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        Hospitality Internet Marketing
                  Hospitality Internet Marketing – (877) 291‐4411 –                                                

                                                      Fresh Ideas.  Brewed Daily. 
                                                      Since 2001, Lodging Interactive has employed its unique combination 
                                                      of research, strategy, design and stewardship for over 600 hotels in 
                                                      over 35 countries worldwide. 

    Lodging Interactive is a leading Internet marketing company exclusively 
    servicing the hospitality industry.  Clients include independent hotels 
    and branded properties. 
                                                                       Whether you need a service to supplement your current Internet 
    Complete Suite of Services: 
                                                                       program or complete Internet sales and marketing solution, we 
       Customized Website Design & Creative                           will deliver a proven service that is measured by clear definitive 
                                                                       results.  Our single objective is to deliver more prospects and 
       Search Engine Marketing 
                                                                       convert more direct sales at the maximum ROI.  
       Website Optimization (SEO) 

       Group 360 Online Group Marketing 

       Email Marketing 

       eProposal Sales RFP System 

       Mobile Web Services 

       Website Maintenance & Hosting 

       Leading Edge Website Analytics 

       Chatter Guard Online Reputation Monitoring 

       HuBBub Social Media Platform 
               Hospitality Internet Marketing – (877) 291‐4411 –                                             

                                                         Hospitality Industry Focus.
                                                         Unlike other companies, we are exclusively focused on serving the 
                                                         needs of the hospitality industry. 

                                                         Hospitality Management Experience. 

                                                         Our management team has over 100 years of hospitality experience. 
                                                         Our founder was Corporate Vice President of eCommerce, 
                                                         Reservations & CRM for Prime Hospitality Corp., owner of over 300 

                                                         Accountability & Measurable ROI Results. 

                                                         Everything we do is 100% measurable and we are accountable to our 
                                                         clients for producing a profitable ROI. 

                                                         Proven Results With Over 600 Hotel Clients. 

                                                         We have over 600 hotel clients worldwide consisting of top 
                                                         independent properties, major management companies and branded 
                                                         properties representing all the major brands. 

                                                         Competitive Pricing. 

                                                         Our pricing is amongst the most competitive in the industry. We 
                                                         leverage our investment in technology and infrastructure to provide 
                                                         our hotel clients with cost‐effective online solutions. 

                                                         One‐Stop Solution. 

                                                         We offer hotel clients a single source solution for all their online sales 
                                                         & marketing needs.  Whether it be the design of a new hotel website 
                                                         or the deployment of a search engine marketing program, we offer a 
                                                         single point of contact and accountability.  

                                                         Our Longevity. 

                                                         Since 2001 we have helped our clients maximize the return on their 
                                                         website investments and enabled more bookings to flow direct versus 
                                                         third party merchant sites. 

                                                         Client Satisfaction – Nearly 100% Client Renewal Rate. 

                                                         As a direct result of producing real, bottom‐line results, we continue to 
                                                         grow at a record pace. We enjoy a nearly 100% renewal rate with all 
    Nearly 100% Renewal                                  our clients. 

                                                         A‐La‐Carte Solutions. 
    As a direct result of producing, bottom‐line 
    results for our clients, we continue to grow at a    All our hotel clients enjoy the deployment of customized online 
                                                         marketing solutions tailor‐made for their exact needs. 
    record pace. We enjoy a nearly 100% contract 
    renewal rate with all our clients.                   Investment In Best‐Of‐Breed Technologies. 

                                                         We continue to invest in best‐of‐breed technologies to enable the 
                                                         highest level of profitability for our hotel clients. 
          Hospitality Internet Marketing – (877) 291‐4411 –     

    Designs that sell… 

                                                      and Reports that tell…
Social Media Agency Services for Hospitality
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   Website Design                                Website Maintenance and Support                            Search Engine Optimization

