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									                         Some More Scarf Tying Methods
Scarves do not require any introduction; they are in use since ancient periods. Over the centuries we can
see the usage of scarves have only widened. From cleaning cloth in early roman periods to modern days
fashion accessories they are serving all purpose that a single piece of cloth can do. Scarves are adding a
bit of sophistication to appearance of both genders. A few decades ago scarves for men was a complete However in recent years they have a made comeback. Women were bit ahead of men in
accepting scarves as stylizing outfits therefore we can see more variations in women’s scarves than

There are thousands of scarf tying methods out of which I have mentioned about many in my other
articles. But as I go on writing I found more scarf tying techniques that I would like to share with you.

Bandana wrap – Take a square scarf and fold into triangular shape. Roll the scarf from broad side
towards the narrower end. Roll scarf upto half and place the same around the shoulder. Make a simple
knot and adjust it. This wrap show relaxed and calm attitude and appear like a trendy bandana around

Buckaroo Knot – Make a basic bias fold of scarf. Now place across shoulder and hold the each end of the
scarf. First bring the left hand scarf A1 over the two fingers once around then let it hangs down between
middle finger and ring finger. Secondly, bring the scarf of your right hand B1, place loose end of A1 over
right hand and pull B1 back. Grasp the loose A1 and bring in front the B1 from underneath to insert it
into the loop formed. Now tighten the knot and adjust it. This knot is especially popular among cowboys
and cowgirls.

Light Queen Knot – Make basic bias fold. Hang the scarf around neck. Bring one end over other and
allow it to cross around twice. Insert the same side into the loop from under and bring in front. Now
adjust it for the shape of tie. This is an elegant and very formal way of tying scarf.

Kelly wrap – Place the scarf over the head. Now cross the hanging tow ends in front of neck. Make a
simple knot behind the neck. Your Kelly wrap is complete. This wrap was made famous by Grace Kelly
and is perfect for protecting hair(style) in fashionable way.

Square knot – Hang the scarf around the neck. Bring one side closer to another and insert it through the
under of the loop and let if came in front. Place the same side underneath of other, bring upward and
insert into formed loop. Now tight it and then adjust. This method is equally suitable for casual and
professtional events.

Shoulder wrap – Place the scarf across the shoulder and let the hanging front came in front. Cross the
two ends. Insert the upper end into the loop and bring it in front. Tighten and adjust it. Shoulders wrap
an elegant wrap for extra warmth.

The above written tying techniques are Applicable for womens scarves and scarves for men both.

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