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					        Australian Shepherd Club of So. Cal., Inc.
                                             Pray for Spring
                                           ASCASanctioned Agility Trial
                                                Saturday & Sunday
                                               February 18/19, 2012
                                             Gabrielino Equestrian Park
                                                 11126 Orcas Ave.
                                        Lakeview Terrace, CA 91342 (Sylmar)
                              Classes offered in Standard, Veterans, and Junior Handler divisions.
                                                This will be a one ring trial, outdoors, on grass
                                                     JUDGE: Ric Pittman, El Cajon, CA
                                                Saturday                         Sunday
                                               1 Gamblers                       1 Gamblers
                                                2 Regular                       2 Regular
                                               1 Jumpers                        1Jumpers

                                          NO OPENING DATE. You may send your entry now.
                                   Entries will close when trial fills or Wednesday February 8, 2012
                             If the trial should fill, entries will be accepted FIRST COME per postmark.
                                           DO NOT SEND YOUR ENTRIES OVERNIGHT,
                                                       Entries are limited to 350 per day.
                         Confirmations will be emailed to all entered with information regarding which classes they have entered,
                                       and a date by which any corrections must be received by the trial secretary.

                                  ASCSC, Inc. will offer Ribbons for First through Fourth place
                                          in each class, and for each jump height.
                          ASCA Green ribbons will be offered to any dog that attains a qualifying score.

                                                        HIGH IN TRIAL AWARDS
                                      A prize and/or rosette will be awarded to the high scoring
                                           Elite, Open, Novice, Veterans, and Jr. H teams.
                                           Rules of scoring HIT will be posted at the trial

                                                        TRIAL COMMITTEE
Trial Chair----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Lorraine Cirinelli
Chief Course Builders-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Mike Omartian & Craig Randle
Chief Scorekeeper/s------------------------------------------------------Lorraine Cirinelli/Lynne Watson/Frances Godwin
Chief Ring Steward-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------TBA
Hospitality------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chuckwagon Crew
Equipment----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------ASCSC
                                   Trial Secretary: Lorraine Cirinelli agilityusa@aol.com
                                           We are allowed to do our own security,
                                    a minimum number of vehicles involved in security
                                                 may occupy the park overnight.
                                           No overnight parking in any parking lot.
                   If the gate is open to the overflow parking lot for the Equestrian Center,
                               get permission, or park there overnight at your own risk.

             This Site is subject to closure because of rain/flooding. In the event of cancellation of the trial
                  by the Corp of Engineers. Refunds will be issued as a credit toward future entries.
Event Rules: This event will be held in accordance with the rules          Club Rules: All dogs must be on leash when not competing in the ring.
and regulations of the Australian Shepherd Club of America.                Please clean up after yourself and your dog. Please take responsibility for
Exhibitors, through submission of entry, acknowledge that they are         your dogs and children. Any exhibitor whose dogs or children create
                                                                           unnecessary disturbances or engage in unsafe or disruptive behavior may
knowledgeable of the rules and regulations of ASCA, and agree to
                                                                           be asked by the Trial Committee to leave the trial site. No entry will be
abide by all rules in effect at the time of this trial. No entry will be   refunded if the trial cannot open or be completed by reason of riot, civil
accepted by any dog or handler disqualified from all ASCA                  disobedience, fire and act of God, public emergency, and act of a public
programs or anyone not in good standing with ASCA. Equipment               enemy, or any other cause beyond the control of the organizing committee.
list: Slat-less rubber covered contact obstacles (A-Frame, Teeter,         There will be no refunds for entries withdrawn after the closing date, or in the
Dog walk), open tunnels, closed tunnel, winged & non winged                event a dog and/or handler are dismissed from competition, regardless of
jumps, weave poles, and displaceable tire jump.                            the reason for such dismissal.
                                                                           Checks not honored by the bank do not constitute a valid entry. There will
                                                                           be a $25.00 service charge for returned checks. Move-ups will be allowed at
                                                                           the trial from Saturday to Sunday. See the score table before the end of
                                                                           Saturday’s trial for move up forms.

                                                   All dogs can receive ASCA agility titles
 ASCA requires a ‘tracking’ number for all non-ASCA registered dogs if you wish to have your scores recorded for titles. If you are not
 concerned about ASCA titles, you do not need register your dog to enter and compete in the trial. Forms for ASCA tracking numbers &
 service membership are included in this premium, available at the ASCA website, http://asca.org/Forms/trackapp.pdf, and will be
 available at the trial. A copy the ASCA Agility Rulebook may be downloaded free from the ASCA website: http://www.asca.org

 ASCA® Service Membership and Tracking Number Application
 Beginning 1/1/2003 for non-ASCA® registered dogs – In order to have ASCA® qualifying legs tracked and to receive ASCA® titling certificates,
 each non-ASC® registered dog will be required to have an ASCA® Tracking Number. This is a one-time fee of $10/dog. At the time of applying for
 the tracking number, the individual owner must also be an ASCA® member (minimum membership type of ‘Service’ is required). ASCA®
 membership does not need to be maintained in subsequent years. It will be the responsibility of the owner to identify to ASCA® the show(s) and
 leg(s) earned when applying for a Tracking Number for those ASCA® qualifying legs earned from 1/1/2003 until submission of application.
 Please type or print clearly. Incomplete or illegible forms will be returned.
 Membership Application:
 Owner’s Name (1)____________________________________________________________
 Owner’s Name (2)____________________________________________________________
 Owner’s Address: ____________________________________________________________
 City, State, Postal Code:________________________________________________________
 Phone Number: _________________________E-mail:_______________________________
 Service Membership Fee: $10.00 per person
 (If you are interested in other membership types, go to www.asca.org)
 I (We) agree to abide by the ASCA® Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and all ASC® Rules and Regulations governing the ASCA® Registry and
 all other ASCA® programs.
 Owner’s Signature (1):_________________________________________________________
 Owner’s Signature (2):_________________________________________________________
 Dog Information:
 Lifetime fee for tracking number is $10.00 per dog for ASCA® Members
 Dog’s Full Name: ____________________________________________________________
 Dog’s Call Name: ____________________________________________________________
 Any/All Previous Registration Numbers Used: ______________________________________
 Sex: _________________________________ Birthdate: _____________________________
 Events/Qs Earned Since 1/1/2003_________________________________________________

