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   Wi-fi & Its Overview
What Wi-Fi mean?

    Wi-Fi means Wireless Fidelity
    Its a wireless electronic device that transmits data over a computer
     network using radio waves.
    A high speed internet connection that uses wireless network access
     point to connect.
    Its defined as WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) based on IEEE
     802.11 standards.
    A latest technology has been improvised as per its standard and speed.
    Its introduced and owned by Wi-Fi Alliance is of 2.4GHZ which can be
     connected up to
Features of Wi-Fi

     New aspect of networking.
     Wireless Network.
     Faster and secure.
     Convenient and easier.
     Supports each time.
     Unlimited Wi-Fi.
     Fortress technology.
     Unmatched mobility and elasticity.
Advantages of Wi-Fi

    Wireless – Wire free no conjunction while connecting to other PC or
    Low cost – Installation of wireless network cost less when compared to
     cable network.
    Mobility – Can access internet outside their normal work area.
    Expandability – Can suddenly add increased number of clients with
     existing equipment.             affiliation
    Deployment – Set up for infrastructure-based wireless network requires
     more than a single access point.
    Productivity – Users connected to wireless network can maintain a
     constant connection with they desired network.
    Convenience – Can access network in near by from any convenient
     location within their primary environment.
Uses of Wi-Fi

    Wirelessly transfer photos from your digital camera.
    Stream audio to any speakers in the house.
    Share files with nearby computers.
    Forward notifications from your smartphone to your PC.
    Use your smartphone as a remote control.
    Tether your smartphone to your computer for internet anywhere.
    Send documents to your printer from any computer or smartphone.
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