LABPACK PROFILE ADDENDUM

Upon approval, Perma Fix of Orlando will forward copies of all stamped ”approved” Labpack Drum
Inventory sheets (LDIS) to the customer. This may not be the same inventory sheet(s) sent with the Waste
Material Profile due to changes requested during the waste evaluation and approval process. All labpacks
shipped to Perma Fix must conform to the following specifications:

•         All labpack shipments must include three (3) copies of the "approved" LDIS. One attached to the
          manifest, another affixed to the outside of the drum and the third copy inside the drum. All copies
          must be those received upon approval and stamped "APPROVED" by Perma Fix.

•         All containers inside the lab pack must be clearly marked and must be listed on the lab pack drum
          inventory sheet.

•         Every labpack drum must be marked on the outside with the numbers entered in spaces reserved
          for Perma Fix Profile No. and Generator Drum No. found in the upper right hand side of the
          LDIS that correspond to the materials shipped in that drum.

•         The following surcharges will be assessed on labpacks as described below:

          1.       $5.00 per container for unapproved or missing LDIS with manifest ($25.00 minimum).

          2.       $5.00 per container for unapproved or missing LDIS on the container ($25.00 minimum).

          3.       $100.00 per container packed in a labpack container whose contents are not listed in the
                   approved LDIS.

CERTIFICATION: The attached listing(s) are an accurate and complete description of the contents of the
drum(s), and they are packed in accordance to 49 CFR§ 173.12.

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Revised 05/12/03

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