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									                                       Regional Subsidized
                                        Speakers Program

The Northern New Jersey Region – Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs has instituted the Regional
Subsidized Speakers Program to meet the following goals and objectives:

      To provide member Clubs with a resource for dynamic speakers dealing with a diverse
       number of topics of interest to our Jewish Community.
      To disseminate pre-packaged publicity materials for each Subsidized Speaker Program.
      To encourage Club participation in the Program by providing a subsidy of $100 per
       speaker and up to $200 per club per year for approved programs
      To provide each Club with ongoing support for the development of each of these
      To consult with each club in developing follow-up activities for each of our subsidized
      To encourage Clubs to participate in the FJMC Torch Award Program.

                                   Regional Subsidy

To encourage club participation, the region will subsidize up to two programs for $100 each,
Please follow these simple steps to receive your subsidy:
    1. To be eligible, you must book the speaker through the Speaker Bureau.
    2. If two clubs have a joint program, each club can apply for a $100 subsidy.
    3. Send a written conformation to Howard Pearlson that the speaker has spoken at your
        temple. Indicate the name of the speaker, the topic and the date on which he/she spoke.
        Also indicate the name and address of the check recipient. You can send this via e-mail
        to hpearlson@patmedia.net or:

       Howard B. Pearlson
       10 London Place
       Somerset, NJ 08873
       Phone: (732) 873-1335 Cell: (908) 872-0703
                Available Speakers From The
            Regional Subsidized Speakers Program
Please Note: The list of speakers presented here represents a combination of current and
past speakers. The availability of any speaker for an event will need to be confirmed. We
also welcome your input to help us grow this list of informative and provocative speakers.
Please send your suggestions to Howard Pearlson (hpearlson@patmedia.net.)

                         Jewish Themes and Topics

NEW: Children and Family: (Source – Peter Gotlieb, Temple Beth Shalom,
*Joanne Doades – Certified Jewish Family Educator & Director of Curriculum Development –
Union for Reform Judaism’s Department of Lifelong Jewish Learning

Joanne has recently authored a book, “Parenting Jewish Teens - Why Are Today's Parents So
Perplexed?” A premise of the book is that the world has changed, and so have our teenagers.
They are growing up in an environment characterized by a highly sexualized marketing blitz and
by media images that denigrate parents and other authority figures. Finding common ground has
become more of a challenge than ever before. For today’s Jewish parents, life can be even more
complicated, as we try to maintain Jewish values

Her program will provide your synagogue congregants with a model they can use to support and
guide Jewish teens through this tumultuous family transition. Topics that will be addressed
•How is my Jewish teen’s life different from my life when I was a teen?
•How do I cope with the pain of separation as my child enters the teenage years?
•What are the causes of the conflict between me and my teen, and how can I help our family
move through our most difficult moments?
•How must my own behavior change as my teen grows older?
•Is it possible to live with differences in Jewish belief and observance within the same family
during my child’s teenage years?

This is a wonderful program that can help your club attract new members
Fee: Joanne’s fee is $350

Hate Crimes:
*Etzion Neuer - Anti- Defamation League of B’nai Brith
Mr. Neuer is the regional director of the Anti-Defamation League. His topic of expertise is the
many hate crimes in the US and throughout the world.

*Jayne Mackta - New Jersey Association for Biomedical Research – President:
Jayne spoke at the last President’s Dinner back in June 2005. Her topic of expertise is a very
controversial one; Stem Cell Research. She is willing to speak at any Synagogue in Northern
New Jersey.

Stockton State College
Several speakers are available from the Holocaust Resource Center at Richard Stockton State
College, Pomona, NJ. The biography of Dr. Carol Rittner is listed below. Other speakers may be
Dr. Carol Rittner, RSM
Dr. Carol Rittner, RSM, a Roman Catholic Sister of Mercy, is a Distinguished Professor of
Literature at Stockton State College. She has authored numerous Holocaust articles, edited
several books and served as executive producer of two films, “The Courage to Care” (nominated
for an Academy Award for Best Short Documentary) and “Triumph of Memory.” Her topics
include: Rescuers during the Holocaust, Churches during the Holocaust and Women during the

*Eran Doron - Government of Israel Economic Mission – Deputy Economic Minister to North
Mr. Doron’s topic of expertise is the economic condition of Israel and his objective is to encourage
investment in Israel by professional people as well as lay people. This is of course in light of the
continual threats as well as acts of terrorism against the state. He has given many lectures on
the economic condition in Israel.

