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									FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 16, 2012

                   Provident Bank Celebrates America Saves Week
February 19-26 is America Saves Week, an effort aimed to increase awareness of the
need to save money and reduce debt. It’s also a great opportunity for parents to educate
children and teens about money and responsible decision-making.
       "It’s important for parents to teach children about personal finance and saving so
that they learn to make informed financial decisions," said Jean Quinn, vice president of
public relations at The Provident Bank. “Good money management is about forming
good habits. The earlier kids develop these habits, the more it will become second
nature to them.”
       To encourage New Jersey residents to teach their children about money,
Provident is offering some tips that will help kids make saving part of their routine.
       1. Learn together. Don’t feel like you have to be a finance whiz or have an
           excellent handle on your own money situation. Ask your bank about youth
           accounts and sign up for a family finance class in your community.
       2. Give them their own savings early. Provident offers a Young Saver
           Account with no minimum balance and interest paid on every penny. What
           better way for kids to learn financial literacy than by having their own savings
       3. Give an allowance. Receiving a “paycheck” for helping with household
           chores not only instills good work ethic, it helps children form a mental budget
           about how much of their own money they want to spend.
       4. Set financial goals. Before taking a vacation, explain to your child that they
           will need to bring their own spending money for souvenirs. Encourage them
           to save some of their allowance for the trip, and offer to match their savings.
       5. Let kids make money decisions. Once you provide your children with
           money through an allowance or they earn it from a job, they should have the
           freedom to decide what to do with it. To help children understand what they
           need versus what they want, have them make a list of activities they’d like to
           do or things they’d like to purchase, and discuss it together.
        6. Look for teachable moments. If your child has a bank account, go over the
           monthly statement with them. It’s a great opportunity to discuss budget,
           interest and spending habits.

About The Provident Bank
With $5.1 billion in deposits, The Provident Bank ( serves its
customers via a network of more than 80 branches throughout northern and central New
Jersey. The Provident Bank is the wholly owned subsidiary of Provident Financial
Services, Inc. (NYSE:PFS), which reported assets of $7.1 billion as of December 31,


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