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									Please print these pages in order to access the
following information:
 A copy of the Job Description.

 Immigration Questionnaire.

 Equal opportunities monitoring form.

Please note: The equal opportunities form and
Immigration Questionnaire must be completed and
forwarded electronically to:
along with your CV.

May we take this opportunity to thank you for your
interest in gaining employment with NHS Ayrshire &
Job Reference Number:          MD/331/11
Equal opportunities monitoring

We want to ensure that our job opportunities are open to all. The only way we can ensure
there is equal opportunity is to monitor applications we receive, and compare the profile of
people who apply with those appointed. Therefore this form asks you for your ethnic
origin, gender, disability, religion, sexuality and age. The information you provide in
this part of the form (Part D), is confidential and is not used in the selection
process. It will be separated from the rest of the form when we receive it.
1) If you are currently an employee of this NHS Board, will getting this job be a
Yes                 No
2) You are:
Female              Male
3) Have you undergone, are you undergoing or do you intend to undergo gender reassignment? For
example, this includes having changed your sex (gender).?

Yes                   No             Prefer not to say
4) What is your age?
I am           years old, and my date of birth is:
5) Do you have a physical or mental health condition or disability that:
         has a substantial effect on your ability to carry out day to day activities?
         has lasted or is expected to last 12 months or more?
Yes                   No             Prefer not to say
         If you answered ‘yes’ please tick if it is either of the following:
Learning Disability                                      Physical impairment
Long standing illness                                    Sensory impairment
Mental health condition

Other (please describe):

         Again, if yes, please describe any particular arrangements you would need for your
          work location:

(Continued on next page)
                                                                                   Part D
Candidate identification number (office use only):
Job reference number:
6) What is your ethnic group?
Choose one section from A to F, then tick the appropriate box to indicate your cultural
A: White              Scottish               Irish            Other British
                      Any other White background
B: Mixed              Any mixed background

C: Asian; Asian Scottish; Asian British
                    Pakistani         Indian                  Chinese
                                             Any other Asian background

D: Black; Black Scottish; Black British
                    Caribbean         African
                    Any other Black background

E: Other ethnic background
                    Any other background

F: Prefer not to answer
7) To which religion, religious denomination or body do you actively belong?

                      (Christianity)- Church of Scotland           Hinduism
                      (Christianity) - Roman Catholic              Sikhism
                      Christianity (Other)                         Judaism
                      Other faith / belief                         Islam
                      Buddhism                                     No religion (none)
                      Prefer not to answer
8) Which of the following best describes your sexual orientation?
                      Bisexual                                     Gay Man
                      Heterosexual                                 Lesbian/Gay Woman
                      Other                                        Prefer not to answer
                               NHS AYRSHIRE AND ARRAN

Immigration & Training Status
Please complete the attached form and return along with your application.

Please provide photocopy evidence of your status.

Evidence of your status includes:
    Passport (personal details)
    Visa (if applicable)
    Letter/s from the Home Office/UK Border Agency/Immigration & Nationality Directorate
      (if applicable)

Please be advised that you will be asked to produce your original passport (as proof of identification) and
visa stamp (as proof of your immigration status) if you are invited to interview.

Spousal Status

If you have spousal status and your spouse is the lead applicant, please note we require evidence of your
name as the dependant on the documentation (letters from the Home Office etc) you provide. We have
also been advised by the Home Office to request sighting of the original stamp in passports confirming
immigration status, however at this stage we will accept photocopies of the stamp along with this
completed form.

Please return this form to:

                                         IMMIGRATION & TRAINING STATUS
Full Name:
Post Applied for:
Post Ref No.:                                                                                             Office Use Only

We need to know if you are eligible for employment in the UK EVEN IF YOU ARE A BRITISH CITIZEN.
The information you provide in this part of the form is confidential and is not used in the selection process. It
will be separated from the rest of the form when we receive it.
Please use BLOCK CAPITALS and tick the appropriate responses

1   Are you a British Citizen or a European Economic Area National?                                      YES               NO

    If you have answered NO, please answer questions 2-7 and 8
    If you have answered YES, please go straight to question 8

Please attach copy of your passport when submitting this form.
Eastern European Citizens must also attach copy of Workers Registration Certificate

                                                                                                         YES               NO
2   Do you have right of residence in the European Economic Area?
    If YES, please provide proof (i.e. copy of indefinite leave to remain/ settled status visa)
3   Passport Expiry date                                        Day:                    Month:                   Year:

