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Sometimes it’s hard to justify spending the money on a drill press when you know you’ll only use it on
occasion. Well, the Skil 3320-02 drill press may change your mind. At a budget price, it promises to give
you the ability to drill through both wood and metal, and finally make all the precision and angled holes
that you’ve always wanted.

Skil 3320-02 Drill Press Highlights

       Five speed variable motor ranging from 570 to 3050 RPMs
       Two beam laser system (operates with 2 AA batteries)
       Can tilt 45 degrees (both lefts and right) for angled drilling

What We Liked About The Skil 3320-02 Drill Press

       Small Footprint – Unlike many floor models, the Skil 3320-02 won’t take up a lot of room in your
        shop. With only about a 10” base, it fits neatly on any workbench.
       Solid Build – This drill press has an all metal construction, is sturdy, and feels built to last. It
        performs smoothly and is free of jitters that, when found on other products, make you question
        their durability.
       Good Motor – When looking at drill press reviews people are always curious about the motor.
        We found the Skil’s 3.2 amp motor sufficient for drilling through wood and metal and never
        waivered through repeated usage.
Skil 3320-02 Drill Press Conclusion

We would recommend this drill press to home hobbyists and those who want a little more capabilities
than what is offered with their traditional handheld drill. It has great build and performance quality and
should have no problem withstanding years of regular use.


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