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									                            City of Vader, Washington
                            Newsletter October, 2008
              Latest news from your elected officials

                                 Chipper Returns to Vader

        We want to remind everybody that one of the Lewis County public chippers will be
brought to our city October 2 - 13, 2008. The chipper will be placed at the entrance to our
lagoon waste treatment plant at the south end of A Street. You don't have to worry about
operating the chipper; it will be operated by volunteers. All you have to do is bring your
branch clippings to the drop off area. Please note that the machine cannot process branches
greater than 4 inches in diameter. We ask that you do not drop off lawn clippings or leaves at
that location. Just so you know, our public works department has designated a location where
grass clippings, leaves, and small yard waste, etc. can be dropped off. To get more
information regarding this, just call City Hall at 295-3222.

                             Library Committee Hard at Work

        The City of Vader Library/Community Center Committee, comprised of three
wonderful members: Valerie Wisner and Laurie Minden are to be commended for their
aggressive efforts to press ahead with plans to get a library into our community. At our last
City Council meeting, the committee proposed that the back half of the city storage building
on State Hwy. 506 be remodeled to serve as a City library. Upon approval by the City
Council, the committee--aided by members of the Vader City Beautification Committee and
other community volunteers began the rigorous task of painting the exterior of the building.
The group hopes to complete the painting process in early October. Steps will then be taken
to remodel the interior of the building for use as a volunteer community library. We
commend them highly for their good efforts on our behalf. We will keep you posted as to
their progress. Just so you are aware, plans to utilize the City Jail as a library have been

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                      Rummage Sale, Bake Sale, Chili and Cornbread

             Saturday, October 11, 2008 at the Vader Lions Hall, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
                Browse the rummage sale, have lunch and load up on goodies.
                   All bake sale proceeds will benefit the Library Project.
                     Werden Park Restroom Project Inches Forward
        The last remaining hurdle in the restroom project involved an archeology survey to
insure that the site was not a significant archeological site. That survey is complete and we
are waiting for the final go ahead from the state Community, Trade and Economic
Development (CTED) department. We anticipate this authorization any day now so we can
begin breaking ground for this project. We are pleased to report that some of the playground
equipment from our old school was salvaged and will be reassembled for use on the northwest
corner of Werden Park. We commend members of our Park Board and volunteers from the
Country Cruisers car club who have worked so hard to make this project happen. Special
recognition needs to be given to Rich Brice, Mike Minden and Marion Thomas on the Park
Board for spearheading aspects of this work. We are grateful to Liz and Tom Hicker who
allowed us to store the playground equipment on their property for nearly a year.

                                  Status of Absolute German
         Many of you ask what is happening with Absolute German. We're pleased to report
that all necessary permits have finally been cleared. Required surveys were completed in late
September. Brandon Milton, the owner of Absolute German has contracted with a drilling
company to proceed with site analysis and cost estimates of the project. As soon as the
contractor’s findings are submitted there should be nothing standing in their way to begin
drilling under the railroad tracks to install the sewer line connecting the city sewer system to
the plant facility. If all goes well, the project could be completed by the end of October.

                       Efforts to Beautify our Community Continue
         We reported in the August newsletter on problems we face regarding old car hulks
littering our community. Bill Teitzer, with the Lewis County Public Works department, tells
us that if anyone in Vader has an abandoned vehicle they would like hauled off the county
will assist them. The Hulk Inspection Line or Junk Vehicle Line is 360-740-1477.
        An individual would call this number to start the process. There is some criteria to
qualify as a junk car. The County will send someone out to look at the car, collect
information, and then they will check records. They might have to try to locate the owner.
There could be some wait time for this process. There may be a notary signature required on
the forms the county sends to the individual. But that would be the only cost; this is a free
service of the county (the county has a free notary service and some banks do). Then the
county will give you a list of people who could come carry away the car.

                4th Annual Harvest Party/Corn Feed Resounding Success
                Our fourth annual City of Vader Harvest Party was a resounding success.
         Nearly 100 people showed up to eat fresh picked sweet corn and other garden
        delicacies. Games for kids, a watermelon eating contest and soaking by the fire hose
also highlighted the event. We extend our gratitude to all those who made this event possible.

                                          Mayor Ken Smith
                                     Vader City Council Members:
                                   Don Hanson         Carol Broom
                       Charlie Beardsley       Dave Holland       Lois Wilson
                                                                   City of Vader Newsletter
                                                                                September, 2008

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