                                             Mail completed form with check or money order to:
                                               ASCA® Business Office - phone: 979-778-1082
                                                 6091 East. State Hwy 21, Bryan TX 77808
                                       Or you may bring it to the trial and we will mail it with the results.
ASCSC, Inc.                                                                                                                              Agreement
ASCA® All Breed Agility Trial                                                                     The person who signs this agreement represents that he/she is authorized to enter into
February 18/19 2012                                                                               this agreement on behalf of both exhibitor and the owner of entered dog. In consideration
                                                                                                  of acceptance of this entry the signor also agrees:
Gabrielino Equestrian Park                                                                        1.1 As used here “ASCA” means the Australian Shepherd Club of America, its affiliate
When completed make checks payable to MAC., and mail to:                                               clubs, and each of their members, officers, directors, employees, show chairs, show
Lorraine Cirinelli 2205 U Street, Merced, CA 95340/661-609-5436                                        committees and agents.
No opening date - Entries may be sent now,                                                        1.2 Exhibitor/ owner agree to abide by the rules and regulations of ASCA, and any other
Entries close Wednesday February 8, 2012 or when trial fills.                                          rules, and regulations appearing in the premium for this event.
Don’t waste your money on priority mail it does not change the postmark
                                                                                                  1.3 Exhibitor/owner certifies the entered dog is not a hazard to persons, dogs, or
Use one entry form per dog. Please print or type the following information.
                                                                                                       property and that the entered dog’s rabies vaccination is current in accordance with
ASCA Registration/LEP or Tracking #: __________________Birthdate____________________                   the requirements of the state in which the dog resides.
                                                                                                  1.4 Exhibitor/owner acknowledges all hazards presented by the event, and the event
REGISTERED NAME: __________________________________________________________                            premises, including but not limited to, the conditions of the grounds, lighting, security
                                                                                                       measures, or lack thereof, electrical appliances, fittings, show rings, parking areas,
DOG’S CALL NAME:_______________ BREED: __________________________ SEX: M                F              the presence of unfamiliar animals, and people, and assumes the risk of harm
                                                                                                       arising from any of these.
Jump Hght. Ex?: Y Dogs wither height : ______ Standard jump height: 8 12 16 20 20+ 24             1.5 Exhibitor/owner releases ASCA including all officers, directors, employees, and
                                                                                                       members, ASCSC,Inc, Gabrielino Equestrian Park, the City of Los Angeles, The US
OWNER: _______________________________________________________________________
                                                                                                       Army Corps. Of Engineers, including all employees, officers, directors, agents
ADDRESS: _____________________________________________________________________                         members, organizing committees, and will defend and hold them harmless from all
                                                                                                       present and future loss, injury, damage, claims, demands, and liabilities involving
CITY: _____________________________ STATE: _________ ZIP CODE: ___________________                     the entered dog, the event, or event premises. Without limiting the generality of the
PRINTED NAME OF HANDLER (if not owner)                                                                 foregoing hold harmless provisions, exhibitor/owner hereby specifically assumes
                        Division                      Level                Circle                      responsibility for and agrees to indemnify, and save aforementioned parties
      CLASS            Circle One        Circle One also circle Nov A or b Day/s                       harmless from any and all loss and expenses including legal fees by reason of the
 Reg R1             Std       Vet/H     Jr.H    Novice A/B    Open      Elite     SAT   SUN            liability imposed by law upon any of the aforementioned parties for damages
 Reg R2             Std       Vet/H     Jr.H    Novice A/B    Open      Elite     SAT   SUN            because of bodily injuries, including death, at any time in consequence of my/our
 Jumpers 1          Std       Vet/H     Jr.H    Novice        Open      Elite     SAT   SUN            participation in this event, howsoever such injury or death may be caused, and
                                                                                                       whether or not the same may have been caused, or may have alleged to have been
                                                                                                       caused by negligence of the aforementioned parties, or any of their employees,
 Gamblers 1          Std       Vet/H Jr.H       Novice        Open      Elite     SAT   SUN
                                                                                                       agents or any other persons.
 Gamblers 2          Std       Vet/H Jr.H       Novice        Open      Elite
                                                                                                      I have read, understand and acknowledge the above agreement .
Entry fee for each dog in each class is $15.00.

                                                      Weekend package (8 classes)$90_____         Signature of Exhibitor/owner_____________________________Date__________
                                                  Second dog full package $80.00 __________
                                                                                                  Signature of Parent or Legal Guardian_______________________Date_________
                                                  Number of classes______ X $15.00 ________

                                Number of Junior Handler classes X $5.00 each ___________         Telephone________________________Email_____________________________
                                                         Non Worker Lunch $6.00 each______

                                                             Total This Form $_______________

                                                                                    Will Work For Food
                                                                              Must work two classes for lunch

                             Gate Steward { }                                               Jump setter { }                Scribe { }                  Score Table{ }
Timer (very easy with electronic timing) { }   Leash Runner{ ]   Course Building { }   Hospitality/lunch { }

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