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10 Quick & Easy Backlink Sources For a #1 Ranking In Google

Getting top rankings in the search engines is all about link building. For certain sites this means a lot
of hard work and maybe even a lifelong process. However, for micro niche and sniper sites that focus
only on low-medium competition keywords, the idea is to spend a minimum amount of time on link

Once our niche site ranks in Google 's top 5 or top 3, you can stop your link building efforts and
focus on creating and ranking new sites. Every now and then you may come back to your site and
build a few more links – if the ranking of the site drops over time.

Also, link building is not a one-off effort. Theoretically, you could spend 6 hours and build hundreds
or even thousands of backlinks in one go. but, this would only harm your sites ranking. Instead you
need to build your links slowly and steadily.

Here are some general link building tips:

   •   Build every day or every second day 10-15 backlinks

   •   Build links from various different sources: Social bookmarking, article submission, blog

   •   For our low competition keywords, most of the backlinks will be quick and easy low-quality
       backlinks – in most cases, those links are sufficient to rank for those types of keywords

   •   It may also be a good idea to throw in a few higher quality backlinks – at least for your main
       money page.

   •   Use your main keyword and several variations of it for the anchor text of your links. Don't use
       the exact same keyword for all your links. It is also a good idea to build some backlinks
       without using any specific keyword. You could for example use your name for the anchor text
       in your blog comments – this makes your backlink profile look more natural.

   •   Don't focus 100% on do-follow links. Build also some no-follow backlinks to avoid raising
       any red flags with Google.

All in all, make your backlinks look as natural as possible.

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Now, I would like to provide you with a list of quick and easy backlinks. You can use them for your
main money page (your domain name) as well as for your other blog posts. Try to use as many
different link sources as possible and respect the simple rules listed above.

1: Social Bookmarking:

Use one or several of the following services to automate this as much as possible – all services are

   •   SocialMonkee
   •   IMAutomator
   •   Socialadr

I also use a tool called Social Bookmarking Demon. That's a software tool that that creates hundreds
of backlinks from social bookmarking sites – almost on auto-pilot. It automates absolutely
everything: account creation, scheduled submission, pinging...

This software tool is a huge time saver, but I also think there is no need to buy this tool until you
make some good money from your websites – at the beginning, just stick with the free resources I
listed above

2: Article Submission:

Write a simple 300 word article and submit it to the top 5-10 article directories. You can also grab
some PLR articles from Indigital Works and rewrite them. Just don't spend too much time, crafting
the "perfect" article – take 15-20 minutes to rewrite an existing article.

Here are some of my preferred article directories:

   •   EzineArticles
   •   GoArticles
   •   ArticleBase
   •   ArticleAlley
   •   Idea Marketers

You can also do a search on Google for "Top article directories" to find more directories.

To automate my article submissions and to create hundreds of backlinks from different directories, I
use a software tool called Article Demon. Like Social Bookmarking Demon, this tool automates
every single aspect of the article submission process: account creation, drop-feeding a certain number
of articles per day to the directories, article spinner...
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Again, the tool is a huge time saver and creates tons of backlinks, but yo don't really need it at the
beginning – just take the manual route to get started. Once you get up to speed and start building
several sites per week, it may be a good idea take a look at Article Demon.

Check out the following video on how to significantly speed up your article submission process for
free: Auto article Submission

3: Video Submission:

I recommend you create a simple 3-5 minute screenshot video and submit it to the major video sites.

Do the following:

   •   Take one of your articles and convert it into a 2-3 slide PowerPoint presentation (just a few
       bullet points, nothing really fancy) - get the free OpenOffice package if you don't have MS
       PowerPoint. This shouldn't take more than 5 minutes.

   •   Start the presentation and create a video using Camtasia or the free CamStudio software tool
       while you read your article and go through the presentation slides.

   •   Upload your video to YouTube and other video sites using the free service.

   •   Use your keyword in the title and description. at the beginning of your description, use your
       main site url: - that's really important. This link won't count as do-follow
       link, but it will allow your site to get indexed quickly and it will add credibility to your site in
       the eyes of Google.

   •   Compile a large list of keywords – especially high traffic keywords for your video

4: Blog Commenting

Research some blogs – ideally in your niche and create 10-15 backlinks from different blogs by
posting comments. At least 50% of your blog comment links should be from do-follow blogs. Your
no-follow backlinks should come from high quality high PR blogs.