                                     Social Media Platform

 Online                              Pro-Active                        Twitter                              Full Service Social
 Reputation Monitoring               Social Media Marketing            Marketing Program                    Media Marketing
  Over 35 Million Sites Monitored     Social Media Blogging Platform   Competitive Market Research          Chatter Guard, HuBBub & Twitter, Plus
  Guest Reviews Emailed Weekly        Customized Blog To Match Your    Increase Twitter & Website Traffic   Set Up Social Media Profiles-Key Sites
  Analyzed By Humans For              Website                          Solicit Link Minded Followers        Pro-Active Guest Review Responses
  Accuracy                            Vanity URL For Hotel Blog        Management Of Multiple Twitter       Ongoing Posts On Social Media Sites
  Online Reporting Dashboard          RSS Feeds (Facebook profile,     Accounts                             SEO Optimized Video & YouTube
  Service Attribute Benchmark         twitter)                         Fully Managed Services               Posting
  Scoring                             Facebook business page set up                                         Monthly Review Conference Call
  Monthly Management Roll-Up          Hotel Blogging Accounts                                               Monthly Management Reporting
  Report                              Fully Managed Blog Postings
                                      Monthly Management Reporting

Looking to outsource your entire social media marketing to professionals?
Then our CoMMingle Full Service Social Media Marketing program for you.

Our fully managed social media marketing service will ensure your hotel is
properly positioned on the major social network sites where potential and
past guests commingle to discuss your destination and your hotel.
CoMMingle becomes an extension of your hotel's marketing department
and will take a pro-active role in managing your online presence and
communications to the social media networking communities.

2001 Route 46, Suite 310                  Parsippany, NJ 07054              T: (877) 291-4411     
Social Media Agency Services for Hospitality

10      Reasons to Choose Us                         1    Hospitality Industry Focus
                                                          Unlike other companies, we are exclusively focused on
                                                          serving the needs of the hospitality industry.

                                                     2    Hospitality Management Experience
                                                          Our management team has over 100 years of hospitality
                                                          experience. Our founder was Corporate Vice President of
                                                          eCommerce, Reservations & CRM for Prime Hospitality
                                                          Corp., owner of over 300 hotels.

Commingle Our Internet Marketing
                                                     3    Accountability & Measurable ROI Results
                                                          Everything we do is 100% measurable and we are
& Our Pro-Active Social Media                             accountable to our clients for producing a profitable ROI.

Marketing For Maximum Results                        4    Proven Results With Over 600 Hotel Clients
                                                          We have over 600 hotel clients worldwide consisting of top
                                                          independent properties, major management companies
When you combine our social media                         and branded properties representing all the major brands.

marketing with our proven website                    5    Competitive Pricing
                                                          Our pricing is amongst the most competitive in the
design, search marketing and email                        industry. We leverage our investment in technology and
marketing services you have an                            infrastructure to provide our hotel clients with
                                                          cost-effective online solutions.
Internet marketing partner that will
deliver online business for you and
                                                     6    One-Stop Solution
                                                          We offer hotel clients a single source solution for all their
                                                          online sales & marketing needs. Whether it be the design
build guest relationships that will last                  of a new hotel website or the deployment of a search
long term.                                                engine marketing program, we offer a single point of
                                                          contact and accountability.

Contact us for a free search analysis                7    Our Longevity
                                                          Since 2001 we have helped our clients maximize the return
and to learn more about our                               on their website investments and enabled more bookings
CoMMingle Social Media services.                          to flow direct versus third party merchant sites.

                                                     8    Client Satisfaction – Nearly 100% Client Renewal Rate
                                                          As a direct result of producing real, bottom-line results, we
                                                          continue to grow at a record pace. We enjoy a nearly 100%
                                                          renewal rate with all our clients.
                                                     9    A-La-Carte Solutions
                                                          All our hotel clients enjoy the deployment of customized
                                                          online marketing solutions tailor-made for their exact
                                                     10   Investment In Best-Of-Breed Technologies
                                                          We continue to invest in best-of-breed technologies to
                                                          enable the highest level of profitability for our hotel clients.

2001 Route 46, Suite 310      Parsippany, NJ 07054         T: (877) 291-4411 
Mobile Marketing Services

 Hotel Mobile Website Solutions                           Hotel Mobile Marketing Solutions
 Today there are more that 45 million smart phone         In addition to reaching guests with an attractive and
 users in the United States and an even greater amount    efficient mobile website, hoteliers must proactively target
 worldwide. To meet this growing demand of mobile         communications to loyal and prospective guests. Lodging
 users we have expanded our services to include           Interactive offers turn-key mobile marketing services that
 hospitality focused turn-key mobile website              enable direct hotel to consumer communications via SMS
 development and marketing solutions.                     text messaging.

