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                                            Product Catalog
                                 emTRAiN was founded in March 2000 by Janine Yancey, a practicing
                                 labor and employment lawyer, in response to the need to deliver
                                 engaging, effective employment law training to many employees in a
                                 cost effective and convenient manner. She decided to develop
                                 eLearning compliance courses as an alternative to traveling and
                                 conducting hundreds of classroom workshops.
                                 emTRAiN is comprised of employment lawyers, HR professionals &
                                 trainers, instructional course designers, graphic artists, video producers,
                                 software engineers & technical and customer support personnel. We
PAGE 2                           have the necessary resources under one roof to design, build, deliver,
ENTERPRISE LMS                   and support a comprehensive eLearning project and a robust learning
Robust LMS which launches &
tracks eLearning, webinars,
                                 management system for any sized client.
files & workshops.
                                 But, emTRAiN has a unique story and competitive differentiation.
PAGE 3                           Initially, we focused on HR and Legal compliance training, using our
HR & LEGAL COMPLIANCE            proprietary Learning Management System (LMS) as the training
Interactive, research-based      platform. Yet, unlike other compliance content vendors, we also had a
online courses, which use        team of excellent software engineers who expanded our LMS to meet
vignettes and case studies to
help learners understand         our customers’ unique delivery needs. As a result of our content
common issues and problems       experience, we saw first hand the frustration that training professionals
in the workplace.                experienced when trying to work with their existing LMS and upload and
PAGE 6                           launch courses. We perceived a market need for a LMS with a great
ENTERPRISE LIBRARY               user-interface and intuitive design. We responded to that market need in
Courses are currently in         late 2008 by launching our SaaS Enterprise LMS as a separate product.
production and prioritized
                                 After emTRAiN launched our LMS, we realized that clients also needed
per customer request.
                                 a cost-effective production crew to produce courses for them as well as
PAGE 7                           an easy tool to allow them to make their own courses. Hence, we began
EVIDEOS                          selling custom production and our authoring tool in 2010.
10-15 minute training
courses about a variety of       Why is emTRAiN different? We have a holistic view of training. Our LMS
topics.                          and production capabilities make us a better content vendor and our
                                 experience as a content vendor has helped us design and build a better
                                 LMS. Our LMS and production capabilities make us a more resourceful
10-15 minute training            content vendor.
courses about a variety of
desktop skills.

    emTRAiN | 777 Campus Commons Road, Suite 200 | Sacramento, CA 95825 | 800.242.6099 |
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We've spent over 10 years creating eLearning and training
employees on compliance and soft skill courses. Not only do
we understand how to train busy, adult learners, but our team
is comprised of web designers, video and software engineers
who know how to produce state of the art online programs.

So, let us know if you would like us to turn one of your training
workshops into an eLearning module. We can script out a
course and produce it without too much time or expense. Our
course production is not a revenue source for us—it’s our way
of providing a total solution to our enterprise LMS customers so
our customers can be successful.

 Enterprise LMS                                          the training professional can make other
                                                         training assets optional or available via self-
 We provide customers a robust Learning                  enrollment so that learners can “search” the
 Management System (LMS) that allows training            system to find a training activity that fits their
 professionals to create custom learner groups           need. The LMS also comes with a patent
 to reflect similarly situated learners and custom       pending tracking and reporting system wherein
 course or learning tracks so the right set of           each mouseclick of the learner is recorded and
 courses are made available to the relevant set          written to the database – which is an ideal
 of learners. The system can be set up to                system for any compliance training or other
 automatically sync with any HR or Payroll               training subject to audit.
 system to eliminate data entry and track
 changes in learner population. The LMS can
 launch and deliver any SCORM 1.2 and 2004
 eLearning file and courses can be assigned
 automatically via the course tracks feature. The
 training     system      also    allows    training
 professionals to schedule and invite employees
 to classroom workshops on any topic and then
 track their attendance, and it allows
 administrators to launch and track webinars
 from the LMS as well. The training system also
 allows administrators to upload any media asset
 (video or audio) and/or any type of file to the
 system and push that file out to learners and
 track that learners have viewed the file. Along
 with pushing out mandated training activities,

