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 Evolution of Aerodynamics

• Manufacturers have
  increased fuel efficiency
  by over 10% with front
  cab aerodynamics

• Trailers represent an
  opportunity for similar
  efficiency gains.
      A clear need for aerodynamics
•    At 70 mph, 65% of a trucks fuel is used to overcome aerodynamic drag.
•    Is there Demand?
      – Demanding criteria
           •   Must save fuel
           •   Can not interfere with operation
           •   Durable
           •   Affordable – quick ROI

    Computational Tests Refined the Designs       Operational Tests Demonstrated Reliability

    SAE Tests Proved the Fuel Savings
The Freight Wing Solution
     • 6% reduction in fuel consumption
  • SAE/TMC J1321 type II standardized tests

 Freight Wing Gap Fairing™   Freight Wing Belly Fairing™
        Freight Wing Belly Fairing
•   4% SAE J1321 Proven Fuel Savings.
•   Easily mounted to dry van or reefer.
•   No holes required.
•   The modular aluminum side panels are durable and easily replaced
•   Lightweight at 150 lbs - .060 aluminum sheeting
•   Angled lower flaps provide up to 20 inches of ground clearance.
    The Freight Wing System
•   Belly and Gap Fairings combined
•   Boosts fuel efficiency improvement to 6%
•   The Gap Fairing prevents airflow from hitting the trailers front face
•   The center of the trailers face remains open
•   Designed specifically for use with modern aerodynamic sleeper and day cabs.
                      Freight Wing fuel savings
Miles Traveled

                                               Fuel Cost Saved Per Trailer*
            *This typical long haul scenario starts with diesel at 2.35 per gallon (7/5/2005 national average) and
               gives an 8% increase per 100,000 miles to account for the average annual fuel price increase
   Environmental and Energy Savings

• Freight Wing trailers save up to 12 tons of emissions per 100,000 miles.
• The widespread use of aerodynamic trailers would result in a significant
  reduction in environmental impact and U.S. oil consumption.

                     Potential U.S. Fuel and Emissions Yearly Savings


                             Percent of U.S. Trucks Outfitted
 Additional Benefits
• Improved truck handling and performance. Percentage of fuel savings
  directly correlates to a reduction in engine horsepower requirements.

• Freight Wing can qualify fleets for the EPA Smartway Transport
  Partnership, a program that provides valuable incentives to
  participating carriers.

• Freight Wings improve highway safety by decreasing the splash/spray
  produced by trucks in rainy/snowy conditions.

• Reduced maintenance expenses through decreased engine power
  requirements and tire wear.

• Freight Wing products are proudly made in the USA.
 Current Freight Wing News

• Recent Test
  • NRC of Canada full scale
    wind tunnel test March 2006
    • 4.2% savings from Belly Fairing
    • 5.5% savings from NEW Fairing
  • EPA SmartWay SAE Test
  • Fleet Trial Partners
    •   Whole Foods demonstrates 4.3%
    •   Good Year Test Track shows 6.2%
    •   J-line showing 6.5 to 7.1mpg
    •   Con-Way and Hiner showing 5.1%
    DOE Fleet Trial Program

•   50% OFF all Freight Wing™ Products.
•   Free Installation at your location.
•   Free Shipping.
•   Installation training.
•   A one year limited warranty.
•   Product support and consultation.
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