem Akmal                           2003
           Agriculture.                                  Dr. Tariq Hassan
                                                         Miss Sajida Taj and Riaz Malik
5          Role of micro-credit in gender empowerment    Nadeem Akmal, Sajida Taj, and          2004
                                                         Hassnain Shah

6          Role of dugwells in gender prosperity in      Sajida Taj, Nadeem Akmal and           2004
           rainfed areas                                 Hassnain Shah

7          Gender dimensions in WTO                      Sajida Taj, Malik Raiz, Dr. Umar       2005
                                                         Farooq and Nadeem Akmal
8             Gender Role In Vegetable Production in      Sajida Taj, Zubair Anwar, and Waqar   2006
                         District Attock                                 Akhtar

9           Gender Analysis of Livestock Activities: A   Zubair Anwar                           2006
              Case Study of District Attock, Punjab

B. Popular Articles

S. No.                   Popular Articles               Scientist            Status
1        Small Dams: water distribution and             Hassnain Shah        “The News”
         productivity issues
2        Participatory Research in Barani Areas of        Hassnain Shah,     “The News”
         Pothwar                                          Dr. Azeem
3        Poverty reduction in rainfed agrculture          Dr. Azeem,         “The News”
                                                          Hassnain Shah
4        Wild Olive in Highland of Balochistan            Nisar Ali Shah     “The News”
5        Potential of Tobacco Production in Balochistan Nisar Ali Shah       “The News”
6        Raisins production in Balochistan                Nisar Ali Shah     “The News”
7        PARC Develops Wheat Production Forecast          M. Asif Masoo &    “The News”
         Model                                            Mlik Anwar
8        Policy-Making supported by wheat forecasting M. Asif Masood         CGPRT Flash
9        PARC Test New Rice Production                    M. Zubair Anwar    “The News”
10       PARC Test Low Cost and Resource                  M. Zubair & Dr.    “The News”
         Conserving Wheat Production Technologies         Azeem
11       Vegetable Production in AJK                      Nadeem Akmal       “The News”
12       Marketing Systems: Potential for Improvement Ch. Muhammad           “The News”
13       Informal Seed Production Technology for          Nisar Ali Shah &   “The News”
         Barani Agriculture                               Umer Farooq
14       Poverty Reduction for economic development       Arshad Mahmood     “The News”
                                                          and M. Riaz
15       Collaboration of farmers and scientists in agri- Hussnain Shah      “The News”
         research                                         and Nisar Shah
16       Production of grapes in highland of Balochistan Nisar Ali Shah      “The News”
17       Gender dynamism in rain-fed agriculture of       Sajida Taj and     “The News”
         Pothwar                                          Nadeem Akmal
18       WTO and Pakistani Citrus Export                  Ch. Muhammad       Dawn
19       Low cost soil erosion and water conservation     Hussnain Shah &    “The News”
         technology                                       Nadeem Akmal
20       The rise of women in micro-enterprise            Nadeem Akmal       “Dawn”
                                                          and Sajida Taj
21       Citrus Export from Pakistan: Potential and       Ch. Muhammad       “The News”
         constraints                                      Sharif
22       Seed production technology                       Nisar Ali Shah     “Dawn”
                                                          and Umar farooq
23       Instability in the prices of major crops and     Anwar Javed &      “ Pakistan Time”
         farmers behavior in Pakistan                     M. Asif Masood
24       Sugarcane forecast model for Pakistan            M. Asif Masood     “ Pakistan Time”
                                                          & Anwar Javed

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