 emTRAiN | 777 Campus Commons Road, Suite 200 | Sacramento, CA 95825 | 800.242.6099 |
             PRODUCT CATALOG
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                                        HR & Legal Compliance Courses
                                        Any company with a federal contract is required to create and distribute
  Affirmative Action 101                an affirmative action plan (AAP) each year. Further, companies
                                        regulated by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance (OFCCP) must
                                        show proactive efforts to train their employees in EEO and
  LEVEL 60
  DURATION: 20 MINUTES                  discrimination issues. In this era of heightened scrutiny, this is a “must
                                        have” course for every federal contractor to upload their AAP and have
                                        all employees verify receipt.

                                        This course teaches employees about the fundamentals of ethical
  Code of Conduct &                     behavior and legal compliance in the workplace, including such topics
  Business Compliance                   as code of conduct, antitrust, conflicts of interest, gifts and
                                        entertainment, accurate recordkeeping, managing confidential
  CODE: CODE CONDUCT                    information, insider trading, internet security, foreign corrupt practices
  LEVEL 60
                                        act, and global exports.

                                        Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action 101.
  Creating a Level Playing
  LEVEL 120

                                        This course helps companies of all sizes build an awareness program so
  Drug & Alcohol Awareness              employees learn to spot signs of drug and alcohol use and know how and
                                        where the report their concerns and presents questions throughout to
                                        assess the learner’s understanding. Our course also teaches about the
  LEVEL 60
  DURATION: 60 MINUTES                  reasonable suspicion standard and how to document work-related
                                        issues and objective factors that could give rise to reasonable

                                        In this course, employees & managers will learn the latest
  EEO & Preventing Unlawful             developments regarding discrimination theories as well as tips and
  Discrimination                        tools to avoid conduct that could lead to EEO violations. Our EEO
                                        course covers: English-only rules, dress & appearance standards,
  CODE: EEOM11                          hiring guidelines as well as other key topics.
  LEVEL 60

                                        This course creates awareness of different backgrounds, cultures, and
  Fostering a Diverse &                 personality traits. Employees will understand and acknowledge our
  Inclusive Workplace                   inherent prejudices and natural barriers to effective communication. This
                                        training module will increase the consciousness of your employees, help
  CODE: DIV11                           build teamwork, and help minimize internal conflict. This course covers
  LEVEL 60
                                        identity dimensions, identity filters, bias and stereotypes, understanding
                                        differences, identifying commonalities, and other key topics.

    emTRAiN | 777 Campus Commons Road, Suite 200 | Sacramento, CA 95825 | 800.242.6099 |
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                                       This course is an overview of all the steps in the hiring process, from
  Hiring Skills & Restrictions         legal parameters to practical tips. Your managers and supervisors will
                                       understand how to establish and validate job requirements, implement
  CODE: HIRING                         effective recruiting programs, conduct a legally compliant and effective
  LEVEL 60                             interview, and the importance of references and/or background checks.
  DURATION: 60 MINUTES                 Managers will also learn best practices associated with all aspects of
                                       the hiring process.

                                       Managers sometimes make comments or take actions that undermine
  Lawful Terminations                  an employee’s “at-will” status. This practical “how to” course was
                                       created for managers and supervisors who are involved in hiring,
  CODE: LT                             performance evaluations, and/or terminations. Our course covers key
  LEVEL 60
                                       topics including employment contracts and exceptions to at-will,
                                       whistle-blower and retaliation issues, constructive termination, safe
                                       termination meetings, promissory fraud, defamation, reference
                                       requests, and more.

