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					   ACCESS for ELLs
   Pre-test Workshop
   November 15, 2011

            Presented by the
Office of Educational Accountability and
    Language Acquisition Programs
Workshop Overview
   NCLB Requirements
   English Language Proficiency Levels
   ACCESS for ELLs Test
   Important Dates
   Testing Schedule
   Building Responsibilities
   Training Opportunities
    State and Federal Law

   State law requires an annual count of limited
    English proficient pupils and an assessment
    of their language proficiency.

   Federal law (NCLB) requires that the annual
    assessment measures listening, speaking,
    reading and writing.
Comprehension and Communication
in English
State to State
English Language Learners
WIDA Consortium

          WIDA represents 27 states
          and more than 840,000
          English Language Learners.
    ACCESS for ELLs
   Assesses Students’ English Language Proficiency
    in Five Areas:

        Social and Instructional Language

        Language of English Language Arts

        Language of Mathematics

        Language of Science

        Language of Social Studies
    The Levels of
    English Language Proficiency

                                       4        BRIDGING

                           3        EXPANDING

              2        DEVELOPING

   1       BEGINNING

ENTERING                               6   Formerly LEP

                                       7   Never LEP
     ACCESS for ELLs
   Tests are divided into five grade clusters:
       Kindergarten
       Grades 1-2
       Grades 3-5
       Grades 6-8
       Grades 9-12

   Large print versions are available

   An Alternate ACCESS for ELLs will be available
    in March 2012 (not during this test cycle)
Each grade cluster is divided
into three tiers – A, B, C
    ACCESS for ELLs
   For each grade cluster, there is a test in
    each of the four language domains:
      Speaking (Up to 15 minutes)

      Listening (25 minutes)

      Reading (35 minutes)

      Writing (Up to 1 hour)

   These are approximates times.
    Speaking Test
   Individually administered and scored by KUSD Test

   Adaptive format

   Up to 15 minutes per student

   Speaking tasks are contained in three parts and
        Social & Instructional Language (up to 3 tasks)
        Language of Social Studies/Language Arts (up to 5 tasks)
        Language of Math/Science (up to 5 tasks)
         Speaking Test
            Scoring Criteria (Rubric in handout)
               Linguistic Complexity

               Vocabulary Usage

               Language Control

            Scoring Scale
               Exceeds

               Meets

               Approaches

               No Response

            Refer to box labeled “EXPECT” at end of speaking questions
EXPECT       for a short summary of the language to expect from student

(included on
page 2 in

Also on page
64 in Test
Navigating the Speaking Test
(Grades 1-12 Tier A)
          Part A (SI)           Part B (LA/SS)        Part C (MA/SC)
                           T1                         T1

                                 T2                        T2
                                      T3                        T3
                          If score on       T4        If score on T4
 If score on task is ?,   task is ?, Meets,           task is ?, Meets
  Meets, or Exceeds,                             T5
                          or Exceeds,                 or Exceeds, go        T5
 go to next level task.   go to next level task.      to next level task.

 If score on task is      If score on task is         If score on task is
 Approaches or No         Approaches or No            Approaches or No
 Response, go to          Response, go to Task 1      Response, stop the
 Task 1 of Part B.        of Part C.                  Speaking Test.
Navigating the Speaking Test
(Grades 1-12 Tiers B and C)

 •   Tier B and C students
     will now skip Task 1
     unless they fail to meet
     Task 2 expectations on
     Parts A or B.

 •   This change allows the
     students at a higher
     proficiency level more
     time to communicate
     the amount of language
     they are expected to
Speaking Test Coding (Tier A)

                        See page 3 in

                        Also on page
                        76 Test
Speaking Test Coding (Tier B or C)
Listening Test
   Group Administered by grade cluster
    and tier level

   Scripted

   Multiple Choice

   20-25 minutes
     Listening Test Reminders

   Familiarize with script prior to testing

   Allow students up to 25 seconds per item
    to mark their answers

   Read each item only one time

   Follow the Test Administration Script
    exactly (introduction, practice items, etc.)
Reading Test
   Group Administered by grade cluster
    and tier level

   Multiple Choice

   35 minutes
       Reading Test will have
       Individual and Group Check-ins
   Intended to help guide students though parts of the test and
    are indicated with a stop sign

   Whole-group check-ins – Check in with all of the students
    at the same time and explain the next part of the test.
    Occurs after every section in the 1-2A Reading Test.

