Varsity Cheer Parent Meeting Minutes by 3j3u7gkX


									                             Varsity Cheer Parent Meeting Minutes
                                     Monday, August 3, 2009

Call to Order by Erikka Ault in ENHS room 112.
Minutes reviewed. A motion to approve was made by Marla Grant, seconded by Kim Jekel and
were approved by all in favor.
Treasurer’s Report was given by Debbi King. She reviewed account activity and balance. Marla
Grant asked what 3girls photography check with Halbert note on it was for. Debbi explained that
Halberts used their individual fundraiser money to purchase their cheer pictures. Erikka reminded
people to stay as close to budget as possible and to talk to Debbi if they needed more money for
some reason. Debbi reminded everyone to turn in receipts for all money spent.
Calendar report was given by Julie Miller. She said they should be ready to be given to girls at
their 8/5 vertical practice. Girls should wear uniform to sell them at schedule pick up days. If
someone needs to write a check they can write it to individual girl/parent or can be written to
ENHS Varsity Cheer to be put into individual account to be used later.
Fundraising idea was given to Debbi King. She said that Madeline’s Flower Shop asked us to
join them in making Homecoming mums a tradition again. They ask us to sell them & gave us a
selection of them to look at, which included: wristlet $12, we sell at $15 arm garter $18.95, we sell
at $22 husky spirit stuffed animal $10, we sell at $15. We would have a prepay order sheet. Girls
could set up table at school or could have them at spirit wear table. Rose Costello said she
thought husky might sell at Spirit Clinic. Marla Grant doesn’t think it is worth the effort .Rose
Costello & Christie Halbert said didn’t think it would be too much if sold them when we were
already selling. Rose Costello & Marla Grant said florist making too much & didn’t seem willing to
help us out too much. Suggested we see if the can lower their prices & then vote next meeting.
Note: Homecoming is on Thursday & Friday Oct 1 & 2, not Wednesday & Thursday.
Car wash will be on August 29 from 10-1pm.
Freddies Days: They will give us 15% of all sells dedicated to North Cheer on September 4,
October 9, and November 6. They will put it on their billboard & we can hang signs & have
donation box in store. Erikka will see about putting the dates on ENHS billboard.
Clothing - Erikka emailed vender to check on style of camo shirts girls want. She will talk to girls
more about sweatshirts they want soon.
Husky Spirit Wear - Erikka had girls look at ideas during camp for stock items. They choose
“crown Husky Pride” & will have 40 to start of white & navy. Deborah Warren said names can be
added to arm, hood or leg of pants, and can come with or without bling. There will be a 2-3 week
turn around. Customers will be contacted when order is ready to be picked up in Mrs. Ault’s room.
Girls/parent will delivery if items not picked up. Everyone was asked to sign up to sell at 2-3
events with a reminder that we voted on this fundraiser.
Yard signs – Angie Seabrook said we will have a table on east side of cafeteria during schedule
pick up days. Those signed up to sell are: Sue Bock, Marla Grant, Debbi King (Fri 8/7), Kim
Jekel (Mon 8/10), Rose Costello, Joan Veal (Wed 8/11), Christie Halbert (Wed 8/12), Kim Dean
(Thur 8/13). There will be pom moms selling with us on those days. We still need one more
person for Wed 8/12.
Homecoming – Angie Seabrook showed us sample of mums she made last year. She said we
need to get our orders in for girls & asked for help making them. Kim Jekel said she would help
and suggested an assembly line style process. Erikka will ask girls if they want real or fake flower
and if want same size or smaller. She will email theme when announced so all can start thinking
of ideas. Also start thinking about trailer/truck.
Special Events – Marla Grant passed out a sign up for Home Game Dinner host & co host.
Parents will provide dinner for girls & sponsor before games. Kim Jekel asked for example of
what was done last year. Examples given were pizza, baked potato bar, tailgate at stadium.
Coach’s Report – Erikka said camp went really well and that she was proud of girls. They
worked well together. She said the gift bags were a hit. She asked us to have girls put the sponge
& bra strap holder in their duffel bags. She would also like to “birthday” & “half birthday” cookies
for girls or maybe once a month.
New Business- none, but Marla Grant noted that she put camp picture in Edmond Sun.
Meeting adjourned by Erikka Ault at 7:15pm.

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