                                       This course takes managers through each step of performance
  Performance Management               management and the continuous feedback process. Managers will
  & Evaluations                        learn how to establish goals and objectives, give continuous feedback,
                                       conduct quarterly reviews or “check-ins,” document performance
  CODE: PM&E                           issues, and prepare the annual performance evaluation and conduct
  LEVEL 60                             the annual performance meeting.

                                       This course teaches employees to recognize the kind of conduct that
  Preventing Harassment in             frequently forms the basis of harassment claims but is seldom
  the Workplace                        recognized as unlawful. This course helps employees understand what
                                       harassment is, and how to practically and effectively avoid conduct that
                                       could lead to harassment situations. Our course map shows all 50
                                       states, their protected classifications, their fair employment laws,
                                       whether they impose personal liability and state agency contact
                                       information. This course is available in a variety of versions:
                                               ✦ CA/CT Mandated Managers (timed)
                                               ✦ US Managers (non-timed)
                                               ✦ US Non-Managers
                                               ✦ Higher Education
                                               ✦ Construction/Manufacturing
                                               ✦ Healthcare
                                               ✦ Retail/Hospitality

                                       This course covers the complex area of disability discrimination laws
  Preventing Disability                and how they operate in the workplace. Intended as a broad overview,
  Discrimination                       this course teaches the purpose and scope of disability laws, helping
                                       managers and supervisors to spot disability issues and seek guidance
  CODE: ADA10                          before inadvertently violating a disability law. Our course covers key
  LEVEL 60                             topics including definition of disability and a qualified individual,
  DURATION: 60 MINUTES                 reasonable accommodations, the interactive process, discrimination
                                       examples, overlapping and related laws, and more.

   emTRAiN | 777 Campus Commons Road, Suite 200 | Sacramento, CA 95825 | 800.242.6099 |
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                                         As part of the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003
   Red Flag Training                     (FACTA), the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the federal bank
                                         regulatory agencies, and the National Credit Union Administration have
   CODE: FACTA                           issued regulations (the Red Flags Rules) requiring financial institutions
   LEVEL 30                              and creditors to develop and implement written identity theft prevention
   DURATION: 15 MINUTES                  programs, which include staff training. Our FACTA training helps
                                         employees understand your Identity Theft Prevention Program and
                                         how they can help prevent identity theft by recognizing Red Flags and
                                         responding appropriately. It includes coverage of laws, regulations,
                                         definitions, identity theft prevention program details, detection,
                                         response, and handling address discrepancies.

                                         Our Compliance Trio (Diversity, EEO/Preventing Discrimination and
   Respect in the Workplace              Harassment) includes 17 workplace video vignettes illustrating
                                         problematic situations and behaviors. This course covers Canadian
                                         Compliance requirements and legal mandates. Employees will learn
                                         about bias and stereotypes and leveraging our differences in the
                                         workplace, harassment concepts such as unwelcome conduct, parties,
                                         forms of harassment, your policy and how to report complaints. This
                                         course is available in a variety of versions:

                                                 ✦   CA/CT Mandated Managers (timed)
                                                 ✦   US Managers
                                                 ✦   US Non-Managers
                                                 ✦   Canada Managers
                                                 ✦   Canada Non-Managers
                                                 ✦   Global (references laws in EU with non-US trainer & narrator)

                                         This course covers general safety, ergonomics, injury & illness
   Workplace Safety                      prevention plans and workplace violence.

   LEVEL 60

                                         This course can provide important protection for employees by
   Workplace Violence                    showing how they can spot classic red flag situations and to minimize
                                         the potential for violent episodes in the workplace. This course also
   CODE: WORK VIOLENCE                   walks learners through the action plan of how to respond if and when
   LEVEL 30                              violence does occur.

    emTRAiN | 777 Campus Commons Road, Suite 200 | Sacramento, CA 95825 | 800.242.6099 |
2012 EMTRAIN PRODUCT CATALOG                                                                           PAGE 6