4   Date of Entry to the UK                                    Day:                     Month:                   Year:

5   Please indicate which Immigration Status applies to you:

                                                     Dependant Visa Status
            Own Visa Status                          (Spouse/Partner/Civil Partner of
                                                     Visa Holder)
                                                     UK/EEA national
            Tier 1 (General) Points Based            Tier 1 (General)                             Clinical Attachment / Observer
            Tier 1 (Post Study Work)
                                                     Tier 1 (Post Study Work)                     Medical Training Initiative
             Points Based
            Tier 2 Certificate of
            Sponsorship                              Tier 2 Dependant
            (formerly Work Permits)
            National Identity Card                   National Identity Card
            Tier 4 (General Student)                 n/a
            Tier 4 (Student Visitor)                 n/a
            Refugee / Asylum                         Refugee / Asylum
            UK Ancestral Visa                        UK Ancestral Visa

            Other – please

7   Date period of entry to UK ceases (visa expiry)            Day:                     Month:                  Year:

If you have answered questions 2 to 7, please attach copies of the following documentation (originals will be
checked at interview):
              Passport- including all pages with personal details
              Current Visa showing applicable dates
              National Identity Card
              Letters from Home Office/Immigration Borders Agency/ Immigration & Nationality Directorate
               (IND) if applicable.
8     I confirm that the information provided on this form is to the best of my knowledge correct.
      I understand that failure to enclose the required documentation will mean my application cannot be considered
SIGNATURE                                                                    DATE
Salary Scale: £36,807 - £68,638 pa
Ref: MD/331/11

Opportunities exist for suitably qualified and experienced doctors to join our busy, modern
Emergency Departments in Ayr and Crosshouse. Both departments are accredited for higher
specialist training and successful candidates will have the opportunity to further develop their skills in
Emergency Medicine.

Our departments saw a combined total of 111,000 new attendances last year and have an existing
consultant establishment of 13 consultants and 2 Associate Specialists. There is at least one duty
consultant present in each department 09.00 to 20.00 Mondays to Fridays.

In addition to the time spent in Emergency Medicine, there will be an opportunity for successful
candidates to be seconded to other Acute Specialties (Anaesthetics, Paediatrics and Acute
Medicine). These attachments are available by mutual agreement to enable the post-holder to meet
personal development needs and in particular to support career development, including entry on to
the Specialist Registrar with Certificate of Eligibility (CESR) via article 14. Posts are therefore ideally
suited to candidates who wish to consolidate existing skills in Emergency Medicine, work towards
exam completion, and re-enter higher specialist training in the future. We will work with you to
respond to your development needs based on your previous experience and your requirements for
your career in the future.

Applicants will have 4 years post graduate experience and will ideally have undertaken training for a
minimum of 2 years in Emergency medicine, or 1 year in Emergency Medicine and additional
experience in either Acute Medicine and/or Anaesthesia.

Consideration will also be given to applicants who may have undertaken training in Core Medical
Specialties and who have spent a minimum of 6 months in Emergency Medicine.

MRCP/MCEM or equivalent is desirable, but not essential

These posts will contribute to our full shift middle-grade rotas. Applicants who may not have the
necessary level of competencies to immediately participate at a senior level will be supported to
achieve the equivalent of ST2 level competencies. The expectation will be that these will be attained
within 6 months of appointment.

Our active programme of postgraduate education is well supported and resourced and benefits from
the active participation of all doctors. A number of specialties have active research programmes and
all specialties support clinical audit.

These are full time posts, and are offered on the basis of 9 Direct Clinical Care sessions and 1
Supporting Professional Activity. Work undertaken out of hours will be paid at the premium rate of
time and one third. Up to 2 Additional Programmed Activities may be available.

Successful applicants must hold Full Registration and a Licence to Practice with the General Medical

Informal enquiries should be directed to Mr D Chung Clinical Director/Consultant in A&E on (01563)
Applications in the form of a current CV (together with the names and addresses of 2 referees should
be submitted to no later than 25 November 2011. Please Quote Ref
No: MD/331/11.

An Equal Opportunities Form and Immigration Status Form should be submitted with your CV. This is
available along with a copy of the Job Description at or
You can also obtain further information about the organisation from
                                       JOB DESCRIPTION

                          CROSSHOUSE & AYR HOSPITALS

                             1. INTRODUCTION

These posts are part of our funded Establishment.

The main function of the posts is to provide first line medical care to patients attending the
Accident/Emergency Unit and to patients admitted to the Short Stay Ward, under the direction of the
Accident/Emergency Consultants.



Crosshouse Hospital is a modern 553 bedded Acute District General Hospital serving a population
of around 230,000 for most specialties and the whole of Ayrshire and Arran for Paediatrics,
Obstetrics & Gynaecology, ENT, Maxillofacial Surgery.

