The hotels by huanghengdong


									                                 The hotels offered by Organizing committee for moving of participants
                                                         (all hotels are located in city center):

The “Pur-Navolok” Hotel –                                                     The “Pur-Navolok” Hotel is
4 stars                                Standard-Single Room                   located    in    the    center     of
                                       Price from: 2800 rub (with             Arkhangelsk in the heart of the
163000, Arkhangelsk                    breakfast).                            cultural and historic district along
                                       The hotel has 31 Standard Single       the bank of the North Dvina River.
88, kor.1, Northern Dvina Emb,         Rooms, 13 square meters in size,       Almost every room has a fantastic
tel.: +7 (8182) 21-72-00               with one single bed (110 x 210 cm.)    view of the river. Walking 50
fax.: +7 (8182) 21-72-02               and a bathroom with heated floors.     meters along the pedestrian zone of
E-mail:,                                                  the levy, you will come to Prospect            Comfort-Single Room                    Lomonsov, which intersects all the                Price from: 3000 rub (with             main transport routes of the city.
 Wi-Fi internet free in the hall and   breakfast).
in the rooms.                          The hotel has 83 Comfort-Single      The hotel has 164 rooms of 7
                                       Rooms, 17 square meters in size,     classes: Single "Comfort", Single
                                       with double beds (160 x 210 cm.)     "Standard", "Twin", "Standard
                                       and a bathroom with heated floors.   Suite", "Super Suite", "2-rooms
                                                                            Deluxe", "3-rooms Deluxe". Room
                                       Double Room                          sizes range from 16 to 79 square
                                       Price from: 3300 rub (with           meters. All rooms are equipped
                                       breakfast).                          with a telephone, satellite TV,
                                       The hotel has 18 Double Rooms, 19 electronic safe, fan, and mini-bar.
                                       square meters in size, with two twin Additionally, free secure parking is
                                       beds (110 x 210 cm.) and a           available (number of spaces is
                                       bathroom with heated floors.         limited).

                                       Semi-Deluxe Room
                                       Price from: 3700 rub (with
                                      The hotel has 17 Semi-Deluxe
                                      Rooms, 32.6 square meters in size,
                                      with king size beds and a large
                                      bathroom with heated floors

                                      Deluxe Suite
                                      Price from: 5900 rub (with
                                      The hotel has 8 Deluxe Suites, 34
                                      square meters in size, with king size

Artelecom Hotel – 3 stars             Price from: 4950 rub.                 Artelecom Hotel is located at the
                                      Luxe                                  intersection of the main streets
163045, Arkhangelsk, Shybina str,     Price from: 3240 rub.                 downtown, the Hotel offers
32                                    Semi-deluxe                           comfortable         accommodation,
Tel: +7(8182) 65-27-17                Price from: 2520 rub.                 attentive     service,    advanced
Fax: +7(8182) 65-27-17                Standard – single room                technology and security guarantees.
                                      Price from: 1800 rub.                 Artelecom Hotel is - 37 single                     Double room                           rooms, double rooms. It offers two-
                                      Price from: 2160 rub.                 room suites, junior suites and                                                          spacious 3-bedroom apartments.
                                       The price of room can include        For business travelers the hotel
Wi-Fi internet free in the hall and in breakfast, lunch and dinner -        offers two conference rooms.
the rooms.                             breakfast buffet 200 rub; dinner 180 There is free Wi-Fi Internet access.
                                       rub; dinner 380 rub.

Dvina Hotel – 3 stars                 Single Standart                         Located in the very heart of
163045, Arkhangelsk, Troitsky         Price from: 2300 rub.                   Arkhangelsk, close to the city’s
prospect, 52                          Double Standart                         main tourist attractions, as well as
Tel: +7 (8182) 288888                    Price from: 2600 rub.                to a major supermarket, shopping
Fax: +7 (8182) 274311                    Business                             concourse, fine restaurants and
                                         Price from: 2500 rub.                banks, HOTEL DVINA offers 242
E-mail:                  Busines (VIP – zone)                 modern       rooms      of    various
                                         Price from: 2600 rub.                categories, plus a wide range of                 VIP Deluxe                           services. The instant you step
                                         Price from: 5200 rub.                through the DVINA’s doors you
Wi-Fi internet free in the hall and in                                        will be won over by the hotel’s
the rooms.                                 The price of room can include      relaxed atmosphere, by its bright,
                                         breakfast = 300 rub, breakfast and   spacious reception-hall, and its
                                              dinner = 800 (per day).         walls tastefully painted with
                                                                              flowers. The hotel’s comfortable
                                                                              rooms, with their view of the Dvina
                                                                              River, are similarly bright and airy.

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