                             Enterprise Library                                 LIBRARY
                             Courses are in production and availability         LICENSE
                             of particular modules will vary per                Learners with a valid
                             customer requests. Course production               Enterprise Library License
                             takes less than 3 weeks.                           have access to any number of
                                                                                emTRAiN authored courses,
                             Coaching and Mentoring Available!                  including Compliance, HR, soft
    Management &                                                                skills. The Enterprise License
                             Communication Strategies
                                                                                also provides a means to
    Leadership               Conflict Resolution Available!                     author your own courses and
    Library                  Creative Problem Solving                           launch 3rd party courses to
                             Discipline                                         your learners -- all for one
    DURATION: 20-30                                                             learner fee.
                             Meeting Management
    MINUTES                  Motivating Employees
                             Supervising Others
                             Teamwork and Teambuilding

                             Administrative Support
    Business &               Anger Management
    Personal Skills          Assertiveness and Self-Confidence
    Library                  Business Etiquette
                             Business Writing
    DURATION: 20-30          Change Management
    MINUTES                  Customer Service
                             Facilitation Skills
                             Human Resource Management
                             Interpersonal Skills
                             Lean Six Sigma
                             Measuring Results from Training
                             Meeting Management
                             Negotiation Skills
                             Personal Productivity
                             Presentation Skills
                             Project Management
                             Proposal Writing
                             Public Speaking
                             Sales Fundamentals
                             Stress Management
                             Time Management

    emTRAiN | 777 Campus Commons Road, Suite 200 | Sacramento, CA 95825 | 800.242.6099 |
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            eVideo Course Selection
eVideos provide 10-15                      Personal Tapes
                                           Hired to Win
                                                                                Conflict Process
                                                                                Special Situations
minute interval training and               Everyone’s OK
can be purchased per                       PAC Analysis
                                                                                Things You Can Do
                                           Games Workers Play
Library.                                   The OK Worker                        Your Chair and You
                                                                                Reducing Eye Strain
                                       Nonverbal Communication
                                           Introduction to Nonverbal
Soft Skills                                Communication
DISC                                       Body Position Scan - Part 1
                                                                            Social Networking
    DISC Introduction                      Body Position Scan - Part 2          LinkedIn
    DISC Questionnaire                     Body Movement Scan -Part 1           Twitter
    Understanding DISC Styles              Body Movement Scan - Part 2          Instant Messenger
    DISC Style: High D                     Artifacts                            Facebook