*Lieutenant Amit Shuker: Israeli Defense Force (51/2 years service)
Mr. Shuker speaks on the Geopolitical Situation in Israel and terrorism. His presentation is based
upon his frontline military experience and his contacts with current members of the IDF and the
Israeli intelligence community. During his presentation, Lieutenant Shuker carefully explains the
events and consequences of the Second Lebanon War, and points out what was the IDF’s
missions and goals, and what tactics the Hezbollah used during the war. He has lectured at
several synagogues in NY, NJ and CT.

        Topics included in the presentation are:
                 Israel and Middle East geography.
                 Israel History.
                 Threats: Terrorist Organizations – Hammas, Islamic Jihad and Fatah.
                 Iran and Syria.
                 The second Lebanon War: > history, missions and the situation today.
                 Hezbollah and the recent crisis.
                 Territories and the second "Intifada" - reasons, terror attacks, "The Fence"
                    and the army missions.
                 International politics and the reason Israel is/was isolated.
        Fee: When booked through the FJMC, Mr. Shuker charges a fee of $300.

*Andrea Yonah: Executive Director, New Jersey-Israel Commission
Andrea gives many lectures of commerce between the State of New Jersey and Israel. She is
also willing to speak in the Northern and Central New Jersey regions.

Jewish Literature
NEW: Benjamin Nelson: Professor of English and Comparative Literature Farleigh Dickinson
University (Source; Jeff Green; Temple Beth El Somerset)
Professor Nelson is an engaging presenter. He has a number of presentations on Jewish
literature and culture. His initial presentation (see item #25 at Temple Beth El Somerset was so
well received that he was asked to come back a second time (for item# 9) at the behest of the
audience. Many of his presentations can be done as a one-time lecture, as multiple lectures or as
a scholar in residence multi part presentation. Professor Nelson has won a Distinguished Faculty
Award from his University & an Educators Award from JTS
Fee is Approximately $450 per lecture but is negotiable.

Here are some of his more popular themes:

1. The Crucible of Justice: Four trials that rocked the Jewish World
    The Dryfus Affair
    The Beiliss Trial
    The Leo Frank Case
    The trial of Adolph Eichman
2. The Reign of Terror in U.S.A. The Rosenberg Case & The Cold War (2 or 3 part lecture)
3. From Shylock to Fagin to Leopold Bloom: The Image of the Jew in English Literature
  (2 or 3 part lecture)
4. Hollywood & the Holocaust (One or two part series)

 5. From Hester Street to Hollywood: The Image of the Jew in American Film

    (2 or 3 part series)