The Accident/Emergency Unit is a busy A-Class Unit with 68,000 new attenders last year. Within the
department there are 4 Resuscitation Bays, 1 Stitch Room and a Plaster Room, and two dedicated x-
ray rooms. Adjacent to the department there is an Out-Patient Theatre, Intensive Care Unit, Imaging
Department with 24 hour access to CT. There is 24 hour anaesthetic cover. The hospital also has
12 bedded Coronary Care and Medical High Dependency Units.

The department deals with all medical, surgical, trauma & orthopaedics, psychiatric, paediatric and
geriatric acute emergencies and resuscitation of the patient before handing over to the appropriate
specialty. Inpatient care for adults is provided in our adjacent 6 bed Clinical Decisions Unit.

Consultant A&E review clinics are held in the outpatient department 4 times a week.

Ayr Hospital is a modern 330 bed District General Hospital serving a population of 156,000 for most
specialties and the whole of Ayrshire and Arran for Vascular Surgery, Ophthalmology, Urology and
Interventional Radiology.

The Emergency Department had 43,000 new attenders last year. Besides serving the local
population, a large number of tourists and holiday makers visit this area, significantly increasing the
Department’s workload during the Spring and Summer months.

In-patient care for adults is provided by the Department in our adjacent six-bedded Observation
Ward. Ward Rounds are performed on a daily basis by the Consultants and Staff Grades. Discharge
of patients from the Ward is supported by the Psychiatry Liaison Service and the Hospital's Rapid
Response Team.

A & E Consultant-Led Review Clinics are held three times per week.

Mr David Chung, Clinical Director & Consultant in Accident/Emergency (Whole-time)
Dr C McGuffie, Consultant in Accident/Emergency/Associate Medical Director, Integrated Care and
Partner Servcies (Whole-time)
Dr A Lannigan, Consultant in Accident/Emergency (Whole-time)
Dr J Mardon, Consultant in Accident/Emergency (now Whole Time)
Mr J Stevenson, Consultant in Accident/Emergency (Whole-time)
Dr J Mulligan, Consultant in Accident/Emergency (Part-time)
Dr J Gordon, Consultant in Accident/Emergency (Part-time)
Dr M Draegebo, Consultant in Accident/ Emergency (Whole-time)

Dr M McNaught, Associate Specialist in Accident/ Emergency (Whole-time)

4.85 wte Specialty Doctors
6 Specialty Trainees in Accident/Emergency
4 Foundation Year 2 Doctors
3 GPST Doctors


Dr Fiona Gibson, Consultant in Accident/Emergency (Part-time)
Dr Teresa Hand, Consultant in Accident/Emergency Medicine (Whole-time)
Dr Alan Krichell, Consultant in Accident/Emergency (Whole-time)
Dr Alastair Stevenson, Consultant in Accident/Emergency (Whole-time)
Dr Sarah Learmonth , Consultant in Accident/Emergency (Whole-time)
Dr Ernie Ofei, Associate Specialist in Accident/ Emergency( Whole-time)

6.5 wte /Specialty Doctors
2 Specialty Trainees in Accident/Emergency
3 Foundation Year 2 Doctors
2 GPSTS Doctors


The department uses computerised records. Registration, Triage, ordering of x-rays and
documentation of patient care are all done via the computer system. Letters to the GP are
automatically generated from the in-put information.


The Departments share the services of a Health Care Manager, Clinical Nurse Manager, Nurse
Consultant (Unscheduled Care) Community Liaison is undertaken via Paediatric and Geriatric Liaison
staff. There is a well established Psychiatric and Alcohol Liaison service and the departments are
also well supported by the Ayrshire Rapid Response Service in terms of falls assessment and early
supported discharge and domiciliary rehabilitation.

There is also a well established Emergency Nurse Practitioner Service.
                               3. PROPOSED WEEKLY PROGRAMME

The post will consist of ten programmed activities per week.

This can be divided into 9 clinical sessions, distributed as part of providing 24hr Middle Grade Cover
in a rolling rota. The exact pattern will be determined as part of job planning, and 1 SPA per week.

There will be opportunities for extra programmed activities in addition, to be determined by job

In addition to the time spent in Emergency Medicine, there will be an opportunity for successful
candidates to be seconded to other Acute Specialties (Anaesthetics, Paediatrics and Acute

These attachments are available by mutual agreement to enable the post-holder to meet personal
development needs in areas where they may benefit from additional experience and learning.

The Department is committed to promoting the continuing professional development of its Specialty
Doctors and will support the post-holder’s career development including entry on to the Specialist
Registrar with Certificate of Eligibility (CESR) via article 14 if desirable. The secondments would be
for a fixed period after discussion with the post-holder and the specialty, based on a 9 clinical session
working week with the option of extra programmed activities if required.