    DISC Style: High I                     Effective Voice Skills               Ethics for Everyone
    DISC Style: High S                     Applications of Nonverbal        Stop Procrastinating
    DISC Style: High C                     Communication                        The Pain
    Selling the High D                 The Putdown Game                         Getting Started
    Selling the High I                     Removing the Payoff
                                                                            Stress Management
    Selling the High S                     Putdown Offenders                    Understanding Stress
    Selling the High C                     Response Strategies                  Avoidable Stress
    Leading the High D                                                          Unavoidable Stress
                                       Respect Series
    Leading the High I                                                          Handling Stress
    Leading the High S                     How to Be Liked                      Managing Stress
    Leading the High C                     How to Be Respected
                                           Working with Dislike
Emotional Intelligence
                                       General Soft Skills                  Customer Service
                                           Don’t Press Send                 Customer Service
    Developing Emotional Self-
                                           Helping Employees Use Their          Do They Like You
    Awareness Developing
                                           Time Wisely
    Emotional Self-Management                                                   The Next Level
                                           How to Leave Phone Messages
    Developing Emotional Social-           that Get Returned
    Awareness                                                                   Cutting Expenses
                                           Office Etiquette
    Building Strong Relationships          Proper Introductions             Feedback
    Inspiring Emotions in Others           Protecting Your PC from the          Introduction to Feedback
    Emotional IQ and DISC                  Bad Guys                             Feedback Basics
    Related Programs for Improving         Remembering Names and                Ways to Get Feedback
    E-IQ                                   Faces                                Complaint Tracking
General Communications                     Telephone Techniques Part 1          Question of the Week
    Active Listening                       Telephone Techniques Part 2          Focus Groups
    Handling Angry Callers                 Telephone Techniques Part 3          Advisory Panels
    How Do You Know What You               Writing Effective e-Mails
    Don’t Know                             Writing Effective Memos
                                                                                Surveys: Planning
    Straight Talk on Bad Language      Business Meals
    The Great Conversationalist                                                 Surveys: Satisfaction Items
                                           Hosting a Business Meal
    Verbal Communication                                                        Surveys: Response Formats
                                           Attending a Business Meal
Assertive Verbal Skills Series             Table Manners                        Surveys: Writing Statements
    Getting Started                    Change Management Series                 Surveys: Reporting and Interpreting
    Dealing with Feelings                  When You’re Through                  Report Cards and Phone Calls
    Identifying Manipulators               Changing...You’re Through            Mystery Shopper
    Manipulation in Business               The Change Agenda                    MBWA
    Your Assertive Rights                  A Look at the Future
    Assertive Verbal Skills            Conflict Management General
                                           Unavoidable Truths
Healthy Communication                      Maintaining Self-Control         General Finance
    How We Recognize Each Other                                                 ACH