 6. Giants of Yiddish & Hebrew Literature single or multiple part series)

        *Sholem Aleichem     *S.Y. Agnon

        *I.L. Peretz        * Isaac Bashevis Singer

 7. American Jewish Literature: Affirmation or Illusion (3 or 4 part series)

 8. Queens & Princesses; The Image of the Jewish Women in American Literature & Film

 9. Woody Allen & the Jews: Image of the Jew in Allen’s Films
10. The Critical Pen: Israeli Writers on Israel
11. Cynthia Ozick Discussion & Analysis:
12. Saul Bellow: Discussion & Analysis
13. Phillip Roth; Discussion & Analysis
14. Bernard Malamud: Discussion & Analysis
15.Arthur Miller Discussion & Analysis
16 Tennessee Williams: Discussion & Analysis
17. The Mystery of Hamlet: Discussion of the Most Puzzling Character in the History of
18. Tough Guys: Three Novels of Machismo in American Literature (3 part series)
     The OX-Bow Incident – Walter Van Tilburg Clark
     The Sea Wolf Jack London
     Deliverance: James Dickey
19. Women Who Shocked the Literary World
     Mary Shelley: Frankenstein
     Charlotte Bronte Jane Eyre
     Emily Bronte Withering heights
     Kate Chopin: The Awakening
     Zone Neal Hurston Their eyes were watching God
20. Ethnic Literature in America (multi part series from among the following:)
     Abraham Cahn: The Rise of David Levinsky
     Henry Roth: Call it Sleep
     Richard Wright: Native Son
     Toni Morrison: Beloved
     Oscar Hijuelos The Mambo kings Play Songs of love
     Amy Tan The Joy Luck Club
     David Guerdon: Snow Falling on Cedars
21. Things that go Bump in the Night Three famous Tales of Terror (2 to 3 part series)
     Frankenstein Mary Shelly
     Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Robert Louis Stevenson
     Dracula Bram Stoker
22. The Twisted Star: American Jewish Writers on Anti Semitism (2-4 part series)
     Arthur Miller: Focus
     Saul Bellow: The Victim
     Philip Roth: Eli the Fanatic & Defender of the Faith
     Bernard Malamud: The Tenants
23. The Bible as Literature (one or multiple part series)
     Noah & The Flood
     Saul & David
     Ruth & Esther
     The Book of Jonah
     The Book of Job
24. The Righteous & The Rebellious: The Love Hate Relationship between American
     Jewish Writers and Their Readers.
25. Hollywood, Humor & Hitler: What are the Boundaries of Comedy?
26. Philip Roth’s American Quartet: American Pastoral, I married a communist, The
    Human Stain, The plot against America
27. Arthur Miller thru a Jewish Lens.The Jewishness of Millers, plays, short stories & novels
28 Miller & McCarthy: Miller’s The Crucible & and A view from the Bridge in the
   context of McCarthy America.
29. McCarthy & the Movies: The effects of McCarthyism on movies of the 50s & 60s.
30. Triple Taevya: Sholom Aleichem’s famous tales and the two film versions of them:
    Maurice Schwartz’s Tevya the Dairyman & Norman Jewison’s Fiddler on the Roof (comes
    with film clips)

31. Steven Spielberg’s film Munich: A Discussion of one of the most controversial
   movies of the decade
32. Three by Spielberg: A discussion of the Spielberg films: Schindler’s List, Saving
   Private Ryan, and Munich. (Can be customized 1 – 3 part series)
33. The Gospel According to Gibson A discussion of the film the Passion of the Christ
     in terms of its cinematic and social impact
34. The Star Spangled Screen: A discussion of how Hollywood has reflected the United
    States at war. The American combat film from WWII to the present.
35. The Yiddish Theater: Turbulence, Triumph and Tears (1-3 part series)

Jewish Press:
*Andrew Silow-Carroll: Editor-in-Chief of the New Jersey Jewish News
Andrew is well versed on many topics regarding Israel and the American Jewish Community as
illustrated by his weekly column. He is also willing to speak about almost any related topic at any

Jews & Sports:
*Alan Freedman - Director, National Jewish Sports Hall of Fame & Museum, Commack, Long
Mr. Freedman He is willing to speak anywhere in the New York metropolitan area and does not
ask for an honorarium. Along with the lecture he shows a one-half hour videotape of Jewish
athletic accomplishments. Mr. Freedman encourages Hebrew School kids to attend, if that is
possible, so that they may identify with Jewish athletes.

Fee: Alan Freedman does not charge a fee but donations to the hall of Fame are appreciated

