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									Peru Consumer Lifestyles Market

Euromonitor's Consumer Lifestyles in Peru report analyses factors influencing national consumer
expenditure. Consumer lifestyles reports include coverage of: population, urban development, home
ownership, household profiles, labour, income, consumer and family expenditure, health, education,
eating habits, drinking habits, shopping habits, personal grooming, clothing, leisure habits, savings and
investments, media, communication, transport and travel and tourism. Use this report to understand
the factors influencing a nation's lifestyle choices.

Large numbers of Peruvian consumers are enjoying the benefits of increased disposable income.
Although growth in income and spending has been largely confined to the non-indigenous population,
consumers in the low-income brackets are also slowly gaining access to such amenities basic health
care. While many people are still clinging to traditional habits and lifestyles, opportunities are
nevertheless now more available to more consumers in Peru than ever before.

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Report Details:
Published: April 2012
No. of Pages: 70
Price: US$1900

Table of Contents

Euromonitor International
April 2012

Consumer Habits in Context
Current Behaviour Within the Broader Economic Climate
Consumer Confidence
Misery Index
Chart 1 Consumer Confidence Index 2006-2011
Chart 2 Misery Index 2006-2011
School Life
University Life
Chart 3 Number of Students in Higher Education and Expenditure per Student in PPP Terms 2006-2011
Chart 4 Regional Ranking of Number of University Students 2011
Dining in
Dining Out
Café Culture
Snacking Habits
Attitudes Towards Food Trends
Chart 8 Per Capita Expenditure on Consumer Foodservice by Chained and Independent 2011
Chart 9 Chart9 Regional Ranking of Average supply of food calories per day 2011
Drinking Habits
Attitudes Towards Drinking
Drinking Inside the Home
Drinking Outside the Home
Chart 10 Per Capita Consumption of Alcoholic Drinks and Soft Drinks by Category 2011
Chart 11 Regional Ranking of Alcoholic Drinks Consumption: Off-trade vs On-trade 2011
Grooming Habits
Attitudes Towards Personal Care
Attitudes Towards Beauty

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