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2012 EMTRAIN PRODUCT CATALOG                                                                                         PAGE 8

   Bank Assets                                Recordkeeping and Retention               Selling To Different Customer Roles
   Bank Regulations                           USA PATRIOT Act                           Smile
   Banks                                   Regulation E                                 Speaking Customer
   Calculating Percentages                    Changes in July 2010                      Turning Features into Benefits
   Credit Union Regulations                   Overview                                  When to Shut Up
   Credit Union Services                      Error Resolution Procedures            DISC Selling Skills
   Credit Unions                              Electronic Check Conversion - ECK         Selling the High D
   Credit Unions and Banks: the               Issuances of Access Devices               Selling the High I
   Differences Check Kiting                   Electronic Terminal Receipts and          Selling the High S
   Check Processing                           Periodic Statements                       Selling the High C
   Components of Check Fraud                                                         Objections Series
   Cross Selling                                                                        Misunderstanding
   Escrow Accounts                         Sales                                        Doubt
   Handling Consumer Complaints            Advanced Key Account Selling                 Indifference
   Interest Rates                             Creating an “Elevator Pitch”              True Negative
   Teller Cash Handling                       Building GREAT Sales Relationships
   Types of Check Fraud                       Dealing with Competition
   Responsibilities of the Teller             Gotchas !                              Leadership
Loan Processing                               Long-Term Development                  Becoming an Excellent Leader
   Taking the Application                  Basics of Key Account Selling                Introduction to Leadership
   Verification                               Introduction to Key Account Selling       Leadership Fundamentals
   Compliance                                 How to Sell More                          Characteristics of Leaders
   Underwriting                               Creating a GREAT Sales Company            Leadership and Power
   The Decision                               Value-Added Selling                       How to be a Followable Leader Pt. 1
Quality Customer Service                      Lifetime Customer Value                   How to be a Followable Leader Pt. 2
   Four Basic Elements                        What Customers Want from                  Creating Followership
   Phone Calls                                Salespeople: No Push Selling              How to Motivate Employees
   Customer Interactions                   Key Account Planning                         Motivational Leadership
Financial Compliance                          Key Account Selling Worksheet             Effective Delegation
   Adult Financial Abuse                      Account Types                             Empowering Followers
   Adult Financial Abuse - California         Business Condition: Analyzing the         Building an Effective Leadership
   Bank Bribery Act                           Opportunity                               Team Developing Followers
   Check 21                                   Stages of the Sale: Conceptual            Developing Yourself as a Leader
   Consumer Privacy Act                       Selling Buying Criteria: Influencing      Daily Leadership Checklist
   ECOA Reg-B                                 the Decision Criteria                     Putting it All Together
   Fair Credit Reporting Act                  Buyer Roles: Selling to Key Account    DISC Leading Skills
   Fair Debt Collection Practices Act         Buyers                                    Leading the High D
   Fair Housing Act                           Buyer Wins: Identifying Personal          Leading the High I
   FDIC                                       and Organizational Wins                   Leading the High S
   Home Mortgage Disclosure Act            Key Account Sales Call Planning              Leading the High C
   HPA                                        Sales Call Planning Worksheet          Diversity
   Identity Theft: Red Flags Rule             Improving Sales with the “Sales           Inclusive Leadership: Setting the
   Lending Laws                               Cycle”                                    Stage
   Office of Foreign Assets Control           Setting Sales Call Goals                  Inclusive Leadership: Facilitating
   National Flood Insurance Program           The 5-Minute Call Pre-Brief               Training
   Negotiable Instruments &                   The 5-Minute Call De-Brief             Strategic Leadership
   Endorsement                             Key Account Sales Call                       T.H.E. Answer for Business Success
   Regulation BB
                                           Techniques                                   Criteria for Performance Excellence
   Regulation CC
                                              Opening the Call                          Vision, Mission, and Values
   Regulation DD
                                              Finding Unmet Needs
   Regulation O                                                                      Mentoring
   Regulation W                                                                         What is Mentoring
                                              Selling Benefits
   RESPA                                                                                Why a Mentoring Program
                                              Handling Objections
   Right to Financial Privacy Act Part 1                                                Creating a Mentoring Program
                                              No Push Closing
   Right to Financial Privacy Act Part 2                                                Matching Proteges with Mentors
   Truth in Lending Act and Regulation
                                           General Selling Skills
                                                                                        Making a Mentoring Agreement
   Z                                          Building GREAT Sales Relationships
                                                                                        How to be a Mentor
                                              Closing the Sale
Bank Secrecy                                                                            How to be a Protégé
                                              Customer Service Basics
   Before You Start                                                                     Mentoring Meeting Guidelines
                                              Determining Customer Needs
                                              Handling Tough Customers
                                                                                     Mistakes Leaders Make
   Currency Transaction Report                                                          Ten Symptoms of an Unhealthy
                                              No, But, If
   Suspicious Activity Report                                                           Organization The Cure
   Customer Identification                                                              Six Wrong Ways to Manage
                                              Retailer Hot Buttons Part 1
   Know Your Customer                                                                   Impedership
                                              Retailer Hot Buttons Part 2
   Politically Exposed Persons
                                              Selling in New Products

