; re RE Scheme of Work Long Term
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re RE Scheme of Work Long Term


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									               RE Scheme of Work - Long Term Overview
Year 5

Religion(s)                Autumn Term:                Spring Term: Celebrations Summer Term: Creation
                           Introduction, rules, light  related to key figures       Stories, leaders of
                           and Christmas                                            religious communities and
                                                                                    the ultimate questions
                                                                                    they raise
Christianity and Judaism   What rules do I follow?     Who are key figures in the How do people think the
                           How can religious codes of Jewish religion?              world started?
                           conduct affect lives?       Who was Esther?              How do Jews celebrate the
                           How do Jewish rules of      Who was Moses and what Sabbath?
                           living affect everyday      is Passover?                 What characteristics do
                           Jewish lives?               What happened to Jesus authority figures have?
                           How does light make people over the course of Holy What sort of person is a
                           feel?                       Week?                        religious leader?
                           How is light symbolic in    What happened to Jesus To which questions do
                           some religious              during the last hours of his religions provide answers?
                           celebrations?               life?
                           What does light signify for
                           What is the message of
Year 6

Religions                    Autumn Term: Expressive         Spring Term: Founders of        Summer Term: Ideas
                             and visual arts and             faith and the importance        about God and human
                             Christmas                       of people today                 responsibility for the
Christianity, Buddhism and   What do you already know        Why is it important to have     What might God be like?
Hinduism                     about Christianity, Buddhism    personal heroes?                What do Hindus believe about
                             and Hinduism?                   What is important about the     God?
                             How do Christians, Buddhists    Buddha?                         What do Christians believe
                             and Hindus express their        How do Buddhists try to         about God?
                             faith in art, drama and song?   follow the Buddha's example?    What do Christians believe
                             Why do people of faith use      What is important about         about the relationship
                             art, drama and song to enrich   Jesus?                          between humans, their
                             their religious experience?     Why do Christians remember      environment and other living
                             What is the difference          Jesus particularly at Easter?   creatures?
                             between t he sacred and                                         What do Buddhists and
                             secular Christmas?                                              Hindus believe about the
                             What would a Christian think                                    relationship between humans,
                             Christmas should be about?                                      their environment and other
                             Should Christmas be banned                                      living creatures?
                             for people who are non-                                         How do humans exercise
                             Christian?                                                      responsibility for the
Year 7

Religion(s)         Autumn Term: Experience     Spring Term: Moral          Summer Term: How
                    and Belief                  dilemmas and how            religious people express
                                                religious people respond    their beliefs:
                                                to them:
Islam and Sikhism   What do we value and what                               Exploration of beliefs
                    do we believe?              Pupils explore own          expressed through stories,
                    What do muslims value and   responses to a range of     drama, music.
                    believe?                    moral dilemmas.             What is prayer?
                    What is it like to be a     How do you make a decision How can we express our
                    muslim?                     in difficult circumstances? beliefs?
                    Independent study task on   Is killing animals for food Beliefs expressed through
                    own beliefs.                wrong?                      TV, film and radio.
                                                Should animal testing be
                                                Is tourism destroying the
Year 8

Religion(s)                Autumn Term: Belonging       Spring Term: The life of     Summer Term: Life's
                                                        Jesus                        Journeys - mapping
                                                                                     significant events
Judaism and Christianity   The importance of land to    Who was Jesus?               Life's Journey from
                           the aborigines               Jesus' world, parables and   different viewpoints
                           Respect for the beliefs of   miracles.                    including those of a
                           others                       The last week of Jesus'      Christian and a Jew.
                           Community - study of a       life                         Exceptional journeys and
                           Jewish family                                             exceptional people
                           Making an impact on the
                           local community

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