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					                            Pre-Retirement Checklist
This checklist is designed to help you through some of the important steps in planning for retirement. As you
make the transition to retirement, we recommend that you do the following to avoid a gap in your benefits:

    Attend TXClass PN400: “Retiring from UT Austin”                               Date Completed: _________
       This session provides an overview of retiree insurance enrollment, eligibility, premium billing and
       payment, Social Security, Medicare and coordination with UT insurance, returning to work after
       retirement, and getting started with TRS or ORP. Session is offered the 2nd Wednesday every month.
       Register online at

    UT Retiree Insurance Enrollment                                               Date Completed: _________
       Your insurance will not automatically continue when you retire. You must complete and submit forms
       to Human Resource Service Center (HRSC) prior to your retirement date (submit 31 days prior is
       preferred). For eligibility and enrollment information, see “Retiree Insurance Benefit Overview,”

        Submit to HRSC:
                     Insurance Enrollment/Change for Retirees
                     Dependent Information form & copy of proof of relationship document
                     (form and proof document required if adding a dependent not previously covered)
                     Automatic Payment Request Authorization (optional)
                     Copy of TRS 30, Application for Service Retirement (TRS participants only)
                     ORP Declaration of Retirement (ORP participants only)
            **These forms are also available online at

    Group Term Life Conversion                                                  Date Completed: _________
       If converting coverage greater than $50,000 to Individual Whole Life, contact HRSC for an application
       no later than 31 days after your retirement date. Information and premiums at, or phone 800-538-0379.

    Long Term Care                                                         Date Completed: _________
     Contact CNA at 888-825-0353 or no later than 31 days after
     your retirement date to request a direct billing to your home address.

    Personal Information                                                     Date Completed: _________
       Before you retire, ensure your address and emergency contact information is current via UT Direct at or submit Personal Information Update form to HRSC.

    Beneficiary Designation                                                   Date Completed: _________
       Complete the secure online beneficiary designation form for your UT Group Term Life Benefits. Log in
       to My UT Benefits with your EID and password:
 Turn Unused Annual Leave into Retirement Savings                          Date Completed: _________
   You may defer any portion (up to maximum annual contribution limit) of your unused annual leave
   (vacation) and floating holiday to a UTSaver 457(b) DCP. No federal income tax will be withheld from
   the amount deferred, only Medicare and SS. To participate, submit a Purchase/Change Agreement
   form to HRSC before your last day of employment. Information and form available online:

 Medicare (available at age 65 or younger if due to a disability)           Date Completed: _________
   Contact the Social Security Administration (SSA) at least 3 months before you need benefits to begin.
   Enroll in Medicare Parts A and B at or phone 800-772-1213.
   If over age 65 when you apply, request forms CMS-40B and CMS-L564. Take form CMS-L564 to Human
   Resource Service Center to complete.

 Social Security Benefits (available at age 62 or older)                 Date Completed: _________
   Contact the SSA about 3 months before the date you want your benefits to start. Apply online at , visit any Social Security office or phone 800-772-1213.

 Teacher Retirement System (TRS Members Only)                            Date Completed: _________
   Contact TRS at, or phone 512-542-6400, 6 months prior to retirement (preferred)
   to allow sufficient time for completion of TRS required forms.

 Optional Retirement Program (ORP Participants Only)                         Date Completed: _________
   Contact your ORP provider or financial advisor 3 months before retirement to review distribution
   options and beneficiary designations.
          For a list of current “Approved Providers”, go to
      • Contact HRSC just prior your retirement date to request a Vesting/Termination Status Form
          be sent to your ORP provider(s) after your last paycheck is issued.

 UTSaver Program (prior or current participants only)                             Date Completed: _________
   Participants of UTSaver TSA 403(b) and UTSaver DCP 457(b) should contact their provider or financial advisor at
   least 3 months before retirement to review distribution options and beneficiary designations. For a list of
   current “Approved Providers”, go to
        Cancel current UTSaver participation as of 1st of month following employment separation.

                           Human Resource Service Center
                            Fax: 512-232-3524; phone: 512-471-4772
                               Campus Mail Address: HRSC, J5600
                         U.S. Mail Address: P.O. Box V, Austin, TX 78713
                        Location: North Office Building A, 2nd Floor Lobby
                                 101 E. 27th St., Austin, TX 78713

                                                                                                     Updated 5/2011

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