Rabbi Eliot Malomet - Highland Park Conservative Temple, Highland Park, NJ
Rabbi Eliot Isaac Malomet was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario. He received his Bachelor of
Arts in Jewish Studies from the University of Toronto, spending his Junior Year abroad at the
Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He attended Graduate School at McGill University in Montreal,
studying the History of Jewish Biblical Interpretation. Rabbi Malomet was ordained in 1990 by the
Jewish Theological Seminary of America. Upon ordination he served as Rabbi of Congregation
Adat Re'im in Montreal, Quebec and since 1994 has assumed the pulpit of the Highland Park
Conservative Temple and Center, in Highland Park, NJ. Currently he serves on the Executive
Committee of the Jewish Federation of Greater Middlesex County, teaches 7th and 8th Grade
Rabbinics at Solomon Schechter Day School of Raritan Valley, lectures on a variety of Jewish
subjects and contributes articles to the local Jewish press. In his spare time he enjoys bicycling
and playing floor hockey, and is coach of a weekly floor-hockey group at the Raritan Valley
YMHA. Rabbi Malomet is available to speak on a wide variety of subjects including:
          Biblical Interpreters: Who's Who
          The Essential Midrashim
          The History of the Jews of Canada
          1972 Canada-Russia series
          Jews, Judaism and Technology
          Rashi
          The Psalms
Rabbi Randall Mark - Congregation Shomrei Torah, Wayne, NJ
Rabbi Randall Mark is the spiritual leader of Congregation Shomrei Torah in Wayne, NJ. Prior to
serving this congregation he was the Rabbi of Congregation Beth Ahm in Verona for five years
and the student rabbi of Congregation B’nai Shalom in Piscataway. Originally from Minneapolis,
MN he received his Bachelor of Arts from Carleton College; his Master of Arts in Hebrew Letters
and Rabbinic Ordination from the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College and he also earned a
Master of Education in Counseling Psychology from Temple University. Rabbi Mark is active in
the Conservative Movement. He is a Past President of the NJ region of the Rabbinical Assembly
(RA). He was the coordinator of the Practical Rabbinics sessions at a recent International RA
Convention. He is currently the Chairperson of the Movement’s Religious Leaders Counsel in NJ.
He is also the Chairperson of the Rabbinic Advisory Committee of the Solomon Schechter Day
School of Essex and Union and also serves on their Board of Governors. He also teaches
Rabbinics at the Gerrard Berman Day School, the Solomon Schechter in Oakland. The Rabbi is
also involved in his local community serving on the board of the Federation of North Jersey and
he is a member of the Wayne Clergy Fellowship. When in Verona he served on the Board of
Directors of the Jewish Family Service of MetroWest and he was a MetroWest Chaplain serving
The Mountainside and Montclair Community Hospitals. He was also a member of The
Mountainside Hospital Ethics committee.
Topics: Rabbi Mark can speak on a wide range of subject matter including: 'Living as a
Conservative Jew', 'Medical Ethics' and 'Torah as Practical'. Rabbi Mark is married to Dassy
(Horn); they have four children: Avi, Penina, Raffi & Danit who attend the Schechter school in
West Orange.

Rabbi Jay Kornsgold - Beth El Synagogue, East Windsor, NJ
Rabbi Jay Kornsgold came to Beth El Synagogue in 1994. Under his leadership, Beth El has
grown from under 210 families to just over 300. He is passionately involved in all aspects of the
synagogue and has even been known to work through the night past sunrise. While ritual,
education and even political demands of the synagogue are some of his strengths; his passion
lies in helping people through times of need. In addition to serving Beth El, Rabbi Kornsgold is a
Past President of the New Jersey Region of The Rabbinical Assembly. He serves on the Joint
Placement Commission of the International Rabbinical Assembly and on the Board of Overseers
of the Albert A. List College of Jewish Studies, The Jewish Theological Seminary of America. He
is also an active member of the Executive Committee of the National Rabbinic Cabinet of State of
Israel Bonds; the Committee on Religious Ministries at The Medical Center at Princeton; the
Mercer/Monmouth Committee of the Jewish National Fund and the Alumni Association at the
Jewish Theological Seminary. He is also the recipient of the 1997 Rabbinic Achievement Award
by The Council of Jewish Federations. He is immediate past president of the Board of Rabbis of
Princeton Mercer Bucks and is a past president of the Windsor-Hightstown Area Ministerium.
Rabbi Kornsgold received his Rabbinical Ordination, Master of Arts and Bachelor’s degree from
The Jewish Theological Seminary of America. He also completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in
Political Science from Columbia University. During his rabbinic studies, he served as hospital
chaplain at New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center. In addition, he worked as the research
assistant to the late Dr. Gerson D. Cohen, Chancellor Emeritus of the Seminary. As a student
and after he was ordained, Rabbi Kornsgold was the spiritual leader of Congregation Shaare
Zedek in New York City. Together, Rabbi Jay and his wife, Leslie, are ardent Zionists. This past
summer they led Beth El’s first synagogue trip to Israel. Rabbi Jay and Leslie have three
children, sons Noam and Yona and daughter Yaffa, all of whom were born here into the Beth El
community. Rabbi Kornsgold is available to speak on a wide range of subject matter; some of his
favorites are:
               The Jewish Calendar: An Overview
               End Of Life Issues: A Jewish Perspective
               How To Build A Jewish Library At Home
               Birth, B’nai Mitzvah and Marriage: Feeling God’s Presence

