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TECHNOCRACY PVT. LTD.   Weiber Programmable Refrigerated Centrifuge ( Acm- MP 400 R )
Weiber Programmable Refrigerated Centrifuge (Model ACM-MP 400 R)
Centrifugation is a process that involves the use of the centrifugal
force for the separation of mixtures, used in industry and in
laboratory settings. More-dense components of the mixture migrate
away from the axis of the centrifuge, while less-dense components
of the mixture migrate towards the axis. Chemists and biologists
may increase the effective gravitational force on a test tube so as to
more rapidly and completely cause the precipitate ("pellet") to
gather on the bottom of the tube. The remaining solution is properly
called the "supernate" or "supernatant liquid". The supernatant
liquid is then either quickly decanted from the tube without disturbing the precipitate, or withdrawn
with a Pasteur pipette.
The rate of centrifugation is specified by the acceleration applied to the sample, typically measured
in revolutions per minute (RPM) or g. The particles' settling velocity in centrifugation is a function of
their size and shape, centrifugal acceleration, the volume fraction of solids present, the density
difference between the particle and the liquid, and the viscosity.

How does our Centrifuge works
The centrifuge works using the                         Product Features:
sedimentation principle, where the
centripetal acceleration causes heavier particles        Environmental Friendly CFC Free Cooling
to move out along the radial direction (the              Fully Programmable control module
bottom of the tube). By the same token, lighter          Multi Purpose Usage
objects will tend to move to the top.                    Research Application

                                                                                             TECHNOCRACY PVT. LTD.
Product Overview                                          Product Features:

This range of centrifuges are environment
                                                           Maximum Speed 18000 RPM
friendly equipment provided with CFC free
                                                           Refrigerated : Temperature Controlled
cooling system, Brushless induction motor,
Programmable microprocessor control for pre-
                                                           Temperature Range -10 to 40 Degree C
setting speed in the range of 100 to 20000 RPM,
                                                           Ergonomic Design
RCF Display, Temperature ranging from -10oC to
                                                           Easy Lid Lock
+40oC, Timer with a range of 1 minutes to 120
                                                           Step less Speed Regulator
minutes and Acceleration/Deceleration time.
                                                           Digital Speed Indicator
Functional displays on the LCD while in running
                                                           Zero Start
mode include RPM Indication by default, RCF by
                                                           Safety Cut Off Device
selection, remaining time, working chamber
                                                           Inter lock device
temperature, lid lock status, rotor imbalance etc.
                                                           Digital Timer
                                                           Dynamic Balancing
                                                           Dynamic Brake
                                                           Automatic Switch off
                                                           Anti Imbalance Device
                                                           Wide Range of Rotor Heads
                                                           Illuminated Switch

Choice of Rotor Heads available with this unit

                                                                              MP 400 R
  Max. Speed                                        RPM                         18000

  Max. RCF                                          xg                          25200

  Max. Tube Size                                    ml                          100
  Lowest Temp.                                      C                           -10

  Width                                             mm                          910

  Depth                                             mm                          590

  Height                                            mm                          910

                                                                   MP 400 R
   Weight                                            Kg              115

   Connected Load                                    Kva             1.75

Choice of Inter Changeable Rotor Heads

   Model                   Cap. / ml                       RPM      RCF x g
   TC 8101 B                4 x 100                        5000       4200

   TC 8101 F                4 x 50                         5000       4200

   TC 8101 G                4 x ( 3x 15 )                  5000       4200

   TC 8101 C                4 x 18 RIA (5 ml)              4500       3000

   TC 8101 M                4 x ( 15 x 1.5 / 2 ml)         4500       2250
   TC 4114                  4 x 25                         10000      10750

   TC 4110                  4 x 10                         11000      13500

Fixed Angle Rotor Head ( Extra )

   Model                   Cap. / ml                       RPM      RCF x g
   TC 8104                  8 x 100                        6000       4800

   TC 4101                  4 x 100                        14000      22000

   TC 4102                  8 x 50                         14000      22000

   TC 4105                  8 x 25                         14000      22000

   TC 4115                  18 x 15                        14000      22000
   TC 4109                  6 x 15                         18000      25200

   TC 4111                  24 x 1.5/ 2                    18000      25200

   TC 4112                  24 x 1                         18000      25200

   TC 4113                  24 x 0.5                       18000      25200

                                                                              TECHNOCRACY PVT. LTD.
                             An ISO 9001 : 2208 ISO 14001 : 2008 ISO 13485
                             WHO: GMP Products GLP Compliant Products

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