 In order to influence consumers today, hoteliers must       SMS text marketing works because:
 reach them at all levels of the buying process and the      • 92% of the US population own a cell phone (source
 buying process is increasingly mobile. In order to            CITA) and 98% of texts are opened.
 effectively market your hotel to mobile users you must      • Cheap in comparison to direct mail and traditional
 develop a website that is compatible with multiple            advertising and much more memorable than email.
 mobile devices. Major mobile devices include the            • People have a tendency to read virtually every text
 iPhone, Android, Google, Blackberry and Microsoft             they get - unlike junk mail, spam or adverts which
 devices.                                                      can be ignored.
 Lodging Interactive can design, develop and host your       • Very effective when used in conjunction with special
 hotel's mobile website presence. As a leading Internet        offers and promotions. And they are viral: people
 marketing company exclusively servicing the                   forward mobile messages.
 hospitality market we understand how to apply online        • SMS marketing encourages immediate response
 mobile technologies to maximizes our clients' return          when 2-way SMS messaging is enabled.
 on investment.
                                                          Lodging Interactive delivers the mobile website marketing
                                                          solutions your hotel will need to build guest relations,
                                                          compete and book more business. Contact us today to
                                                          find out how we can develop and deliver an effective
                                                          mobile presence and marketing solution for your hotel.

2001 Route 46, Suite 310          Parsippany, NJ 07054      T: (877) 291-4411
Brand Field-Marketing Services

Let our experience and proven online marketing      Our Brand Field-Marketing Services include:

maximize your hotel visibility and             Brand Scorecard review

capture more online business. Our Brand Field-           Comprehensive evaluation of site

                                                         ? research and recommendations
Marketing Services have been designed to meet
                                                         ? of Meta Tags and submission to the
the needs of hotel franchisees and to ensure
your pages are optimized to the                Image maximization - adding photos as needed
highest level.                                           Professional copywriting as needed

                                                         ? of up to 4 marketing PDF's and
All our Field-Marketing Services are
                                                           submission to Brand
brand compliant and we have worked with
                                                         ? of a 30 second Hotel Web Show video
nearly every major hotel brand. We understand              montage
your online needs and are able to work within            Ongoing,
                                                         ? monthly search engine submission

the brand requirements.                                  Creation
                                                         ? of stand alone Hotel Web Pages linked
                                                           to the Brand website (10 pages per quarter)
                                                         ? of our Link2Brand marketing system

                                                         ? search engine ranking report of your
                                                           hotel Brand page

2001 Route 46, Suite 310     Parsippany, NJ 07054      T: (877) 291-4411
Chatter Guard™ for the Restaurant Industry

Lodging Interactive, an award winning                 Chatter Guard™ for Restaurants includes ongoing
Interactive and Social Media Marketing Agency         monitoring of major restaurant review sites as well
servicing the hospitality industry and the            as blogs, bulletin boards and social media sites.
provider of Chatter Guard™, the hospitality           Chatter Guard for Restaurants monitors the
industry's leading social media monitoring            following sites, as well as many others:

service, is pleased to announce the launch of               Open Table

Chatter Guard Social Media Monitoring Services              Urban Spoon
for the restaurant industry. Chatter Guard for              ZAGAT
Restaurants provides ongoing monitoring and       
service attribute scoring of user generated
social media content and reviews.
"Since the introduction of Chatter Guard Social             Frommers
Media Monitoring services in 2005, we have
                                                      Chatter Guard utilizes proprietary technologies and
successfully become the market leader within          scours the web to find restaurant related user
the hospitality vertical and it's now time to         generated content and reviews. It then processes
expand Chatter Guard into the restaurant              and filters all reviews via a human review process
vertical," said Mr. DJ Vallauri, Lodging              and provides service level attribute scoring only a
Interactive Founder & President. "Chatter Guard       human can provide. Attribute scoring consists of
for Restaurants provides the same proprietary         Food, Service, Atmosphere, Noise Level and Value.
monitoring technologies combined with human
review and attribute scoring services our hotel
clients have come to depend upon when
seeking to improve their operational

2001 Route 46, Suite 310       Parsippany, NJ 07054      T: (877) 291-4411
Guest Review System

Easy To Use                   Web Based                    Nothing To Download                     You're In Control
With the Guest Reviews System your website is enabled to collect direct guest reviews. Your website visitors
stay on your website to read reviews. No more lost business to a competitor on third party review website.

