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									                                      IT Workshop

Activity - LaTeX – An Introduction
Duration – 90minutes
Tools – Miktex and TexnicCenter.
Speaker – R.Raghuram

Objective – This sessions is to introduce you to the desktop publishing program called
LaTeX. LaTeX is a very powerful system to typeset and format your documents using a
systematic markup language. Using this package you will be able to create and publish
any document with any kind of complexity, be it abstracts, thesises, research papers,
books, articles and even slides. In this session we will explore the world of LaTeX using
some demo examples as well as some simple tasks. All the needed software is pre-
installed in your system. So, let’s get going.

Resources and Content

Slides - Introduction to LaTeX
         How to install MikTex
         How to install TeXnicCenter

Demos - Hello World

Tasks - Task1

You can create any number of tasks of any complexity by downloading a standard
research paper from the web and applying LaTeX markup to it.

Tutorials -\slides

See the tutorials folder for more articles, guides and what not.

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