The timing and location of activities in the timetable are indicative and may require being adapted to
meet the need for availability across sites and the changing needs of the service. Any changes
would be subject to discussion.

                                4. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES

The successful candidate will work as a member of the Emergency Medicine team across
Crosshouse and Ayr hospital sites and will relate to nursing and medical members of the team and
be supervised by one of the Consultants in Emergency Medicine. The main duties and
responsibilities of this post include:

1. Assessment, treatment and appropriate disposal of patients attending the unit.
2. Providing direct supervision of the Specialty Trainees/FY2s, including instruction in practical
   procedures and delegation of routine work in Accident and Emergency and Short Stay Ward.
3. Review of radiology and laboratory reports.
4. Assisting in the supervision of the observation ward.
5. Assisting with the review clinics held in the Out Patients Department.
6. Teaching of the Specialty Trainees/FY2s. (The successful candidate will be expected to attend
   or have completed Advanced Cardiac Life and Advanced Trauma Life and Paediatric Advanced
   Life Support courses.)
7. Performing departmental Audit.
                         5. GENERAL PROVISIONS

The post is within the Integrated Care & Emergency Service Directorate, the post holder will be
accountable to the Consultants within the Emergency Medicine Service, who will agree the Job Plan.
There will be flexibility around additional Programmed Activities which may be required, and the
implementation of the Job Plan, subject to further discussion with any candidates.

Subject to the provision of the Terms and Conditions of Service, the post holder is expected to
observe NHS Ayrshire and Arran’s agreed policies and procedures, drawn up in consultation with the
profession on clinical matters, and to follow the standing orders and financial instructions of NHS
Ayrshire and Arran.

The post holder is required to comply with NHS Ayrshire and Arran Health and Safety Policies.

                          6. ANNUAL APPRAISAL

The successful candidate will be required to take part in annual appraisal. Objectives agreed
following the appraisal process will be discussed and taken into account of during the annual job plan

                            7. TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SERVICE

The Terms and Conditions of service are those determined by the New Specialty Doctor Grade
(Scotland) 2008 and the post is offered on a 10 programmed activity basis. Applications from
individuals who may wish to work on a part time or job share basis will be considered. Opportunities
may exist for Additional Programmed activities subject to service requirements.

Appropriately experienced applicants must have Full Registration and current Licence to Practice
with the General Medical Council, and have completed at least 4 years full-time postgraduate
training, of which at least 2 years will have been in Emergency Medicine OR 1 year in Emergency
Medicine AND additional experience in either Acute Medicine and/or Anaesthesia.

Possession of Membership of the College of Emergency Medicine would be an advantage.

                             8. FURTHER INFOMATION AND VISITING

Applicants wishing to obtain information about the post or to arrange a visit are invited to contact Mr
David Chung, Crosshouse Hospital, 01563 577751, or Dr Teresa Hand (Ayr) 01292 614578.

The closing date for application is 25 November 2011.

POST OF:  Specialty Doctor in A&E
LOCATION: Crosshouse Hospital / Ayr Hospital

Full GMC Registration and Licence to Practice                            Relevant Post Graduate Qualification
A minimum of 4 years full-time postgraduate training, and will ideally   MRCP, MRCGP, FRCS, DCH, DRCOG APLS,
have undertaken training for a minimum of 2 years in Emergency           ATLS,
Medicine, or 1 year in Emergency Medicine and additional experience
in either Acute Medicine and/or Anaesthesia
                                                                         Teaching interest/diploma.


REQUIREMENTS        ESSENTIAL                                            DESIRABLE

General Experience:                 Expertise in fields relevant           Exposure to relevant sub speciality
                                     to Emergency Medicine                   training
                                    Ability to communicate
                                     effectively with all levels of
                                     staff and patients
                                    Ability to work efficiently
                                     and timeously
                                    IT literacy

Team Working                        Understand the Emergency
                                     Medicine Team Dynamic
                                    Ready to contribute to the
Development                         Evidence of relevant
                                     Continuing Professional
                                    Evidence of satisfactory
                                     compliance with appraisal

Teaching & Training                 Evidence of Teaching to
                                     others available

Research & Publications             Evidence of involvement in             Published research
Clinical Audit            Evidence of interest and
                           participation in Clinical

Management and            Understands Managerial            Proven management experience
Administration             role and responsibility of        Understanding of resource
                           Middle grade in Emergency          management and quality assurance.
                          Proven organisational skills

Personal and              A willingness to accept           Knowledge of recent changes in the
Interpersonal Skills       flexibility to meet the needs      NHS in Scotland
                           of the Patient
                          Effective communicator and
                          Demonstrate effective
                          Ability to operate on a
                           variety of different levels
                          Open and non-
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