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2012 EMTRAIN PRODUCT CATALOG                                                                                       PAGE 9

                                                                                       Road Rage                   PAGE 9
Transformational Leadership               Coaching Skills
    Transforming the Organization            Introduction                              Driving Distractions
    Dealing with Resistance                  Leadership Styles                     Forklift Safety
    Creating Focus During Change             Adapting Your Style                       Forklift Part 1
                                             The Coaching Process                      Forklift Part 2
Management                                   Giving Feedback                           Forklift Part 3
General Negotiating                       Employee Engagement                      Substance Abuse in the
    Introduction to Negotiating              Ridiculous or Strategic               Workplace
    Developing the Right Mindset             The Business Case for Engagement          Testing Procedures
    Using Decision Keys - Framing            Measuring Employee Engagement             Drugs and Detection
    Negotiating Styles                       Managing for Engagement                   Signs and Symptoms of Abuse
    Analyzing the Upcoming Negotiation       Creating an Engaged Organization
    Planning for the Negotiation          Ethics for Managers
    Identifying and Developing Leverage      Why Traditional Approaches Don’t      HIPAA
    The Negotiation Process                  Work                                  HIPAA Series
    Reaching Agreement                       Controlling Employee Behavior             Introduction
    Evaluate Your Performance                Leadership To Dos                         Background
    Adapting for DISC Styles              Understanding The Media                      PHI
    Recognizing and Dealing With              Understanding The Media Part 1           Disclosing PHI
    Tactics Tips and Gotchas                  Understanding The Media Part 2           Minimum Necessary
Fuel Savings                                  Understanding The Media Part 3           Protecting PHI
    Idle Time                                 Understanding The Media Part 4           Patient Rights Notification
    Oil, Tune, and Tires                                                               HHS Requirements
    Order Accuracy                        Safety                                       Security Rule
    Power Curve                           General Safety                               Risk Analysis and Administrative
    Take Home Vehicles                       Aerial Lift                               Safeguards
How to Lower Your Energy Bills               Back SMARTS                               Summary
    Doing Your Part at Work                  Bad Weather Driving Basics
    Saving Fuel Costs                        Bloodborne Pathogens
    Creating a Comprehensive                 Combustible and Flammable Liquids
    Energy Savings Plan                      CSA Part 1
General Retail Excellence                    CSA Part 2
    Looking Customer Good                    Emergency Exits
    Motivating and Retaining the             Fire Safety Prevention
    Teenage Worker                           Hazard Communication
Retailer Profitability Model                 Hearing Conservation
    RPM Part 1                               Indoor Air Quality: Carbon Dioxide
    RPM Part 2                               Indoor Air Quality: Carbon Monoxide
    RPM Part 3                               Lockout Tagout
Retailer Profitability Model                 Machine Guard
    Intro Frontline - Retail                 Personal Protective Equipment
    Intro Frontline - Restaurant             Powered Industrial Trucks and
    Frequency                                Power Pallet Trucks
    Reach                                    Propane Gas
    Items Per Customer                       Safety First
    Price Per Item                           Two-Wheeled Handcart
                                             Working in Cold Weather
General Supervision
                                             Working In Hot Weather
    Analyzing Poor Performers
    Assertiveness without                 Alcohol Abuse in the Workplace
    Aggressiveness                           Testing Procedures
    Coaching Sales Reps                      Alcohol and Detection Periods
    Concerned Conversations                  Signs and Symptoms of Abuse
    Effective Performance Reviews         Commercial Driver’s License
    Going from Coworker to Boss              License Preparation
                                             Vehicle Inspection
    Managing Different Generations
                                             Hazardous Materials
    Managing People Offsite
                                          Confined Spaces
    Motivating Won’t Dos
                                             Introduction to Confined Spaces
    Productivity Through Praise
                                             Permit Entry Part 1
    Progressive Discipline
                                             Permit Entry Part 2
    Riding Along
                                             Hazards of Confined Spaces
    Running a Sales Meeting
    S.M.A.R.T. Goals Delegation           Defensive Driving
    Staying Positive                         Basics Part 1
    Supervising a Pronoid                    Basics Part 2

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2012 EMTRAIN PRODUCT CATALOG                                                                                          PAGE 10

