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									                                              Torrance Unified School District
                      2008 Summer School Athletics Program
                                   June 23, 2008 through July 24, 2008 (Monday through Thursday)

WHAT:              South High is offering a Summer Athletics Program

WHO:               Applicants must be a returning South High student or an enrolling South High

WHEN:              June 23 – July 24, Monday thru Thursday. Specific times listed below.

WHERE:             Classes will be held on the South High School campus (except for cross country).
                   Specific locations listed below.

COSTS:             Cost per Student/Athlete is $80.00 for the 1st program.
                   $70.00 each additional program selected. Make checks payable to SHS or TUSD

All interested students need to complete the form on the back of this page and return to the South High
athletic/business office (room F-1) by Friday June 27, 2008.

            CLASS                        INSTRUCTOR                            TIME                        LOCATION
Band                                 Tom King                     TBA                               Band Room
Baseball (Boys)                      Grady Sain                   Frosh: 1-3pm                      Varsity Baseball Field
                                                                  Returners: 3-5pm
Basketball (Boys)                    Leo Klemm                    Frosh: 1-3pm or 3-5pm*            Gym/Pavilion
                                                                  *(will be announced at tryouts)
                                                                  Returners: 1-3pm
Basketball (Girls)                   Mike Caporaso                Frosh: 5-7pm                      Gym/Pavilion
                                                                  Returners: 7-9pm
Pep Squad                            Kelly Cochran                All: 1-3pm                        Cafeteria
Cross Country (Boys and Girls)       Brian Tokuda                 Frosh: 1-3pm                      Meet at Football Stadium
*Class will be July 14-August 15
                                                                  Returners: 6:30-8:30am            at Malaga Cove
Dance                                Sacha Bryant                 All: 3-5pm                        Dance Room
Drill Team                           Cassondra Harris             All: 1-3pm                        Dance Room
Football                             Josh Waybright               Frosh: 3:30-5pm                   Stadium
                                                                  Returners: 1:30-3:30pm
Soccer (Boys)                        Chad Lagerwey                All: 1-3pm                        Varsity Soccer Field
Soccer (Girls)                       Brad Gomez                   All: 1-3pm                        Varsity Soccer Field
Softball (Girls)                     Dana Kuwahara                All: 1-3pm                        Varsity Softball Field
Tennis (Boys and Girls)              Brian More                   All: 3-5pm                        Front Tennis Courts
Volleyball (Boys)                    Kevin McElwee                Frosh: 1-3pm                      Gym/Pavilion
                                                                  Returners: 5-7pm
Volleyball (Girls)                   Robert Kutsch                Frosh: 1-3pm                      Gym/Pavilion
                                                                  Returners: 3-5pm
Wrestling (Boys and                  Kenny Hetman                 All: 4-6pm                        Wrestling Room

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