   Individual check-ins – Students raise their hand when
    they arrive at a stop sign and you check to see the student
    has completed the section. Invite them to respond to any
    skipped questions.
       Halfway through 1-2B, 1-2C, 3-5A, 3-5B, 6-8A, 9-12A

       At the end of every tier and grade level
        Writing Test
   Group Administered by grade cluster and tier level

   Most tiers have three writing tasks
       Social and Instructional
       Math
       Science
       LA/SS/SI (Tier B and C only)

   Up to 1 hour in length

   Scored by MetriTech based on writing rubric
(included on
page 4 in

Also on page
57 in Test
Writing Test: Recommended Timing
Guidelines for Parts A, B, C, and D
     Writing Test Reminders
   Follow Test Administrator’s Script exactly

   Check-ins are indicated by stop sign signals
      Whole group check-ins for Tier A and Cluster 1-2

      Individual check-ins for Tiers B and C in grades 3-12

   Students are scored on writing portion, not on
    preparation and planning sections

   Student responses are considered “first drafts”
        Testing Format
   Session 1 (75 minutes)
       Listening (25 minutes)
       Reading (35 minutes)
       15 minutes distributing/collection materials

   Session 2 (75 minutes)
       Writing (60 minutes)
       Exception: 30 minutes for Grades 1-2, Tier A only
       15 minutes distributing/collection materials

   Session 3 (Speaking – 15 minutes)
    Kindergarten Test
   Assesses four language domains
    (speaking, listening, reading, writing)
   Individually administered
   Interactive Format using game board
   Responses recorded by test
    administrator, except for writing
   Up to 1 hour
    Kindergarten Kit
   Student Story Book
   Student Response Booklet
   Test Administrator Script
   Cards and Card Container
   Student Activity Board
Testing Accommodations
   ACCESS for ELLs has built-in features that make it
       No specific time restrictions
       Several graphics to help comprehension
       Individual or small group setting

   Additional accommodations are only allowed for
    students with disabilities (must be contained in
    student’s IEP)

   See Accommodations List for ELLs with Disabilities
    (pages 6-8 in handouts, pages 43-45 in Test
    Adminstration Manual)
Testing Accommodations
(only students with disabilities)
   Allowed accommodations (few examples)
      Explain directions

      Translate directions in native language

      Use of scribes

   Not allowed
      Translate test in non-English language

      Translate test into sign language

      Bilingual dictionaries

      Responses in non-English language
     Testing Accommodations
      (only students with disabilities)
   Remember to bubble the back cover of the test booklet for
    these accommodations:

   Two-character codes are listed on accommodation chart
    Important Dates

   Test   materials arrive     Nov. 30
   Test   window opens         Dec. 1
   Test   labels shipped       Jan. 6
   Test   window closes        Feb. 10
   Test   materials returned   Feb. 13
   Test   results shipped      April 18
Test Materials
   Nondisclosure Statements
   Packing List
   Tier Header Sheets
   Test Administration Manuals
   Test Administration Scripts
   Speaking Flip Charts
   Kindergarten Kits (Elem. only)
   Test Booklets
    Test Materials
   Expected arrival – November 30

   Inventory test materials and FAX packing slip
    to Educational Accountability at 359-7994

   Place materials in locked storage and save
    original boxes

   All materials are expected to be returned at
    end of testing window
   Expected shipment – January 6

   Labels will be created on December 9
    from WI ISES system

    only if there is an error in the student
    name or grade level.
   If a label was put on a test booklet in
    error, write VOID on the label and mark
    through the entire bar code with a
    heavy black marker

   If a student does not have a label or
    the label is in error, the student
    demographic information must be
    bubbled in on the test booklet
         Front Cover of Test Booklet

Included on
page 9 in

Also on page
24 in Test
                          Write student name here
Manual.                   until label arrives in January
Back Cover of Test Booklet
(Top portion)
Back Cover of Test Booklet
(Bottom portion)
    Non-scoring Codes
    (to be used sparingly)
   ABS (Absent)

   INV (Invalidate)

   DEC (Declined)

   SPE (Deferred Special Education/504)
    Packing Instructions
   All used and unused test materials must
    be returned to the Office of Educational
    Accountability by February 13

   Test materials must be returned in the
    original boxes

   See packing diagram in your handouts,
    page 11
Packing Instructions
     Packing Instructions
   Unused & Non Scorable Testing Materials
       Test Administration Scripts
       Picture Cue Booklets
       Speaking Flip Charts
       Kindergarten Kits
       District/School Test Administration Manuals
       Unused Test Booklets
       Voided Test Booklets
       Nondisclosure Agreement
       Plastic Bags (DO NOT USE)
    Packing Instructions
   Sort the completed test booklets by grade cluster and
       Kindergarten
       Grades 1-2, Tier A, Tier B, Tier C
       Grades 3-5, Tier A, Tier B, Tier C, etc.

   Each grade cluster and tier should be separated with
    a Header Sheet

   Now it is imperative that the grade level is correct on
    the label/test booklet

   Do NOT use plastic bags

Included on page 12
in handouts.
    Test Participants
   A list of test participants is included in your school
    envelope (one per building)

   If you notice a student omitted from this list, please
    complete a Zangle update form and forward to
    Martha Villalobos in Language Acquisition Programs.

