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									            MODULE ON HOW TO PREPARE VIDEO

       Windows Movie Maker makes home movies amazingly fun. With Movie

Maker you can create, edit, and share your home movies right on your computer.

Build your movie with a few simple drag-and-drops. Delete bad shots and include

only the best scenes. You can even add transitions, effects and titles to make

your movies look like they were created by a pro. Then share your movie via the

Web, e-mail, or CD. Using third-party software you can even take movies you've

made and turn them into DVDs. You can also save your movie back to the video

tape in your camera to play back on a TV or on the camera itself.

       Windows Movie Maker is a video editing software that is included with

newer versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system. It contains features

like effects, transitions, titles/credits, audio track, timeline narration, and Auto

Movie. New effects and transitions can be made and existing ones can be


       Windows Movie Maker is a great video editor for the Windows XP user. It

is capable of importing video off a digital camcorder so that you can edit your

own movie on your computer. The program comes bundled with a large selection

of movie effects, transitions, and titling options. Even with these great effects,

however, the program's greatest strength is its ease of use … Microsoft has done

an excellent job of creating a program that video novices can pick up quickly.

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   1. Be familiar with the program
   Tasks Window-clickable tasks to set your preferences for

   2. Storyboard/Timeline-is your working page allowing you to
      view the order of pics, music, video, transitions and special
      effects for the making of the Presentation

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   3. Collections Window- is where your selection of pics,
      music, videos etc can be organized to properly drag and
      paste them in the story board.

   4. Preview Window- allows you to view the storyboard order
      or sequence.

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   THE THREE EASY STEPS in the Tasks Window

   1. Capture Video
   2. Edit Movie
   3. Finish Movie

   1. Capture Video
   a. Click Capture from video device if the video is coming from
      a digital video camera
   b. Click import video if the video is saved from a disk or
      removable drive
   c. Click import pictures if the movie will be composing of
      pictures in jpg, bmp, tiff format. After selection/s, the
      pictures will be in the folder Collection and not in the story

   d. Click import audio or music to put sounds and background
      music to your presentation

                  TO THE STORYBOARD

   1. Click Import Pictures then choose the pictures you want to
      include in the movie

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After selecting, the pictures will be added to the collection.

By order of preference, drag the pictures one by one.

      1. Click Import music or audio

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2. After the music selection is placed in the Collections Window,
switch the storyboard to timeline to control the length of play.

After dragging the music to the timeline storyboard window,
notice the span of time of music if it will play until the last
picture selection

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Check to preview by clicking the play button watching the
marker at the timeline storyboard window.

  1. VIEW VIDEO EFFECTS- Click video effects to view
  The style of video effects in the collection. Click show
  storyboard to see the video effects per picture.

                                             Preview window

                                  Video effects style you
                                  can drag to the story board

the indicator that there is a video effect

VIEW VIDEO TRANSITION- Click view video transition and the
transition styles will be displayed in the collection window. Drag
each style of video transition to the storyboard and preview it by
clicking play in the preview window.

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   1. Click make title or credit to view the title preferences

Click on style of title credits by clicking change style animation
and preview at each style to choose.

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   2. FINISH THE MOVIE - this is the last stage of creating video

   a. Save to my computer

Check to see what location the data will be saved for future
changes or reference. Click next, to save.

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Check to see best quality for playback on my computer.
Then click next.

The movie will be saved in the computer as WMA, or Windows
Media Application format to play in Windows Media Player and
other movie browser format. (winamp, windvd, powerdvd).

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To check if the movie is available for burning click Windows
Explorer from Start and Accessories and search drive where the
movie was saved.

Go to NERO and start burning the saved wma video presentation
to a recordable cd.

May this presentation help you create your own movie project.

This can be downloaded from:

Prepared by:

Dr. Fernando C. Javier
SB Centrex ICT Lead Trainer
Principal IV / Lagro High School

Noel M. De Los Reyes
SB Centrex ICT Coordinator
Head Teacher III – Math Dept.
E. Rodriguez Jr. High School

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