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The young people of the Gambia are overwhelmed by the tragic and unbearable
reports that globally road traffic injuries is the second leading cause of death (WHO
Report) for youth aged between 5 and 25 years. Of the 1.2 million people who lose
their lives in road traffic crashes each year, almost a third of them are youth under
the age of 25 years.

Recognising the significant strides made by the world’s young people including
The Gambia’s active participation at the first United Nations Global Road Safety
Conference from the 23rd-24th April 2007 held in Geneva, Switzerland. These young
people most of whom were youth representatives of various countries, were
inspired, empowered and encouraged to serve as ambassadors both at home and
abroad to advocate for the safety of young people on the world’s roads.

Significantly, it is important to note that each day, 1049 lives are suddenly ended
because of a road traffic crash. While many more people survive, they are left with
life-changing injuries,thus,stressing the danger and consequencies exposed to the
young people of the world.

Acknowledging the need for effective collaboration and partnership
between various institutions in adopting a united stand in making the roads
safer for everyone, we the undersigned institutions (the National Youth
Parliament of The Gambia and the Gambia Red Cross Society) hereby agreed
as stated below to develop a synergy in responding to the devastating impact
of road accidents in the Gambia.


2.1 National Youth Parliament
The National Youth Parliament of the Gambia (NYP) is a legally registered
National Youth Organisation with the National Youth Council under the 2000
National Youth Council Act. It is also registered as a Charitable Organisation
under the 1955 Companies Act at the Attorney Generals Chambers of the
Gambia with the registration number 923/2005. The NYP is a representative
advocacy network of young people. It was established in 2002. It composed
of seven Regional Youth Parliaments. Each regional parliament has 30 youth
parliamentarians who serve as representatives from their respective districts,
Schools, Constituencies and Community Based Organisations. It operates an
administrative Secretariat which is run by the National Executive Council as
the Coordinating body of the parliament. The General Assembly is the highest
decision making body of the parliament and meets every six months whilst
the central body that monitors and supports the National Executive Council
meets every three months. The National Youth Parliament aims at inculcating
responsible citizenship in young people and enables their effective and
positive participation in national and international development processes.

2.2 Gambia Red Cross Society (GRCS)- The National Youth
The GRCS was established by an Act of parliament Cap: 51:01 laws of The Gambia,
is recognized by the government of The Gambia as a Voluntary Relief Society
auxiliary to the Public Authority particularly the Armed Forces Medical Services in
accordance with the Geneva Conventions. The GRCS started as a branch of the
British Red Cross Society in 1948 and became an independent National Society in
1966.The National Society was admitted to the league of Red Cross and Red
Crescent Societies in 1974 as the 122nd member of the Movement. It has established
Red Cross branches in all the seven administrative Regions and Municipalities.
About 80% of the volunteers are young people aged 15-30 years under the national
youth commission. The youth commission has a volunteer base of some 30,000
countrywide and is seen as the invincible arm and the central nervous of the GRCS.

1. Capacity Building
2. Resource mobilization
3. Lobbying and advocacy

We the undersigned organisations (NYP and GRCS)
hereby agreed on the following objectives as stated


1. To raise greater awareness on road safety through the promotion of the use of
seat belts, observation of speed limits, respect for traffic signs and symbols, and
proper maintenance of vehicles.

2. To build a synergy in responding to challenges facing young people as a
result of road accidents and its devastating impact.

3. To expose each other to new partners and opportunities for the promotion
and participation of young people in addressing the socio-economic impact of
road accidents in The Gambia.
4. To develop joint youth programs aimed at the empowerment, protection
and support in creating safer road conditions both in The Gambia and beyond.
5. To initiate a joint Public Education program geared towards raising
awareness among the general public and capacity building trainings on the
issues of road safety.
6. To involve students and other road users in dialogue with the aim of incorporating
positive behaviours towards responsible uses of our roads
7. To train 3000 commercial drivers on First Aid to respond to accident related
injuries and reduce death cases resulted in the car accident for lack of First Aid.
8. Provision of First Aid box for each driver trained for treatment of casualties of car


5.1 The NYP and GRCS agreed that;

1. Both parties commit themselves in the implementation of the set goals and
aspirations of this MOU.

2. This partnership can include new organisations that have similar objectives
in addressing road safety in the Gambia.

3. Both parties will continue to compliment the efforts of the government
through working with the relevant department and other relevant
stakeholders in achieving the set goals of this partnership.

4. To establish a joint committee to develop programs and activities on road
safety in The Gambia.

5. Create a joint secretariat which shall be headed by a Chairperson.

6. Operational Guide
1. A joint monitoring team shall be set up to develop and monitor all
programs under this partnership.
2. In case of joint programs, each of the two institutions will share reports
and all other relevant information.
3. Any of the partners opting to withdraw from the partnership shall put in
writing at least three months before the withdrawal with outlined reason(s).


Name: …Hon Maimuna Sarr                            Signed: ……………………………
The National Speaker NYP

Name…Mr Ousainou O. Jallow                        Signed…………………………......
The National Youth Director GRCS


Name: …Hon Ousman Conteh (Program Officer) Signed: ……………………………..
Org: National Youth Parliament

Name: …Ebou Sarr (VMC)                            Signed: ……………………………….
Org: GRCS- National Youth Commission
Date: Wednesday, 17th March 2010        Venue: KMC Chambers, Kanifing, The Gambia

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