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									Surface Cleaner FAQs

Surface cleaners are specially designed to clean large surfaces in industrial and
commercial situations. You may have questions about their functions and uses.
Listed below are some of the most commonly asked questions:

Should I opt for a surface cleaning machine with a large cleaning surface?
This really depends on how you will be looking to use the machine. The advantage of
larger machines is that they can clean more quickly. This can obviously be useful,
helping you to complete the job in the shortest possible timescale.

But they aren't ideal in all situations. If you're cleaning a space, for example, that
already has a number of obstacles in place, then you may find that a smaller
machine will be more mobile and practical. When looking to buy a surface cleaning
machine, you should find that the cleaning diameter is listed.

Will these machines cause a lot of disturbance?
Surface cleaners aren't as noisy as you might imagine. Modern devices are built to
keep noise levels to an absolute minimum, reducing disturbance as a result.

Are surface cleaners difficult to use?
These devices are specifically designed for ease of use. They are highly portable and
designed with the needs of the operative in mind. Basic training should be sufficient
to ensure ease of use in most situations.

What are the main applications of these devices?
Surface cleaners can be used in many different situations. They are ideal for cleaning
flat surfaces, such as driveways, car parks and flat rooftops.

How quickly do they clean?
All surface cleaners have a maximum cleaning speed. They would be expected to
clean at a rate of at least 15 square metres per minute. Some machines can clean at
speeds closer to 30 square metres per minute. The cleaning speed that can be
achieved depends upon the power of the machine, the water flow rate and the size
of the cleaning surface.
Can they be used to remove graffiti?
Graffiti is particularly difficult to remove. Fortunately, these machines are very
effective at removing graffiti, as well as gum and other substances that aren't easily
removed by alternative cleaning devices.

These substances can be removed from a variety of different surfaces, including tiles,
grout and other hard surfaces.

The above FAQs cover many of the issues that people ask about when they are
considering buying these machines. Surface cleaners are robust, effective and easy
to use. They are a popular choice for many within the cleaning sector.

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