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									                    Hotel for Boardroom Meeting Edmonton

For making the Boardroom meeting successful, the hotel must have spacious meeting
area as well as some addition gadgets to ensure that those attending the boardroom
meeting will not only benefited from the meeting, but also enjoy their stay.

To set the stage for a boardroom meeting, here are some planning tips:

   •   Collect details of the number of attendees and special information related to their
   •   Discuss and decide convenient meeting dates so that it does not clash with
       holidays and other event dates.
   •   Make an action plan for each session in the meeting along with tentative time
       frames for each activity during the meeting.
   •   Decide on seating arrangements
   •   If audiovisual equipment, cameras and other related gadgets are required, these
       must be booked in advance. Factor in the time required to set them up while
       planning the time for each session.
   •   List materials such as name badges, invitations, printed information and others
       required for the meeting
   •   Make arrangements related to refreshments for each session ahead of time based
       on participants’ preferences.
   •   Plan breaks during the meeting
   •   Arrange for transportation for attendees
   •   If there are plans for entertainment after the meeting, this must be arranged
   After the above points are taken care of to coordinate the boardroom meeting, the
   next step is to find the right hotel based on the budget, type of accommodation
   required, the number of people attending and availability.

   Hotels like the Yellowhead Inn in Edmonton are preferred for their professional yet
   courteous service, spacious and comfortable accommodation and excellent facilities.
   It’s ideal location on the highway makes it easily accessible by road and air.
   Equipped with all the facilities required for an Edmonton boardroom meeting this
   hotel also includes a convenience store, meeting and banquet facilities, an onsite gas
   station, great accommodation and outstanding service rendered by trained, friendly

The Yellowhead Inn in beautiful Edmonton, Alberta is in the heart of the Festival City.
Our home style atmosphere offers the best Highway Hospitality for all travellers,
truckers, and tourists. We also provides services like Husky Gas Station, Liquor
Store,VLT Rooms and more.

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