   If you don’t receive a label, you may use the
    demographic information to help bubble the test
    New or Transferred
    ELL Students
   If new ELL students enroll in your school
    during the test window:
       First, have the ESL teacher screen student with
       This will determine the correct tier level to order

   If a student is transferred during the testing
    window, the sending school should
    communicate with the receiving school as to
    the student’s testing status
    ELL Students
   If a test booklet needs to be transferred, it must be
    hand-delivered to the new school, and a test booklet
    custody form should be faxed to Educational
    Accountability at 359-7994.
    Test Security
   ACCESS for ELLs Test Materials must be
    treated as secure test materials

   Store materials in locked room when not in use

   All staff members handling ACCESS for ELLs
    test materials must sign nondisclosure
    statement (in building envelope)

   Return nondisclosure statement with unused
    test materials
    ACCESS Test Coordinator
   ACCESS Test Coordinators will facilitate the
    entire testing process:
       Inventorying materials
       Reserving testing room(s)
       Ensuring test administrators are WIDA certified
       Providing number 2 pencils
       Affixing labels on test booklets
       Arranging class release of test participants
       Packing materials at end of test window
       Scheduling make-ups for absent students
       Maintaining test security
       Participating in test proctoring when needed
       Testing Schedules
   General testing schedule is included on page 1 of the

   Specific testing schedule by ELL student is due on
    November 22. Forward electronic copy to Iva Plumley,
    Coordinator of Language Acquisition Programs.

   Testing schedules should be a collaborative effort
    between LAP Staff and building ACCESS contact to
    ensure a more positive testing experience

   May be helpful to distribute schedules to classroom
    teachers and/or office staff
From “Guidelines for
Scheduling ACCESS”
Grade Level       Sections              Time Frame                Group Size           Test                   Special
Clusters                                                                               Administrator          Instructions
Kindergarten      NA                    60 minutes                Individual           ESL (LAP) Teacher      None
   Grades   1-2  Speaking              20 minutes (15            Individual           ESL (LAP) Teacher      None
   Grades   3-5                        minutes Speaking Test                          only
   Grades   6-8                        + 5 minutes convening
   Grades   9-12                       student and
                  Listening & Reading   75 minutes (25                 5-22 based         ESL (LAP)         None
                                        minutes Listening Test          on student          Teacher
                                        + 35 minutes Reading            need               Certified staff
                                        test + 15 minutes              Administered        with ACCESS
                                        convening students              by cluster          training
                                        and                             and tier
                  Writing               75 minutes (60                5-22 based          ESL (LAP)         May NOT be
                                        minutes actual test            on                   Teacher           administered the
                                        + 15 minutes                student need           Certified         same day as
                                        convening students            Administere          staff with        listening
                                        and                            d by cluster         ACCESS
                                        distributing/collecti          and tier             training
                                        ng materials)                                      ACCESS
                                                                                            trained EA’s
  Group Administration Schedule

                                                   Test Session Roster-Group Administration
Test Date:_______________ Time:__________________________

             Location:___________________________ Test Administrator:_______________________________
Test Section (cirlcle all that apply):         Listening/Reading               Writing
Grade Level (s): ____________________                Tier (cirlcle one): A B C
    #     Student ID #              Last name           First Name         Grade    Teacher/Room to pull out from
        Group Master Schedule

                                          Test Session Master Schedule

        School:_____________________________                                 Coordinator:_________________________

                              Listening/Reading Sessions (75   Total # of     Writing Sessions (75 min): # of   Total # of
                               min): # of Students (max 22)    Students             Students (max 22)           Students
Session    Day/Time         Tier A     Tier B     Tier C                    Tier A     Tier B      Tier B
   Individual Administration

                             Test Session Roster-Individual Administration
Test Date:____________ Test Location :_______________ Grade Level Cluster: ________
Test Administrator:____________________ Test (circle one): Speaking     Kindergarten

                                                                   Current   Teacher/Room to pull out
   #   Student ID #            Last name         First Name         Grade             from              Time
      ACCESS for ELLs Training
   Required for all Test Administrators prior to December 1

   Successful completion (80% or higher) of quiz is required

   Must have a WIDA login (obtain from Martha Villalobos)

   Test Coordinators will be sent a list of WIDA-trained staff
    on November 28 for verification purposes
Training requirements for
ESL teachers
   Group components quiz

   Speaking quiz

   Kindergarten quiz (only for those
    required to assess Kindergarten
Training Requirements for
Other staff
   Group components
       Listening
       Reading
       Writing
To Complete ACCESS Training
   Online modules at

   Enter user name and password
    obtained from Language Acquisition
    Programs Office
Login to
Enter user name and
Choose ACCESS for ELLs
Training Course & Quizzes
Complete necessary training

 For all Test     For ESL
 Administrators   Teachers only
Complete “My quizzes” after
each training module
Videos are also available for
additional training
Additional Documents are located in
the WIDA “Download Library”

      1. Return to “My
      Account & Secure

                  2. Click on
View documents under
   Regarding test scheduling, training and certification,
    or discrepancies with the ELL database
       contact Language Acquisition Programs Office
        at 359-6199.

   Regarding test materials (i.e. inventory, packing,
    coding, etc.):
       contact the Office of Educational
        Accountability at 359-6373.

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