                                   Desktop Skills
                                                                                         What's New in OneNote 2010 Series
Desktop Skills provide                       Excel 2010 Advanced
                                                                                         What's New in PowerPoint 2010
10-15 minute interval training                Performing a What If Analysis              Series
                                              Adding Charts for Complex Data             What's New in Outlook 2010 Series
and can be purchased as an                    Series
entire Collection.                            Advanced Calculations Series
                                              Advanced Data Tools Series               Microsoft Outlook
                                              Auditing Calculated Values Series        Outlook 2010
Microsoft Access                              Macros, VBA and Security Series
                                              PivotTables Series
                                                                                         Getting Things Done With Tasks
Access 2007 Essentials                                                                   Composing Basic E-Mail Series
                                              Subtotals and Outlines Series
                                                                                         Composing More Elegant E-Mail
  Introducing Access 2007 Series
  Exploring the New User Interface
                                            Microsoft Office                             Introducing Outlook 2010 Series
                                            Office 2003                                  Keeping Track of Contacts Series
  Working in the Navigation Pane Series
                                                                                         Managing Incoming Messages Series
  Creating Tables Series                      Common Microsoft Office Features           Managing Outlook Folders Series
  Creating Queries Series                     Series                                     Staying Organized with the Calendar
  Creating Forms Series                       Express Yourself with Microsoft Word       Series
  Creating Reports Series                     Series
  Creating Macros Series                      Microsoft Excel Foundations Series
                                              Microsoft Powerpoint Basics Series       Microsoft Powerpoint
                                              Stay in Touch with Microsoft Outlook     PowerPoint 2007
Microsoft Excel                               Series
Excel 2007 Essentials                                                                    Seeing PowerPoint with New Eyes
                                              Take Control of Data with Microsoft
  Working with the User Interface Series      Access Series
                                                                                         Understanding the Basics Series
  Entering & Managing Data Series           Office 2007                                  Starting Your Presentation Series
  Using Formatting Techniques Series                                                     Formatting Text Series
                                              Getting Started with Word Series
  Formula Basics Series                                                                  Using Drawing Tools Series
                                              Refining Word Documents Series
  Useful Functions Series                                                                Using Pictures Series
                                              Exploring Excel Series
  Creating Reports Series                                                                Working with SmartArt Series
                                              Formatting & Stylizing in Excel Series
  Sharing & Distributing Your Work                                                       Creating Tables & Charts Series
                                              Powering Up with PowerPoint Series
  Series                                                                                 Using Animation Series
                                              Staying Connected in Outlook Series
  Tips & Tricks Series                                                                   Adding Multimedia Series
                                              Managing Data with Access Series
Excel 2007 Advanced                           A Seamless Office 2007 Workflow            Making Your Presentation Series
  Summarizing Data Series                     Series                                     Sharing Your Presentation Series
  Working with Pivot Tables Series                                                       Tips & Tricks Series
                                            Office 2010 Special Features
  Charting in Excel Series                                                             PowerPoint 2010
  Getting Visual Series                       Communicating Clearly with SmartArt
                                              Adjusting Images Like a Pro Series         Managing Multimedia Series
  Creating Powerful Formulas Series
                                              Keeping Consistent with Themes             Adding Animations and Transitions
  Recording Macros Series
                                              Series                                     Series
  Tips & Tricks Series
                                              Manipulating & Enhancing Text Series       Delivering the Presentation Series
Excel 2010 Essentials                         Preparing & Distributing Files Series      Enhancing Presentations with Graphics
  Managing the Excel Environment              The Office 2010 Interface Series           Series
  Managing the Workbook Structure             Working With Office 2010 File Formats      Getting Started with PowerPoint 2010
  A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words         Series                                     Series
  Series                                                                                 Preparing for the Presentation Series
                                            Office 2010 New Features                     Setting Up the Presentation File
  Creating Formulas Series
  Getting Comfortable with Excel Series       Office 2010 File Formats                   Series
  Making Data Look Good Series                Office 2010 First Glance                   Working with Slide Text Series
  Preparing Files for Distribution Series     Office 2010 Shared Features
  The Basics of Data Series
  The Simplicity of Tables Series
                                              What's New in Word 2010
                                              What About Web Apps Series
                                                                                       Microsoft Word
                                              What's New in Access 2010 Series         Word 2010
  What's in a Name? Series
                                              What's New in Excel 2010 Series

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   Setting Up the Document
   Adding Other Content Series
   Applying Character Formatting Series
   Applying Paragraph Formatting Series
   Enhancing Through References Series
   Finalizing Documents and Mail Merge
   Getting Started With Word Series
   Leveraging the Power of Styles Series
   Optimizing Long Documents Series

PC Fundamentals
   Basic PC Maintenance Series
   Networking Basics Series
   Operating Systems Series
   PC Components Series
   Printing Basics Series
   Software Basics Series
   The Keyboard Series
   The Mouse Series
   Understanding File Structure Series
   Window Basics Series

Windows 7
Accessing the Start Menu Series
   Securing Your System and Data
   Connecting to a Network Series

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