Stop Losing Your Website Visitors & Business To Other Sites                   Complete Service Attribute Scoring & Visual Roll Up
You work hard to attract website visitors to your site and with the   Whether your business is a hotel, spa or restaurant the Guest
Guest Review System you can ensure they remain on your                Review System provides business specific service attribute
website to read your reviews. No more lost visitors to a third        scoring relevant to your business. This is critical in providing you
party website and no more lost business to a competitor.              with review information you can use to improve your operation.

Validate Your Guests Before Reviews Are Posted                                         Connect Your Guest Reviews With Facebook
Put a stop to fake negative reviews posted by competitors and         Your guests can choose to share their reviews of your business
validate all reviewers are authentic. The Guest Review System         with their friends and followers on Facebook. This Guest Review
empowers your business to validate reviews before they’re             System capability will increase your business reach on Facebook
posted on your website.                                               and other social networks.

Receive Real-Time Guest Review Alerts                                            Setup Is Easy & Fast - No Programming Required
Receive real-time email alerts advising you of pending guest          Start your free trial now and be up and running in as little as 10
reviews for your business. No more delays in addressing guest         minutes. With the Guest Review System there is no programming
reviews by your management team.                                      required. Simply copy and paste the code we provide and start
                                                                      collecting your own authenticated guest reviews for your

          Guest Review System                             TM

           by Lodging Interactive

2001 Route 46, Suite 310                  Parsippany, NJ 07054        T: (877) 291-4411     
Google+ Business Pages For Hospitality

Lodging Interactive offers hotels, spas and           Here's why every hotel, spa or restaurant needs
restaurants a turnkey service to create and       to establish a dedicated Google+ Business Page,
professionally manage Google+ Business            and more importantly manage the content and
Pages. Google+ Business Pages will become         engagement on an ongoing basis:
one of the most important areas of Internet          Social
                                                     ?networking continues to be the least
marketing.                                              expensive way for your business to market
                                                        its brand and to engage your customers and
Google+ Business Pages are socially                     build brand loyalty.
enabled and allow members to organize                Google
                                                     ? now considers Google+ 1's ("likes")
people into social groups referred to as                as social signals within its Search Engine
"Circles". Google+ Business Pages allow                 Results Pages (SERPs). As the Google+
businesses to engage with their own circles             network continues to grow, the weight
of potential guests and build larger circles            applied to +1's will receive more
through social networking and marketing.                consideration, and the businesses with the
                                                        most +1's will reinforce their search engine
                                                  Let us show you how an integrated and fully
                                                  managed Google+ Business Page can benefit your
                                                  hotel, spa or restaurant. Just like any other social
                                                  media site, the challenge is to leverage all the
                                                  opportunities available and to engage consumers
                                                  on an ongoing basis.

2001 Route 46, Suite 310   Parsippany, NJ 07054      T: (877) 291-4411
                  Hospitality Internet Marketing – (877) 291‐4411 –            


        Create Your Website                                 Market Your Website 
         Domain Name Registration                           Search Engine Optimization 
         Design & Development                               Pay Per Click Management 
         Hosting & Support                                  Press Release Optimizations 
         Flash eBrochures                                   
         Mobile Website Development                         Group 360 – Online Group Marketing 
        Enhance Your Website                                Connect With Customers 
         Hotel eCalendar                                    Chatter Guard – Social Media Monitoring 
         Google Hotel Mashup                                HuBBub – Social Media Platform 
         Group RFPLink Leads                                eMail Marketing 
         Online Comment Cards & Surveys                     eProposal Sales RFP System 
         Hotel WebShow                                      Link2Brand – Link Redirect 
         Hotel Destination Blog                             


    Lodging Interactive 
    2001 Route 46, Suite 310 
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    Tel. 877.291.4411 

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