No need to write a novel, but make sure to provide a useful and helpful comment. Don't post
something like: "Great article, thanks for sharing". Those types of comments will be deleted on
almost all blogs.

To find do-follow blogs and blogs in your niche, you can use my free blog search engine software

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You can also use the following 2 sites to find do-follow blogs:


5: Top Commentator Blogs

Commenting on Top Commentator blogs is a great way to get so-called run of site links. Those are
links that are typically posted on the sidebar of a blog and this means the link appear on every single
page of the blog. So, for example if you get such a link on a blog that consists of 1000 pages, you
will immediately get 1000 backlinks.

On most of those Top Commentator blogs you will need to post several comments in order to appear
in the top commentator list on the sidebar of the blog. Most of those blogs display the links of the top
10 commentators. If the person in position #10 has posted 3 comments, you will need to post at least
3 comments in order to get a link to your site added at the end of this list.

However, I recommend you don't create backlinks from TC blogs immediately after launching your
site. Wait a few weeks after all your pages have been indexed by Google and until you have at least
100 backlinks from 4-5 different sources.

If you launch a new site and get immediately 1000 backlinks – all from the same source – you risk
that your site gets sandboxed by Google and your site won't rank for at least 4_8 months.

Use the following site to find Top Commentator Blogs:


6: Blog Networks

Submitting to blog networks requires a bit more time and effort, but you will get higher quality
backlinks. If the ranking of your site is stuck somewhere in position 8 or 10, submit 1 or 2 articles to
those blog networks and your ranking will improve.

Even, if you have already a top 5 ranking, this could allow you to get into position #1.

Here are my 3 preferred blog networks – all of them are free:

   •   Free traffic System

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   •   Article Ranks
   •   Authority Link Network

Most blog networks require you to upload a unique spun article with a relatively high degree of
uniqueness. I usually buy unique, spun articles (including the spinning syntax) from the Warrior
Forum or from for ~$5.

7: Blog Carnivals

I like blog carnivals for various reasons:

   •   It is a simple way to get good backlinks – if you are lucky you can even get very high quality
   •   A simple way to generate free targeted traffic to your site
   •   Implementing this strategy takes only a few minutes.

I recently posted an article on my blog that explains step-by-step how to use this strategy: Targeted
Traffic and Backlinks from Blog Carnivals

8: Forum Backlinks

This one is really easy. Sign up on a few forums – ideally in your niche. Create a simple signature file
with a link back to your website or to a specific page on your website and start posting. Whenever
you post a comment, your signature (with your backlink) will automatically be posted underneath
your forum post.

Here are some ideas for your forum posts:

   •   Answer other people's questions.
   •   Open a new topic and ask a question yourself.
   •   Provide useful and helpful information and don't post a useless comment just to get a backlink
       – for example: "Great, I fully agree"...
   •   Make it a habit to post on forums on a regular basis .That way you not only get backlinks on a
       regular basis, but also a continuous stream of forum visitors to your website.

9: RSS Submission

Submit the RSS feed of your blog to various RSS directories. The feed address of your WordPress
blog will be something like:

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Use the following 2 sites to submit your RSS feed – both services are free:

   •   IMTalk RSS Submission
   •   950Buy RSS Submission

Provide all required parameters (RSS URL, RSS Title...), select all RSS directories and click the
Submit button. that's all – quick and easy.


Here is a quick and easy way to get some additional backlinks:

   •   Go to and create a free account
   •   Sign up to as many of the social networks listed on this site as you want
   •   If you don't like to manually signup to all those accounts, you can also go to and ask someone to create all those accounts for you for $5
   •   Creat 2 groups on – one for blogging and one for micro-blogging
   •   Once your blog posts are indexed in Google, submit the headline of your post together with a
       link back to your post to the "micro-blogging" group and submit either the entire blog post or
       a part of the blog post together with a backlink to the "blogging" group.

Once your account is setup and all the social network accounts have been created, this
shouldn't take more than 3 minutes per blog post


If you like what you learned in this report and if you think others could benefit from it as well,
please don't hesitate to forward this report to your friends, website visitors, subscribers...

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To Your Success,

Robert Spadinger

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