*Maria E. Sliwa
Maria Sliwa is perhaps not as well known as her brother Curtis, the founder of the Guardian
Angels, but in her own right has her own causes. She is the head of an organization that
advocates women’s rights and exposes the abuses of women, especially in Third World
Countries as well as many of the Arab countries. She is a staunch supporter of the State of
Israel. One of the reasons for this is because they treat women with relative dignity as compared
to many of the other countries of the world. She has exposed many of these countries as having
treated their women as slaves and cites that slavery is against the Jewish principles. She has
spoken at many synagogues and would be willing to go almost anywhere in the New York area,
let alone Northern New Jersey.

Fee: Maria Sliwa does not charge a fee but donations to the anti-slavery movement are most


With your help the Speaker’s Bureau will continue to grow. Please send your nominations for
new Speakers to Howard B. Pearlson (see Contact Information above)

Also note that additional speakers can be obtained from United Synagogue of New Jersey. They
have an “Authors Program.” For more information, please contact the New Jersey Regional office
at 732-738-4301

                                     Secular Topics

Getting & Staying Out of Debt (Source: Robert Persily: Temple Beth El Somerset)
NEW Norman Perlmutter, CPA (The “Get Out Of Debt Coach”) Is the Author of How To Settle
Your Debts. He assists individuals and businesses with Debt Management, Financial
Rehabilitation, Credit Repair and IRS Problem Resolution. Previously and for 18 years he owned
and operated a collection agency helping creditors collect debts from individuals and businesses.
He has presented seminars and workshops to numerous audiences on credit and collection
subjects and he is often consulted by businesses regarding debt collection, credit and insolvency

Norm is a frequent guest on Talk Radio including National Shows (CBS and CNN) and he
appeared on the TV Show Money Matters Today, which featured his book discussing the problem
of consumer debt and how to best deal with it.

His presentation can cover topics related to debt, credit, IRS issues and related topics that
attendees are most interested in. Norm also discusses our generation’s dilemma with debt, the
root causes of debt and the implications of debt for middle and upper class families and for our
children. Question and answers are encouraged.

Speaker Fee: $300

NEW: David Kaplan; Director of Yogi Berra Museum (Source: Ed Birch – Congregation
B’nai Tikvah, North Brunswick)

Yogi Berra the Man, the Myth, the Museum

Dave Kaplan is the director of the Yogi Berra Museum & Learning Center
a nonprofit sports education organization on the campus of Montclair State
University. He is a former journalist, having covered sports for the Associated Press and New
York Daily News, until he became a founding director of
the Museum in 1998.

Mr. Kaplan created and conducts many of the education programs (including Learning
Sportsmanship and Baseball and Social Justice) at the Museum,
which hosts over 20,000 students annually. He has also collaborated with the legendary Yogi
Berra on three books, including the New York Times
best-seller, "When You Come to a Fork in the Road, Take It!"

He and his wife Naomi have three daughters and live
in Montclair, NJ.

Suggested Donation: $200

NOTE: We Need Your Help!
With your help the Speaker’s Bureau will continue to grow. Please send your nominations for
new Speakers to Howard B. Pearlson (see Contact Information above)

Also note that additional speakers can be obtained from United Synagogue of New Jersey. They
have an “Authors Program.” For more information, please contact the New Jersey Regional office
at 732-738-4301
                    Application Form
        Regional Subsidized Speakers Program
                        Northern New Jersey Region
                      Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs

Date of Application:

Club Name:

Club Contact:


Speaker Requested:

Topic Requested:

Program Location:

Program Date and Time:

Alternate Dates:

Amount Budgeted for Program, Including Regional Subsidy:

Fill out the requested information and submit it at least four (4) weeks before
your planned program to:

Howard Pearlson: hpearlson@patmedia.net
10 London Place, Somerset, New Jersey 08873
Home: 732-873-1335 Cell: 908-872-0703

You will receive a confirmation notice and a program publicity packet (If
Available) when your speaker is booked. If the requested speaker is not
available on the requested date, the Northern New Jersey Region will work with
you to select an alternate date or a different speaker.

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